Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Everybody

We are at war with the planet, each other, our immune system, other species - the war must stop or we face extinction. Enough people must stand up and say enough is enough

Make this year's World Vegan Day a global World Try Vegan Day on November 1st 1:11:11 - The most people ever to eat healthy, sustainably produced, cruelty free food - a new world record that makes a difference - It starts with a pledge.

Pledge - to try vegan on Halloween Meat Free Monday and World Vegan Day 1:11:11
Vote - What would encourage you or more of your friends to try a plant based diet
Join - Keep in touch, discuss, let us know whats happening in your part of the world, why you are vegan , why you are not., ideas for your own 1:11:11 WVD party

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Artful Tax Dodger - George Osborne

Tax Dodgers 

A government of elitist crooks, stealing from the poor to line the pockets of the very rich. British, businesses, bankers, and polititians are literally laughing all the way to their Swiss bank account and registered address.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Poor Cows of Nocton Milk Water

A tale of two herds | World news | The Guardian: The fight in Nocton against the UK's biggest yet factory farm battery dairy goes on.

The developer, Peter Willes, has caused concern because of two previous convictions Willes received at other farms he owns. In 2008 he was fined for polluting a stream in north Devon after a case was brought by the Environment Agency, and in 2005 he had a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to having four types of antibiotics for cows which are illegal in the UK.

Conservative MP and environmental campaigner Zac Goldsmith has called the proposals "squalid" and warned the project would "take farming to a new low".

The 8,000 cows will be divided into mini-herds of 450 cows, will be kept in large barns with 8.3 sq metres of concrete and sand for each animal – less than five times the space taken up by an average Holstein-Friesian dairy cow, or, relative to their sizes, roughly equivalent to a human in a standard toilet cubicle.

The 8,000 cows are expected to each produce 33 litres a day for 10 months a year. The current national average is 28 litres a day, which is itself nearly double what it was 30 years ago.

"It is highly likely that the milk from these high yeilding cows will be a nutritional shadow compared with what is detailed in mccance and widdowson, the nutritionist's bible on nutrient levels in food.

It would be very interesting to look at the actual nutrient levels of this watery bland battery farmed milk compared to a naturally fed organic cow" says Yvonne Bishop-Weston, new forest and London nutritionist

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Steve Wynn’s a vegan - Las Vegas Sun

Steve Wynn’s a vegan - The Kats Report - Las Vegas Sun: Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas Luxury Casino King has joined the ranks of other Billionaire / millionaire rich and powerful such as President Bill Clinton and Apple iphone's Steve Jobs

“The notion that you need animal food as protein is one of the great conspiracies of *#%*~#! by the government,” Wynn says, clinking a spoon hard against a china bowl steaming with steel-cut oatmeal. “Did we not all grow up saying we had to have four glasses of whole milk a day for healthy bones? It’s ridiculous. It’s liquid cholesterol.”

Steve Wynn sold Las Vegas hotels The Mirage, Treasure Island and Bellagio to MGM Grand Inc to move up market and build Wynn Las Vegas, Encore Las Vegas which he owns along with some of the world's most famous paintings.

All Steve Wynn's hotels must now provide healthy vegan options, even the 24 hour cafes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PLANEAT Movie Health Secrets


We were invited to the premiere of PLANEAT last night in London. Another in a long line of movie length documentaries that shines a spotlight on the links between diet and the plague of preventable chronic disease that blights western society.

Planeat talks a about the plight of the planet and the links to diet but mainly about health.

Unlike most of the other films in this family such as supersize me , Foodmatters, a Delicate Balance, The End of The Line, Earthlings , Forks over Knives ,  and Food Inc Planeat the Movie pretty much skips the animal welfare issue and focuses predominantly on health

The two main Doctors interviewed at length in the Planeat film are the ones responsible for Mr President Bill Clinton's trial adoption of a vegan / plant based diet to heal his heart following an operation to insert two stints in his diseased arteries.

I congratulate the producers of this film for sticking to their two main points
1) We have a world food crisis
2) We have a world health problem.

Both problems can be tracked back to too much meat.

Both problems can be sorted by buying and eating more plants.

I suspect vegans won't openly adore this film because Dr Colin Campbell's original research was based on rats - but like he said it would have been even more unethical to deliberately give human subjects the same cancer and then switch it on and off with a plant or meat based diet. He was lucky to get an opportunity to study the complete Chinese society with his renowned China study and gather evidence that his theories were correct - animal protein and fat feeds cancer cells - it seems animal products don't give you cancer they are just one of the most effective natural tumour fertilizers that nutritional science has so far come up with.

Vegetarians viewers will probably be squirming as 'the cheese issue' raises it's ugly, carbon negative, saturated fat filled head again. At one point it's claimed that an egg and chicken based diet is better for the environment than a cheese based diet having already highlighted that dairy is implicated in a deterioration of heart health and increased risk of cancers.

Vegans will also no doubt whinge that the film doesn't openly advocate a vegan diet. It's not enough to simply avoid meat and dairy you must eat a greater variety plants too. One of the Planeat's team's new best friends is a data cruncher who works at WWF. He has a big chip on his shoulder and says veganism is NOT the answer.

He alleges that even the 'V' on restaurant menus puts people off and that a million people following Meat Free Monday has way more impact than a handful of reactionary hardcore vegans getting up people's noses. He seemed however sadly devoid of any practical solutions on the way forward other than emailing WWF members about the film.

The WWF's belief that people don't care about animal welfare flies in the face of the way consumers and supermarkets got behind campaigners such as Jamie Oliver's efforts to banish battery eggs from supermarket shelves. Research show's 70-80% of consumers care about animal welfare they just have other priorities such as taste, value for money and convenient availability that in practice rank even higher than family health.

Until vegan food matches consumer expectations in taste, value for money and convenience, no amount of leaflets, documentaries, demonstrations, arguments and celebrity endorsement is going to convince them to go vegan.

Messages of "eat less meat" and "meat free mondays" are logically the most likely ways to encourage people on the road to self discovery - just waking up one morning as a vegan is simply too scary for readers of the Daily Mail and The Sun - it's hard enough of a concept to grasp for the Guardian and Independent's contemplative and pondering intelligentsia. They require gentle steps. The Vegan Society has been around for 66 years, Vegetarianism is thousands of years old yet The Vegetarian Society has less members than ever (although that could be because it's now so easy to be vegetarian with thousands of labeled products and v stamped menus to choose from)

Paul McCartney and Meat Free Monday is probably right on the button - one step at a time in bite sized chunks despite the urgency of the ticking clock and big guns like President Bill 'every day is meat free Monday' Clinton proving us right all along.

Leading UK Nutritionist in London Yvonne Bishop-Weston said today "There's no doubt that we need more vegetables and fruit in our diet to protect us from self inflicted diseases."

"If you know anyone suffering from any of the major chronic diseases that plague our modern western society we urge you to take them to see Planeat the movie!"

Visit www.planeat.tv or www.planeat.me to sign up for latest screenings

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Vegetarian Society - Awards 2010

The Vegetarian Society - Awards 2010 - winners: Yours truly presenting Nigel Phillips MD of Redwoods with The Vegetarian Society award 2010 for best convenience food.

The Lincolnshire sausages that won are truly convenient as you can eat them cold straight from the packet. You can of course put them in the oven to crisp them up as a perfect complement to a full monty Sunday cooked vegetarian traditional breakfast.

 Oi! who said it looks like I've done a lot of sampling the products for this category? I wasn't a judge for this!

Friday, October 22, 2010

BARC - Vegan Food Fair

BARC - Vegan Food Fair: "- Yes there is such a thing as a free lunch! Bristol 30th Oct

1010 banned climate change film

1010 banned climate change film: You know sometimes it is so tempting to just think of the bigger picture and just press the Dr No button.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vote for a Vegan Pizza @ PizzaExpress Restaurants

Vote - Vegan Pizza - PizzaExpress Restaurants:

Well yes we know, yes it is possible , if you find a good manager, if you are organised, if you can swallow your pride that they charge you extra to make a pizza with your ingredients Pizza Express can make a damn fine vegan pizza.

But here's an opportunity to have a vegan pizza actually on the menu - all over the OK - on all manner of high streets, no matter how obstreperous or jobsworth the Pizza Express restaurant manager is.



Levantina (vegan)by Sarah Walker

 Falafel, courgette, tahini, garlic, sesame seeds

"this is a vegan pizza as 2 of our 5-person family are vegan." - Sarah
"... a real winner because it's really different..." - Francesco Mazzei, Award Winning Chef

Friday, October 08, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010

Sea and Fish The Truth - Sea First

Sea and Fish The Truth - Sea First: A new charity to highlight the desperate plight of the world's oceans.

Please visit and watch the trailer for the new video Sea- The truth

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Child Nutrition Act USA

PCRM Legislative Fund / Child Nutrition Act: Attention all our friends and readers in the USA!

Elizabeth Kucinich, Director of Public and Government Affairs in PCRM, has published this message today:

Congress is on the verge of voting for a new Child Nutrition Act, and we’ve received word that an excellent House version of the bill, which would allow more children to have access to healthful plant-based options, may be rejected for a much weaker, stripped-down Senate version. This Senate version will make it harder for children to choose healthy food options in the cafeteria. Our chance to improve school lunches across the nation lies in the hands of Congress today! Please urge key leaders in the House to pass the superior House bill, H.R. 5504, and reject the Senate’s bill, S. 3307.

Please follow this link ASAP to send an email, or for more info: http://www.pcrmlf.org/cna/index.cfm

The health of America's children is declining rapidly, with millions afflicted by obesity and at high risk for adult diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. These children, many of whom get more than half of their daily calories in the school lunch line, are not given the opportunity to choose healthier food or learn good eating habits at school. Urge Congress to help provide students more plant-based options in the federally funded school lunch and school breakfast programs. Please support H.R. 5504, The Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act of 2010, to give students the healthy school lunches that they deserve.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Peace One Day Concert - Live Online

The Concert Channel: Wherever you are in the world you can join in the Live Peace One Day Concert

Jeremy Gilley's Peace One Day Celebration 2010 webcast will be streamed online on Peace Day, Tuesday 21 September - evening playouts in multiple time zones:
  • 20:00 UK BST; 
  • 21:00 Europe CEDT;
  • 21:00 Sydney; 
  • 21:00 Singapore; 
  • 21:00 US EDT; 
  • 21:00 US PDT. 

Anyone in the world can view the webcast play-outs, even if you are not in one of the targeted time zones.

Hosted by Jude Law and Sharon Stone, the concert features performances from Patti Smith, Youssou Ndour, Vanessa Paradis, Charlie Winston, -M-, Yodelice and Ayo.

Tickets cost Euro 9.99/£8.25/$12.75. All proceeds go to the non-profit Peace One Day to support us in reaching 3 billion people with the message of Peace Day by September 2012.

Click here now for webcast tickets:

Bill Clinton vegan for heart health + Weight

Bill Clinton goes vegan to reverse heart disease (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton reveals he's trialling a vegan diet for health reasons to protect his heart and lose weight in an effort to enjoy seeing his grandchildren grow up.

He quotes success rates of over 80% for trials he's seen that started in 1986 on plant based diets used to reverse heart problems

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Lady Gaga's meat dress was made of real meat | Ministry of Gossip | Los Angeles Times:

Nice legs, shame about the boat race - nice hat - rare, as it comes - Lady Gaga is clearly NOT vegan or vegetarian and is probably very smelly.

What a lot of FUSS over Lady Gaga's meat dress. Goodness! People have leather coats, leather skirts, leather jackets, leather bags, leather shoes, leather hats, leather gloves, leather car seats, leather sofas - where the hell do they think leather comes from? Disneyland? The Silkworm Farms of ShangriLa - Noooooo Dimwits - Leather is from cows - it's skin, it's meat.

The same hypocrites cringing about Lady Gaga's meaty dress are wearing meat on the insides of their colon from yesterdays lunch and cow skin on their feet and meat skin on their backs.

Great statement here - Meat is for fun - there's no ethical valid excuses for killing cows - we don't need cow meat for health, raising beef for food and leather has a negative impact on the environment and true costs are both expensive and unsustainable.

If you eat it or wear it you are doing it not out of necessity , you are doing it purely to entertain yourself, for fun, for enjoyment - killing just for fun, trashing the planet for fun, risking your health for fun.

Let's have a little honesty here - over 90% of the population love meat and leather - be honest about where it comes from and why you use it.

Q: Why would you invite Lady Gaga (and her meat dress) to your summer party or wedding?
A: To keep the flies off the guests and the bride.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

MP backs Meat Free Monday

Inside the M60 | Manchester MP backs meat free day:

Early Day Motion 669 calls for a Meat Free Day in parliament.

Manchester Withington MP John Leech has submitted a parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for catering authorities at the Houses of Parliament to go “meat-free” on Mondays.

The “Meat Free Monday” campaign is being promoted in Manchester by Manchester Friends of the Earth, and by environmental campaigners and other groups and bodies right across the UK.

It encourages local authorities, schools and other public and private bodies to provide an animal-free menu at least one day per week to help tackle environmental and diet-related health problems.

Add your support via Facebook

Meat Free Monday  - Meat Free Day - Animal Aid Meat Free day

Monday, September 06, 2010

Vegan Rolos- dark chocolate caramels

Viva! - Cruelty Free Shopping : the latest vegan dilemma ..... would you give your partner your last dark chocolate caramel vegan Rolo .....?

Whilst the internal politics at Cadbury's / Green & Blacks leave us with dark chocolate absurdly labelled as containing organic milk powder the enlighten souls at the Irish Celtic Chocolate company are treading fearlessly where Plamil should have trundled long ago.

Yes it's true , Rolo fans, you no longer have to make your own dairy free chocolate vegan Rolos (although I doubt these are as orgasmic as ex Vegan Society trustee Dr Cynthia Combe / Robinson who used to make our knees go week with her treats).

I am about to try to order some vegan Rolos from Ocado to have them delivered to my country retreat...

Make sure you buy 2 boxes so you can offer your last Vegan Rolo to your loved one without reservation.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lack of Vegan Food Branded as Racism

More problems for The Govenor of California - Arnold "hasta la vista, baby" Schwarzennegar
San José, California, August 25, 2010—The Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.), a Santa Clara County-based nonprofit, has released its food availability study for the area, exploring how accessible healthy foods are to consumers in the county’s communities of color and lower-income communities compared to higher-income communities. The report reveals that higher-income areas have more than twice as many large supermar­kets per capita as lower-income areas. In contrast, the report shows that lower-in­come communities have nearly twice as many liquor stores and 50 percent more markets that sell an abundance of meat products; neither of these types of stores offers a variety of healthy food options, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

“With all of the wealth in Silicon Valley, it is unacceptable that certain communities do not have access to fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food alternatives,” says F.E.P’s Executive Director lauren Ornelas. “Such a food injustice can lead to a host of health problems, including type-2 diabetes and obesity. That this can happen in our own backyard is inexcusable."

She adds "It’s really a form of environmental racism.”

Monday, August 16, 2010

World Vegan Day: West Midlands Vegan Festival 2010

World Vegan Day: West Midlands Vegan Festival 2010:

Oyez!! Oyez!! World Vegan Day party UK - West Midlands Vegan Festival - Bigger than ever before - Be there or be a bowl of lumpy custard!

The World Vegan Day Poll suggests more people would go vegan if they were dragged around a slaughterhouse - Do you agree?

World Vegan Day Poll

World Vegan Day - Vegan News  - World Vegan Day: West Midlands Vegan Festival 2010:

Monday, August 09, 2010

National Nut Day Not just for Nuts

Restaurants and cafes to celebrate National Nut Day - Eat Out Magazine: 22nd October in case you were wondering. A little bit of me wonders about the benefits of The Vegetarian and Vegan Society aligning themselves with National Nut Day.

We've spent so long trying to shake of the stereotype of veggie nut cases are we not playing into the Daily Mail's hands for a Sun style pickle a nut day headline and the office vegetarians up and down the UK being thrown into a tub full of vinegar?

Perhaps teenage vegetarians and vegans around great britain are gagging to be nibbled on and can't wait til the 22nd October when they finally get to join in some group action.

Kate Gaskell, managing director of Liberation said: "Some people are unsure about the many ways they can use their nuts and we hope they will be inspired by seeing how they can be used in restaurants . We also have top tips to get people started."

Oooh matron , don't get me started! Tips? Make sure they are fresh! Soak them in water and then whizz them up, cover in chocolate to make fantastic after dinner treats!

See more at

National Nut Day

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anglers Fishermen Small Baby Tools

naked, nude, teen, solo, amateur, video, free, download, sex, xxx, adult, babysitter, girlfriend, blonde
Home | DoAnglersHaveSmallRods.com: Having wound up nearly every meat eating group in America notably the Christians with the Jesus was a vegetarian series and the Jews with the Holocaust posters PeTA is now 'Tackling' anglers.

Basically accusing Anglers of being smelly as a golden shower with complexes about their small member -ships and failed relationships.

Having fished as a child I can confirm that apart from my uncle who taught me and a friend called 'Cushie' who had a real affinity for the sea and it's inhabitants , fishermen are generally a weird social group especially the anglers.

Whether or not they all fall into the enlargement / Viagra/ enhancement / relationship counseling category that PeTA has them poked into is another matter.

PeTA's naked ambition is clear, it's rather bare bottomed fart pants teenage humour but then so are most of popular teenage and Adult video on line live chat viral jokes and free downloads. Will it be censored and banned ?

Well it made me laugh.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Babies, Dogs, Burglars and Foxes

Baby dies in dog attack at home

With condolences and all due respect to the family whose babies were scratched and bitten by a fox, the timing of the recent story about foxes story seems far too suspicious to be ignored to me.

Barely a few weeks after the Conservatives (who's manifesto included the pledge to bring back foxhunting) get into power, we get a story splashed across ALL the UK newspapers about the dastardly foxes straight out of the children's books - boo, hiss, nasty, evil, cunning, deceitful Mr Fox. The call for blood letting starts immediately with a host of Tory MPs, Mayor Boris Johnson and the Tory press calling for a urban fox cull.

Isn't anyone just a little bit suspicious how this cunning clever ginger canine could be sooo stupid as to play right into Tory fear mongering and murdering hands.

We have families of foxes every year in our garden, yes they sometimes make a racket but now we have double glazing we rarely hear them. Has our cat ever been bothered by them? no! She doesn't seem to be the least bit phased by their presence when she faces them in the street. There are however a number of cats down our street that make her run for cover even when we are about to protect her.

Would I trust a fox with my baby, hell no, I'm not stupid , although more than I would trust leaving a baby outside a supermarket unattended with dangerous humans all around. ( 500 Child abductions PA , 7% children physically abused by parents / carers and over 11% of kids sexually abused , in 2009 over 34,000 children were registered as at risk and on Child Protection Plans )

Our cat has a magnetic key to open her cat flap (actually to stop the Toms following her in but it works for foxes too. Even before the magnetic flap in 10 years we only ever had one fox venture into the kitchen and the poor thing was petrified.

Keep your back door locked - not just to keep the foxes out but more to keep out burglars (3/4 million UK burglaries PA )

Logically we should be more afraid of dogs than foxes, foxes are much more likely to fully aware of whose at the top of the food chain, carries guns or has a pal with lots of horses and a pack of hounds gagging to rip a slow fox apart limb from limb.
Dog Attacks

5,221 people were treated during 2008-09 after dog attacks in England - up from 3,137 ten years earlier. The total includes 1,250 children, including many babies and toddlers.(Daily Mail Dec 2009)
Children killed by Dogs - Deaths by Dog attack - BBC

The whole fox thing is a complete Tory red herring to take your mind and attention of cuts in education and the health service. Don't fall for Boris Johnson's Testicular Tory Tirades.
The fox is an opportunist but their are far more dangerous opportunists than foxes out there, every town has them, Westminster is full of them but the have two legs not four.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poor cow: 6 calves found in trash

Got room for a Cow?

That's the trouble with the dairy industry - just like in the egg industry the males of the species are just "waste product" - Male chicks get gassed or crushed alive and then chopped up the egg producers just need the females to lay eggs but nature maintains a balance of males to females so they are just garbage.

It's the same with Dairy farmers - the quandary 'what do we do with the male calves - the boys don't make milk - they are useless. These 6 calves were found chucked in a shed left to die, Farm Sanctuary saved them.

If you know someone with a big lawn to mow and needs tons of manure please give Farm sanctuary a call

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Woody Harrelson Scores Winning Goal In Charity Soccer Game

Woody Harrelson Scores Winning Goal In Charity Soccer Game | FilmShaft

Now that's what I call a World Cup game a quality Football match. Who'd have thought a Vegan would have won the Socceraid celebrity game of charity football for Unicef that Robbie Williams championed. There was so much traffic on the official Unicef Socceraid website that they shut it down for the weekend. Twitter has gone mad with it and Woody Harrelson or 'harellson' and 'harellson' was trending on twitter for a while there even ahead of #howtogetslapped ??!??!? Some fans had assumed he'd died - why else would Woody be trending on twitter?

So anyway - Well done Woody, a better vegan footballer than a vegan Zombie basher!

This is probably the last ever blog on football so if you've stumbled across this please also check out Spirit Of The Game - a film about Sir Stanley Matthews

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

National Vegetarian Week 2010

National Vegetarian Week 2010 sponsored by Cauldron

Butcher of Oldham on the Warpath

2 men from the UK Vegetarian Society have a narrow escape whilst celebrating National Vegetarian Week with some meat free kebabs and unwittingly incurring the wrath of the Butcher of Oldham.

The Butcher has his sights firmly set on the vegetarian pair, cleaver in hand, eying them up for his next batch of sausages.

Now That's what I call a Green Party!

The what's on finale event of National Vegetarian week will be at the other end of the country in Bristol for a stonking Bank Holiday Weekend food and music festival and Meat Free Sunday on Bristol's trendy new harbourside.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vote - Best Eco Veggie fair trade products

Vote - Bristol Eco Veggie Products - Last chance

Vote now for all your favourites - last chance - Presentations this Bank Holiday weekend

 Vote Now

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend Festival

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend What's On Event Festival for all the Family: Last chance to buy tickets online and save yourself money on the gate ticket price.

Tell your friends, facebook, email, twitter and meet up this Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol - for the world's most fun, environmentally friendly green 100% vegetarian Vegan food and music festival. Something for everyone from kids to senior citizens and the Bristol Massive in between.

In London? get out of the city ! Bristol is only a few hours away, hop on a train and walk across the river to the harbourside for the best value fun break this summer. Have you got any better ideas?

2010 May Bank Holiday weekend break weather looks good - See here

What's On Festival Event Bank Holiday Weekend  -  Net Mums Gum Tree - Mumsnet

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend Eco Veggie Fayre at Bristol Harbourside: Lineups, directions and info

Corned beef tainted with drug

Corned beef tainted with drug recalled - Food safety- msnbc.com

What the hell's name for poison your brain food industry scam is an acceptable amount of a drug used to treat cattle for parasites???

Stand up all those meat eaters are ok with just a little bit of organophosphates in their sandwich?

Whatever is an acceptable amount according to Grace Foods (ARGG! ARRGG! Share alert! see Grace Foods stock market value tumble on wall street today) has been exceeded in possibly 22,000 cans of corned beef so Grace foods are recalling them in case 'people get sickened' (just a remote possibility)

Me I'm sickened already , not that I eat corned beef, just at the extent and magnitude of the job in hand to fight the extent of moral corruption in the food industry. You can bet your falling share price that this sort of thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nr Bristol UK? get yourself along to the Environmental and Ethical Food and Music Festival this Bank Holiday weekend - Bristol Bank Holiday What's On Event Weekend Festival

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Vote now to save the world

Age of Stupid free online for 48 hours for UK election | The Age of Stupid

If the Conservatives get in we are doomed - in 4 years it will be too late to do anything really positive to save the planet. Leaving it to market forces won't hack it. Their mates are making money out of misery as we speak - thanks to first the the UK and now to Greece investment bankers bonuses are bigger than ever.

Fran Armstrong has made her film the Age of stupid free to watch until it's too late (tonight at 10pm) phone all your friends and relatives - if they haven't voted yet tell them it's their last chance to save the world - in this election EVERY vote counts.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Croydon Conservatives Threaten Health

London Green Party | Croydon incinerator to include radioactive and toxic waste

conservatives plan to turn CROYDON Into massive rubbish dump ... on Twitpic Croydon Conservative led Council plan to turn Croydon into a massive rubbish dump for the south of London at a cost of £1 Billion and and even greater cost to the environment, amenity and health of the borough.

The Croydon Green Party have uncovered the Tory plans to scupper plans for better recycling by building a facility that will have to import lorry loads of rubbish and waste from London and surrounding areas to make it viable.

It will require a constant supply to feed it thus disincentivising recycling efforts.

The Croydon Green Party have identified a number of threats to Croydon resident's health - this is catastrophic news for a borough that has already been named and shamed as the unhealthiest in London.

It is further evidence of the Conservatives total disregard for optimum health in Croydon.

"The Council seem to be trying to sneak this past us" says London Nutritionist and Croydon resident Yvonne Bioshop-Weston

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twitter Ridicules Tory Press Attack on Clegg

Conservatives compares Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg to an insect bite | The Sun

The Tory Press has been ridiculed today on Twitter after " It's all #nickcleggsfault " cynically , sarcastically, gets to be number one tweet on twitter

Top one so far

#nickcleggsfault Nick Clegg lived in same town as a seriously ill man and never visited him,though he knows he has a spare kidney.

Rupert Murdoch and his minions has come out with all guns blazing visciously and vindictively dredging the past to try and find anything they can to try to dilute the support for the man who has knocked their boy Shameron off his arrogant perch

Clegg has been attacked for not even being properly English! he's half Dutch, quarter Russian and has married a SPANISH woman! He speaks lots of foreign languages when as everyone know's the British etiquette is to just shout English LOUDER to foreigners. He even eats foreign food!

Oooh - How very dare he!

New, allegedly un-spoofable tory posters were immediately spoofed with great effect

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SAVE ME 2010 | How they stand - Is your MP/political candidate FOR or AGAINST a repeal of the Hunting Act?

SAVE ME 2010 | How they stand - Is your MP/political candidate FOR or AGAINST a repeal of the Hunting Act?

Dr Brian May from Queen funded and launched a new Campaign group to counteract the privately funded Countryside Alliance's political hand up the backside of the Conservative Party.

Charities are powerless to fight back under rules by the charities commision that forbids them to get involved in politics

You can download the Save Me Poster on their website at http://www.save-me.org.uk/news/support-posters/

You Can join theSAVE ME Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/SaveMe2010

You can submit a potential question about hunting for the next leadership debate on BBC


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clegg vaults to lead in U.K. election: poll

Clegg vaults to lead in U.K. election: poll
A breath of fresh air blasts into UK politics and takes the wind out of Shameron's sails with a massive 10 point body blow that puts Nick Clegg in first place even in The Sun newspaper's poll.

Murdoch's News International Jugganaut have an editorial 'ban on Lib Dem' policy and purposefully try to keep them out of British Politics admitted the ex editor of The Sun David Yelland in The Guardian on Sunday.
If Clegg is in the lead even in the Sun's commissioned YouGov poll then chances he's doing even better than the 1% lead over the Tories they admit to.

There are hoards of voters who would love to give the Liberal Democrats and The Green Party a chance to take a fresh approach to UK politics that's neither greedily grabbing everything they can for the richest 1% nor bogging down the wheels of optimum performance with a treacle mine of administrative sludge.

The optimist in me wants to believe that the British public can't really have been foolish enough to really want a conservative regime and merely want something different to the party of red tape. Now there is a credible alternative to Shameron and his old boy fox hunting network.

Days after the debate Clegg is still on a roll - good news for the Green Party too if people finally start grasping the notion of NOT voting for same old same old.

Council tried to seize ‘veggie’ child

Council tried to seize ‘veggie’ child

TWONK of The Week award goes to Lewisham council for persecuting a family for NOT eating meat and dairy.

Lewisham clearly on target to follow Croydon's footsteps as the unhealthiest borough in London if it's full of health professionals that think that way.

Can these people not read? did they all qualify in the post war era when the obcession was to fatten up the kids?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Meat Free Mondays in San Francisco

San Francisco supervisor proposes meat-free Mondays

San Francisco is the latest city to join Sir Paul McCartney's growing meat free monday campaign. San Francisco supervisor Sophie Maxwell has introduced a meat free monday resolution.
Maxwell's measure declares every Monday as "Vegetarian Day" to urge restaurants, grocery stores and schools to offer more plant-based options.

Maxwell is a vegetarian and she believes if residents gave up meat once a week, it would improve their health. Her resolution would not require meatless Mondays, but would encourage them.

San Francisco would become the first American city to embrace Meatless Monday.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking Tony Bishop-Weston | WHSmith.co.uk

The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking Tony Bishop-Weston | WHSmith.co.uk

The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking Recipe Cook Book Heardback edition Only £10.53 on WH Smith - buy 2 get free postage.

Vegan Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cakes, baking, puddings and desserts all in full colour with pictures for every recipe. Raw vegan avocado cheesecake/ key lime pie recipe is delicious.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Algae Swamp plans for Olympic Stadium

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: London's 2012 Olympic Stadium to be a Swamp

APRIL 1st 2010: Plans are aparently being unveiled today to turn the 2012 olympic stadium into a massive tank to grow vegan superfood - omega 3 rich algae.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "There's very few people out there who's health would fail to be improved by some extra essential fats - they are vital for the optimum health of all cell membranes"

Try a seaweed and algae shake?

PM Gordon Brown Meat Free Monday Plans to Woo Green Voters

April 1st 2010 Press releases

Gordon Brown is already contemplating a new Meat Free Monday ‘LOHAS’ (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) law and has been looking into ways to eat into the Green Vote for some time. Now it seems it’s about to be handed to him on a big green plate.

X Factor impresario Simon Cowell is widely rumoured to be helping hard core, xxx vegan, Leona Lewis to release a Meat Free Monday song with Sir Paul McCartney to push environmental, health and ethical issues higher up on the political agenda and to put pressure on political leaders leading up to the general election.

The main parties are turning the election into a personality war with posters full of insults – the celebrities feel it's imperative we get policy and solutions for the impending disasters that face the world back on the agenda

‘All you need is Love’ says Leona Lewis and Paul McCartney

Simon said recently "I love eating meat, but I love our planet and Leona even more, so I have joined Sir Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday campaign and stopped eating meat at least one day a week." Sir Richard Branson is known to share Simon Cowell's views on this.

It's thought that, with help from Virgin Media, a leading UK animal rights group plan to send downloads of the Meat free Monday Leona Lewis track to all candidates standing in the general election irrespective of their political party.

A duet with Paul McCartney and the Beatles track 'All we need is Love' is tipped as hot favourite, but with Leona Lewis's unique spin, as the Lyrics seem most apt for these times and the target group of voters.

Nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do, but you can learn
How to be you in time -
It's easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love

Part time Vegan Steve Jobs from Apple who make the iphone is said to be getting involved too and apparently discussing new free conscious consumer apps with leading networks such as O2 and Orange.

Prime Minister to Recruit Celebrities and Green Voters for Labour Election Win
With more Green Party candidates standing than ever before it's alleged Gordon Brown has initiated a secret deal with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul McCartney and Simon Cowell to win the hearts and minds of the Green Party voters and avoid leaving the balance of power with the Green Party in a hung parliament.

Political Analysts Find LOHAS key

As the risks of a hung parliament looks increasingly likely the political mathematicians and analysts have worked out that wooing the green voters and vegetarians could make a crucial difference in tipping the balance of power in Labour's favour.
Political psychologists have mapped out an average profile of the prospective voters who hold those key votes in marginal seats.

They are most likely to be summed up by the term LOHAS - (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability)

1) They regularly eat vegan and dairy free vegetarian food and at Vegetarian Restaurants
2) They are concerned about the environment, global warming and sustainability issues
3) They shop ethically, looking out for Fair Trade, organic, vegetarian, vegan and free from labeling
4) They have a positive attitude to optimum health and try to lead healthy lifestyles, nutrition and fitness
5) They are against blood sports such as foxhunting and killing for fun in general
6) They tend to be more likely to be pro-equal rights, pro Europe, pro-democracy, pro-proportional representation and a fair system of taxation to deal with social injustices.

Gordon Brown meets Greens Half Way

A source has revealed today that Gordon Brown has allegedly had secret talks with Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul Mcartney, Simon Cowell and various celebrities on the telephone about using the world's most famous ethical champions to communicate Labour's new LOHAS LAW in an attempt to woo green and vegetarian Voters.

Sir Paul McCartney is rumoured to have insisted that he would only help Gordon Brown if the Prime Minister agreed to make the adoption of Meat Free Mondays compulsory in public buildings such as council offices, hospitals and schools.

Some UK councils are already discussing meat free Mondays and a days focus on 5 a day fruit and vegetables has already been adopted by some schools in London.

Meat Free Monday Law

Removing meat from the menu and eating more fruit and vegetables is claimed by environmental, health groups and even government websites as being the single most effective thing you can do to lessen the effects of global warming and improve national health.

Leading UK celebrity nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston said today "There's no doubt that any party that wants to win the election has to reassure voters that they are going to have a radical rethink about the way the NHS is run. Too much money is spent on crisis management of the sick and not nearly enough on preventative measures to keep people well. A practical focus on genuinely healthy diets in schools and health trusts would be welcomed by nutritionists, so much of our time is spent explaining the blindingly obvious"

Gordon Brown said " How can the Tory party claim to be the party of change when their policies - defending the Lords, backing fox hunting, inheritance tax cuts - are the very policies that have defined the Conservative Party for more than 100 years? "

An insider revealed it appears Gordon Brown now seems convinced that appealing to pro vegetarian voters and backing Sir Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday Campaign will help reassure voters that Brown means business on environmental, ethical and natural health issues.

NHS Changes

Leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron has pledged to spend less than labour on health and make the National Health Service accountable to the 'man in the street' rather than health experts. There are fears that the irresponsible pill popping, pill for an ill, anti-nutrient rich fast food culture will continue to flourish and we'll end up with more Burger Restaurants in Hospitals such as Surburban London's Mayday Hospital in Croydon if the Tory led 'man in the street' gets his say.

Nutritionist in London Bishop-Weston says "The trouble is that 'the man in the street' is overweight, increasingly suffering from heart disease and or diabetes and the effects of stress all of which can be helped with better nutrition and eating less processed food. 'The man on the street' not really the best qualified and experienced person to run the National Health Service based on those credentials is he?"
Healthy Celebrities

There are sure to be a host of UK loving healthy vegetarian and vegan celebrities such as Madonna, Natalie Portman, Toby McGuire , Leona Lewis, Russell Brand, the vegan vampires from the cast of Twilight as well as the McCartney family celebrating when Gordon Brown announces his new Meat Free Monday LOHAS Law.

Meanwhile The Love Party stand up for the rights of Marmite Lovers

More info from

Foods for Life Health Consultancy - www.foodsforlife.org.uk
Meat Free TV www.veggievision.tv
Meat Free Monday - www.supportmfm.org
UK Vegetarian Society www.vegsoc.org/vhealthy
Animal Aid www.meat-free-monday.com
Viva! www.fruityfundays.com
Croydon 5ADay Campaign www.meatfreecroydon.blogspot.com
Eco Veggie Fayres www.ecoveggiefayre.co.uk

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan Food ( Seaweed) Secret to Weight Loss

Seaweed important food for weight loss says research

BBC TV and radio and national newspapers are full of news of new research about seaweed that claims it proves seaweed helps with weight loss.

The trouble is that the extension of the research is to recommend adding seaweed to crap food so it's then OK to continue to eat crap food like biscuits, white bread and white pasta.

Clearly they need a good nutritionist to explain the science behind 'healthy diet' - oh here's one...

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "Yes seaweed offers some important nutrients (such as iodine) to our nutrient deficient diets but if you want to lose weight and be healthier you have to start eating food for your brain not food for your bum!"

Buy Seaweed and Algae

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Greepeace target Nestle in CROYDON on palm oil and rainforest... on Twitpic

Greepeace target Nestle in CROYDON on palm oil and rainforest... on Twitpic

greepeace target Nestle in CROYDON on palm oil and rainforest... on Twitpic

Greenpeace targetted Nestle offices all over the world today to highlight the problems of rainforest devastation in the name of Palm oil production.

more at http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/ Kit Kat

Video at Kit Kat Video

palm fat alternative
Solution - our friends at LUSH cosmetics could find no truly sustainable industrial sources of Palm Oil so they invented their own solid saturated fat alternative from a mixture of sustainable vegetable oils.

More on Lush and Palm oil / Palm Fat here - Lush Palm Oil Alternative




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Events , Brighton, 20th March

The Hove Centre at Hove Town Hall

All set - The revamped Brighton Vegan Fayre now the Eco Veggie Fayre in Hove is racked up and raring to go this weekend

Numbers will be swelled by the Heather Mills media machine kicking in with a surprise announcement lined up.

The show will be fetured in The Guardian on Saturday and ITV and BBC cameras are expected.

Fun for all the family and a lot more than just buckets and trays of vegan puddings , cakes and desserts.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

YouTube - Doctors Call for Health Reform

YouTube - Doctors Call for Health Reform

Over half a million Doctors and Physicians have now joined President Barack Obama's call to change the US healthcare system that is being strangled by the insurance companies.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Vegan Anti- Descrimination Law

Vegans should be protected from discrimination, says equality watchdog - Telegraph

The Telegraph Reports;
Miss Harman’s proposed Equality Bill would not change the law on religious beliefs, but the Commission is drafting the code at the same time in order to help employers interpret existing legislation.

The draft code, currently under consultation, singles out vegans, who do not eat animal products or wear leather, as meriting protection from religious discrimination.
It says: “A person who is a vegan chooses not to use or consume animal products of any kind. That person eschews the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, accessories or any other purpose and does so out of an ethical commitment to animal welfare.”The code says the current definition of “belief” also included “a lack of belief”, giving protection to atheists.

Tony says;
If anything vegans have even more conviction, dedication and focus on their philosophy than many other followers of beliefs. Vegans would suffer the same if not more emotional distress as any member of a religious group if they were punished for their beliefs. Veganism is more altruistic too there's no dangling carrot of heaven or vahalla or threat of hell if you don't adhere.

If you're Jewish and eat prawn and bacon sandwiches and work on the Sabbath you're still Jewish. If you are Catholic and wear condoms, commit adultery, eat bacon on Fridays, kill and maim people and work on a Sabbath you are still a Catholic.

You can't eat bacon sandwiches any day of the week and still be a vegan! (unless it's Redwood's cheatin bacon)

It's quite right that human rights and anti discrimination law should protect a group who are dedicated to selflessly trying to protect people, animals and the environment.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

National Vegetarian Week 2010

National Vegetarian Week 2010 new website

National Vegetarian Week (NVW) is the annual awareness-raising campaign promoting inspirational vegetarian food and the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle. Celebrated by the Vegetarian Society since 1992, the Week is now an established event that gets bigger and better every year.

What will you be doing for National Vegetarian Week this year?

If you can't think of anything to do or haven't got time to organise anything, come to biggest National Vegetarian Week event the Bristol Vegan Fayre renamed and revamped as the Bristol Eco Veggie Fayre

29th and 30th May 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vegan Creme Eggs Easter Eggs

Animal Aid: Vegan Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies Do I spoil you or what? But Do I though?

vegan cadbury's cream eggs - easter eggs Yeayyyy! For all you fat bottoms out there who like, or used to like, Cadbury's creme eggs here is the vegan version. Yes that's right you heard me correctly, vegan Cadbury creme eggs!

Catriona my daughter very generously sent me a big box of chocolates from Animal Aid and there was a creme egg in there with the package. After a few seconds to get over the excitement I bit the top off and devoured it there and then in a full frenzied chocoholic maniacal episode.

Just to check it wasn't a dream, some viral induced halucinogenic attack, I checked the Animal Aid website and guess what ?? they have more - you can enjoy them too!

Now you know what to get me for Easter! x

PS They do Vegan Easter Bunnies too See www.animalaidshop.org.uk/easter.htm

vegan easter bunny easter eggs They also have this great new video that you can send to your non veggie friends to get them to think about Meat Free Mondays.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sainsbury Magazine- Vegan Expose

Whats inside this month - Sainsburys - Try something new today

This months UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's magazine challenges it's readers with the headline "So you think you know what a vegan looks like?"

They showcase a "super fit and stylish new breed of vegans"

Of course yours truly is there too............

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre - March

Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre - The UK's Best Veggie Fayre's - the biggest vegan veggie eco friendly family day out in the UK

Be there or be square - come to the Vegetarian epicentre of the UK for what is promising to be even more fabtastic than last year - with catering by Heather Mills' new V Bites lunch should be a bit more reasonable than Brighton Centre's commercially suicidal effort last year. That's why it's been moved to Hove so expert ethical caterers can be brought in.

The Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre March 20th 2010 at The Hove Centre

Some of the UK’s finest veggie food producers gather together at the first ever Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre on Saturday March 20th from 11am – 6pm, with the organisers expecting thousands of people through the door to experience the delights of one of the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle choices – the veggie diet.

Some choose to be veggie on health grounds, others because they are concerned about the welfare of animals, but a growing number of people from all backgrounds are going veggie for one reason only – the food!

Veggie food has long since shed the earnest but rather dull hippy image of the 70’s, and with leading UK veggie caterers at the Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre including the likes of V Bites, Heather Mill’s flagship Hove based restaurant, alongside food producers with the likes of the award winning Fry’s and Redwood ranges available to sample free, there’s a huge choice to be had.

‘Visitors to the show will be spoilt for choice when it comes to what to eat’ says the organiser Tim Barford from Bristol based hemp firm Yaoh. ‘There’s an incredible selection of really tasty food on offer and all of it is 100% plant based. We have up to 80 stalls at the event with some amazing products on offer, including bodycare and clothes, plus loads of information – it’s a really good way to find out just how good the veggie lifestyle can be.’

With a talks room, a cookery demos area, and an entertainments arena as well as an all day licensed bar, there’s a full line up to suit all tastes and with an admission price of just £3 for adults and £1 for kids and OAP’s, Tim is expecting a full house.

‘There’s a real increase in interest in anything eco friendly and especially in Brighton and Hove, which has the biggest population of veggies anywhere on the planet’ add Tim,’ and with such an excellent variety of products, food, experts and information available, its going to be a busy day.’

It’s not all fun and games though – there are some serious issues at stake, and the keynote speech at the event looks at Global Food Security, and in particular the effect livestock farming has on developing countries. ‘We are very pleased to have Dr Stephen Walsh from the Vegan Society at the show to deliver this vital talk’ says Tim. ‘We have to remember we are all responsible for what happens next on this planet.’

The show is organised by Yaoh and sponsored by Beanie’s Health Foods, V Bites, Chunkies and Macrobiotic Shop, and supported by Excellart, Ethical Singles, VeggieVision, Foods for Life and Flax Farm Linseed.

Tim Barford 0117 9239053 info @ yaoh.co.uk www.yaoh.co.uk

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm not a Vegetarian but....

GOOP Newsletter

How many times have you heard this? "I'm not a vegetarian but......."

"I don't eat much meat..."/ "I'm almost vegetarian" / "I just eat fish and a little chicken"

Despite the urge you occassionally may have to shake these people you should try to remember that it is these well meaning but non commital stand on the fence vegetarian spectators that keep vegetarianism and veganism moving forward.

Without the vegetarian spectators, vegan dippers and semi - conscious consumers the fully conscious consumers and vegans who get it (get the fact that ill health and devastation of the planet are mostly down to eating the wrong way) would have a much harder time.

All those soya, rice, nut and oat milk dairy alternative products and veggie sausages wouldn't be still so abundant on the shelves were it not for all the part time healthy eaters and environmentalists trying to do their occassional bit.

Granted it is fast approaching the point where a bit is not enough to save the planet, but even a bit is better than nothing when it is millions of people.

So Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow and your Goop blog - "I'm not a vegetarian but..." is pretty lame, especially considering your husband's passion for logic and reason. I'm no longer a fan of yours since you draped yourself in fur but....... thank you for plugging Paul McCartney's meat free monday and laying down the facts for your celebrity and fashion obcessed followers.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Vegan Book Sold Out in 5 Months

Amazon.co.uk: vegan: Books

The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking by Yvonne & Tony Bishop-Weston crashes into the top 2o on Amazon's best selling Vegan Book list. "So what?" I hear you say well....... that's no mean feat for a vegan recipe cookbook that is the only hardback full colour book in the in the list and it's consequently 3 times the price of most of the other vegan books in the list too. (most of the others are £3-£5)

The first edition of The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking is already out of print in the UK so if you are not quick you may have to order the recipe book from the USA on Amazon.com . Still advertised on WH Smith at £11.04 with free postage on orders over £15 or delivered to your nearest store. Signed copies available at optimum nutritionists .com @ RRP

The recipe book is currently being reprinted and new copies available in time for National Vegetarian Week.

A sell out in just 5 months on Amazon is not bad at all - clearly the world is waking up to a vegan diet as a solution for health and environmental issues.

Friday, January 22, 2010

PLANEAT - A BAFTA worthy British Film


At last a BAFTA worthy UK home grown British film that will enlighten and educate people in an entertaining way about the many reasons why avoiding meat and dairy is such a good idea for health and the environment.

It's got Chad Sarno talking about food so it immediately gets my vote.

Be great to see this win an award BAFTA or otherwise - it's one of the most important issues to put on television.