Thursday, April 14, 2016

Interest in Veganism Treble Interest in Vegetarian as Vegan Trend Doubles in 12 months

No stopping the rise in vegan now

According to Google trends, interest in the search term 'vegan' has doubled in the last 12 months alone having already quadrupled in the previous 4 years.

Interest in Vegan quadrupled, then doubled again since April 2015
Record number of Vegans

 VegfestUK exhibitions and festivals are seeing record crowds even though many other vegan festivals and shows are popping up in cities all over the UK and Ireland. Interest in vegan food, clothing, cosmetics and fashion as well as vegan politics has never been so high.

Similar vegan trends are being seen all over the world, not just Europe and the USA.

Treble Top 

Interest in veganism is now running at nearly three times than of the search term 'vegetarian'  . All restaurants need to re think their menus as a vegetarian lasagne just doesn't cut it anymore. Just substituting the meat for a bit of Feta, Goats cheese or Haloumi is ..Yawn, just, Yawn, too lazy.

More than double the interest in vegan , often treble vs vegetarian

Eating Out Vegan 

Eating out has never been easier with a number of Restaurant chains introducing new vegan menus. Pizza Express has had a Vegan Pizza for some time but now Zizzis has launched a Vegan Pizza with Dairy Free Cheese which has left Domino's missing the boat on their chance to introduce the vegan pizza that they sell in Israel to UK high streets.

A string of household mainstream brands have announced their intention to bring out vegan versions of their most popular products, even Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Guinness.

Dietitians the new 'Extremists'

It's only a few years ago when local government and NHS health trusts were calling Meat Free Mondays a step too far. Now health professionals are saying it's not far enough. Respected dietitians, nutritionists and dietetic scientists have become overwhelmed with the scientific evidence that is bombarding them and reluctantly overturning years of post war indoctrination and revising guidelines. Leading Dietitians around the world and public health officials in Holland are now recommending meat only 2 times a week - That's five days less a week than Paul McCartney's Meat Free Mondays,  Meatless Monday and Meat Out Days

Science uncovering inevitable truth

Scientists have discovered and isolated the distinctive taste of red meat is from haem iron that they have replicated from iron rich plants. Soon you will be able to buy a veggie burger that not just tastes like but bleeds like a piece of an animal flesh. What excuses then for encouraging and sustaining the torture of animals with your shopping budget?

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston Says "anyone who says they 'need' meat are deluding themselves, unless they mean it in a ' I need a drink' kind of a way

It's never been so easy to be vegan and more and more people are running out of excuses to stop increasing the risk to their health and the health of the planet as well as the inexcusable cruelty and death to millions of animals.

What excuses are there left for not going vegan?

Friday, April 01, 2016

Starbucks to go 100% Vegan says Vegan Chef

Starbucks To Go Vegan By The End Of The Year

London, Friday April 1st 1am BST

Reacting to news that the UK Government is now considering extending the ban on smoking in cars with passengers under 18 (to include processed meat products for Stoptober 2016), Starbucks have revealed their intention to be 100% vegan by the end of the 2016. This also supports NHS efforts to encourage people to eat at least 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables following revision of ‘The Eatwell Plate’ and Dietitians recommendations on cutting back on meat to no more than twice a week. 

Interest in 'Vegan' now double that of 'Vegetarian' reveals Google Trends
Crest of a Vegan Wave
UK Vegan guru and health food consultant chef Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life Health and Nutrition Consultancy says “Starbucks are not alone. Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream, Guinness, Quorn, Zizzi Restaurants, Pizza Express, Linda McCartney, Tesco’s, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons, Costa Coffee and Loving Hut had all added new vegan products recently. Tesco have a wide range of dairy free vegan cheeses. Grocery retailers were awash with vegan chocolate Easter eggs this Easter.” 

Fear of Litigation
Starbucks UK is apparently nervous that if the meat free Stoptober plans go ahead one of their customers could be prosecuted for consuming a Starbucks processed meat product in their car just because they like carcinogenic food and they have a child passenger. This would be a PR nightmare and these days with all the mobile phones and in-car videos it’s only a matter of time before someone is captured risking their life and a huge fine by eating a processed meat product with Starbucks branding. 

Bishop-Weston announced that “Starbucks UK vice president Jess Star called early Friday and said ‘We’ve taken the bold step to go completely vegan!’. Commercially and logistically it makes sense” said Bishop Weston “if Starbuck’s offer is suitable for vegans, then by default it’s suitable for vegetarians, those following the 5 a day diet, Jewish or Muslim patrons (who don’t eat pork) and vegetarian Hindus (who don’t eat egg) thus suitable for everyone, even Veggans sometimes called ‘Conveniegans but are actually vegetarians who eat eggs but not cheese” 

Starbucks New All Day Vegan Breakfast Muffin - 1st April 2016

New Starbucks Vegan All Day Breakfast Muffin
“We have struggled, not to find vegan alternatives, but to find vegan products at the very low prices that Starbucks need to make a profit in such a competitive market.” admits Bishop-Weston. “The solution was for Starbucks to make some of the new vegan products themselves using Aquafaba (a versatile bean juice froth discovered by Goose Wohlt in the USA) and 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. We have managed to make delicious egg free fried egg, soysages, dairy free cheese and meat free bacon all from Aquafaba and put them all together into an all-day vegan full English breakfast muffin which will be Starbucks UK new flagship vegan product”

Boaty McBoatface Vegan Iceberg Fruitcake
Other new products could include a dessert tribute to the ‘Boaty McBoatface’ National Environment Research Council (NERC) £200 million polar research vessel with a meringue iceberg made with Aquafaba and a berry fruit cake boat cracking through it. Also planned is a dark chocolate Dunkin Doughnuts style vegan chocolate mars bar fruitcake