Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poor cow: 6 calves found in trash

Got room for a Cow?

That's the trouble with the dairy industry - just like in the egg industry the males of the species are just "waste product" - Male chicks get gassed or crushed alive and then chopped up the egg producers just need the females to lay eggs but nature maintains a balance of males to females so they are just garbage.

It's the same with Dairy farmers - the quandary 'what do we do with the male calves - the boys don't make milk - they are useless. These 6 calves were found chucked in a shed left to die, Farm Sanctuary saved them.

If you know someone with a big lawn to mow and needs tons of manure please give Farm sanctuary a call

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ashok said...

Yes for those of us who may be vegetarian or lovegans and consume milk and diary products, what to do with the males of the speices is a serious problem. Perhaps some of the males can be turned into pet food after humane culling. An even better solution would be a scientific one that limit the birth of males.

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