Thursday, February 04, 2010

Vegan Book Sold Out in 5 Months vegan: Books

The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking by Yvonne & Tony Bishop-Weston crashes into the top 2o on Amazon's best selling Vegan Book list. "So what?" I hear you say well....... that's no mean feat for a vegan recipe cookbook that is the only hardback full colour book in the in the list and it's consequently 3 times the price of most of the other vegan books in the list too. (most of the others are £3-£5)

The first edition of The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking is already out of print in the UK so if you are not quick you may have to order the recipe book from the USA on . Still advertised on WH Smith at £11.04 with free postage on orders over £15 or delivered to your nearest store. Signed copies available at optimum nutritionists .com @ RRP

The recipe book is currently being reprinted and new copies available in time for National Vegetarian Week.

A sell out in just 5 months on Amazon is not bad at all - clearly the world is waking up to a vegan diet as a solution for health and environmental issues.


Ryan, said...

Hi - Rad vegan site! I'm planning to feature it on a browser bar for vegetarians. We are a group of vegan volunteers connecting people with veg resources like yours. Our goal is a world with greater compassion. It seems like we share that. If you can squeeze it into your schedule I'd love to chat. Ryan, president ( or 215-589-2437)

Aeopah said...

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