Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Value of the ethical consumerism at ?26bn

Co-op calculates value of the ethical consumerism at �26bn -

December 14, 2005

The dramatic rise in the sales of Fairtrade label products ? now worth over �140 million a year ? is well documented. But the value of the Fairtrade category is dwarfed by wider spending on ?ethical? goods says the Co-operative Bank, which has just carried out a survey into ethical consumerism.

The Co-op survey found that the value of ethical consumption increased by 15% in 2004 to a staggering �25.8 billion. The reason for this huge figure is that it includes categories such as ethically invested funds (valued at over �10 billion) and products and services bought because they offset climate change (�3.4 billion). Spending ethically on food ? including organic food and free-range eggs ? surpassed �4 billion for the first time, whilst spending on ethical fashion reached �680 million.

Consumer awareness of energy efficiency also increased, with the amount spent on energy-efficient electrical appliances rising by 23.5% to �1.3 billion. Spending on eco-friendly cleaning products rose to �13 million, from �11 million in the previous year.

The survey found that 54% of those questioned agreed with the statement: ?As a consumer, I can make a difference to how responsibly a company behaves.? This compared with 19% the year before. Greater awareness of ethical issues also led to an increase of boycotts on foods and shops.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Vegan - A nightmare before Christmas?

Author of a vegan cook book has challenged mothers around the world to prepare for what they may consider to be their worst christmas nightmare.

He asks mothers "How would you cope with this situation?"

"Your son texts from school to say he?s bringing his girlfriend back home for the holiday season."

"Before you can get the cork off the bottle of champagne to celebrate - he says ?just one more little thing - She?s Vegan!?"

"What would you do? Would you panic? Would you frantically search google online for a cruise on last minute dot com ?"

"How would you feel about the prospect of no turkey? What gift would you buy a vegan? No silk, no leather, even non organic cotton un-fair trade cotton has a vegan question mark over it these days."

As the full implications dawn on one it does seem to get worse.

No Chocolate, no wine (often contains fish or gelatine), no un-cruelty free cosmetics?

Tony offers a suggested ten point plan and coping strategy with a recipe for a happy vegetarian Christmas.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New UK Vegetarian Guide book 2006 to Britain

vegetarian guide to meals, accommodation, restaurants, good hotels, B&B, beds, weekend breaks, short breaks, vegetarian diet in UK, GB,

Vegetarian Visitor - UK Vegetarian Guide book 2006

Looking for weekend breaks, short breaks, beds and accommodation in Britain with recommended meals for vegetarian diets?

Out now, The latest edition of the No 1 vegetarian, annually updated, GB guidebook to approved cafes, recommended restaurants, best B&B, great guest houses, best pubs and good hotels in England, Scotland and Wales. Top places and best venues in United Kingdom catering for vegetarian and vegan meals.

Buy the guidebook now for only £2.50 or check out the online directory. Used internationally by the British Tourist Authority

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "Most of us could benefit from eating more nutritious vegetarian and vegan meals and this book sets out to help us"

More at PR WEB News

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cook Book- Diets, vegan, recipes, vegetarian

Top Ten Pick of the Cookbooks - Cook Book - Diets, vegan, recipes, vegetarian

The perfect recipe book for the cook who has everything - the cook book that no good housekeeping fan should be without. Full of innovative recipes you wont find in Betty Crocker, Fanny Farmer, Homes and Garden, Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay cook books and with more colour photos than Moosewood by Mollie Katzen or artfull vegan. No wonder the cook book has many top reviews and is featured on the BBC ,Veggievision. and all good book shops.

Vegan features recipes with an emphasis on nutrition and health that are turning the minds and hearts of committed flexitarians and meat lovers not just vegetarians, vegans and those wishing to get more fruit and vegetables into their diet.

The cook book even appeals to diabetics, weight watchers, south beach diet and low carb chocoholics as although not a diet book as such it follows basic principles for a healthy diet that have been shown in a recent study to assist healthy weight loss.

The chocoholics section with non dairy ice cream and chocolate cake, cookies and dairy free desserts leave you in no doubt that these vegan home and garden recipes are to be enjoyed.

There is a handy nutrition and health section with healthy diet advice on key vitamins, minerals, essential fats and other vital nutrients.

More - www.vegan-cookbook.com Published by Hamlyn Authors Tony & Yvonne Bishop-Weston.