Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 Minute Chocolate Cake!

Vegan Recipes - 3 Minute Chocolate Cake!

WOW - an old trick I used to use to make girl's knees go wobbly. I was reminded by an email about a dreadful 5 Minute Chocolate cake. This one is light and fluffy and ADDICTIVE so beware.

3 minute Chocolate Cake

1 minute to mix - 1 minute to cook and 1 minute to stand = 3 minutes!


3 dessertspoons soya or rice milk
2 dessertspoons Vegetable (rapeseed/canola) oil
1 heaped dessertspoon Drinking chocolate powder
1 heaped dessertspoon of soft brown sugar (or 2 dessertspoons of maple or agarve syrup )
1 heaped dessertspoon of self raising wholemeal flour

Into a Coffee mug pour in dessertspoons (cereal spoon) of ingredients in order above (soya milk first)

Mix thouroughly with a teaspoon.

Microwave on full power (900-1000w) for 1 minute.

Allow to stand fo a minute

Add a spoonfull of ice cream and eat straight from the mug.

Use this delicious light fluffy chocolate cake recipe carefully or it could change your life and your waistline.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Echium Oil EchiOmega Omega 3 EPA

NEW Vegetarian Omega 3

echium oil - echiomega - vegetarian epa omega 3

I hope everyone is now aware of how important essential fats are for the integrity of every cell membrane in the body and also the difficulties of processing omega 3 flax oil into the important omega 3 long chain fatty acid EPA in the body.

For a few years now we have had V-Pure extracted from Algae but although it has good amounts of DHA it's relatively low in EPA for therapeutic use (only 75mg per dose)

Now there is Echium oil in the form of Echiomega an SDA rich oil with GLA that is claimed to provide 300mg of EPA from 1 gram of Echium oil and is 5 times more effective at conversion than omega 3 ALA rich flax oil.

Buy Echium Oil Now

Monday, March 23, 2009

Veggie Russell Brand Wanted for The Simpsons

The Simpsons vegetarian Russell Brand to join other celebrities on the simpsons
Simpson roles for Barack Obama and Russell Brand | The Sun |Showbiz|TV

The Producers from The Simpsons have revealed they are keen to have US President Barack Obama and UK Essex Comedian Russell Brand on The Simpsons legendary long running comedy cartoon series. Brand won't be the first famous vegetarian. Paul and Linda McCartney once appeared in The Simpsons to help Lisa go vegetarian.

Heather Mills £4.3 Million Burger King Transfusion

heather mills mccartney burger king BK whopper veggie burgers
Heather Mills Signs Burger King Deal | Showbiz Spy

Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney's ex wife has just signed a deal with BK Burger King to promote the new BK vegan veggie Whopper burger for £4.3 million pounds. This is a little bit of a poke in the eye for The Vegetarian Society who allegedly get less than a half a per cent of that amount for promoting the McDonalds vegetarian option despite having the backing of Sir Paul McCartney himself.

Heather is notoriously generous on animal rights issues and it's hoped a percentage of that fee will find it's way in supporting vegan campaigns in the UK and around the world.

Thousands of people attended the Brighton Vegan Festival on Saturday despite the distraction of the glorious sunny seaside weather. Having bought a new vegan cafe in nearby Hove it was hoped Heather Mills would attend but she was clearly preparing for mothers day with Beatrice.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vegan Shop London - Opening this Mother's Day

SSOV Blog - Our Camden Shop - Opening this weekend!

Vegan Shop in London
OK You now have TWO choices this Saturday and Mothering Sunday/Mothers Day treat for Ethical Mums

1) Go to The Seaside - Britains biggest Vegan Festival hits Brighton in the Brighton Centre with vegan cinema, vegan art gallery, vegan cookery demos, vegan live music, Vegan Reggae, Vegan Talks, Vegan Celebrities, Vegan Penthouse Restaurant with sea view, Vegan shopping, vegan shoes, vegan cakes, vegan fish and chips, vegan hot dogs, vegan cosmetics, vegan nutrition,etc (See Croydon Guardian )

OR if you just totally screwed up your diary and you can't get to Brighton then

2) The opening of The Secret Society of Vegans (shhhh don't tell a soul) fantasmagorical new shop in Camden.

The choice is yours but you only have 2 choices OK? O'Kaaaay?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heather Mills to Open Seaside Cafe in Brighton

heather mills mccartney ex wife of sir paul mccartney has bought a vegetarian seaside cafe in brighton
Heather Mills snaps up favourite seaside café for vegan venture

Lady Heather Mills-McCartney probably back to Heather Mills now she is divorced plans to open a vegetarian seaside cafe in Brighton - well the next town on - Hove.

Animal Rights campaigner and strict Vegan, Heather 41 has taken over the Big Fish café in Hove, East Sussex.

Heather Mills used to eat there with Paul McCartney and their daughter Beatrice before the couple's divorce. "They'd have veggie breakfasts and soya milk tea," says the previous owner of the big fish café Nick Short. "Heather said she'd like to buy the place if it came on the market."

The sale went through with Heather Mills on Friday for £140,000 – £115,000 less than the original pre recession price of £255,000 Heather had allegedly originally verbally agreed to pay for the business.

Heather apparently plans to renovate the property and turn it into 100% vegan cafe restaurant removing all meat fish and other animal products from the menu.

It's thought Heather Mills and her daughter Beatrice may pop into the Brighton Vegan Fayre in The Brighton Centre on Saturday 21st March to get ideas for her new menu. There will be a big emphasis on healthy food at The Brighton Vegan Food and something for everyone with a cowboy style fast food bar, Vegan pirate salads and smoothies and a gourmet Penthouse restaurant in the Skyline with impressive views out to sea. Surprises such as vegan fish and chips , vegan steak salad, Vegan Sausage and Mash as well as some delicious traditional style fresh vegetable, nut and bean dishes will open people's eyes to the full potential of a healthy, sustainable, ethical vegan lifestyle.

Best suggestions so far for the new name of Heather Mills Seaside Cafe in Brighton is to change it from 'Big Fish' to 'Big Wish' or 'Small Fry' - 'Windy Miller's' is our top tip.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Natalie Portman helps make a noise

natalie portman bares naked ambition on women's rights
Natalie Portman Hears 'A Powerful Noise' - Socialite Life

Natalie Portman Hears A Powerful Noise - Socialite Life

Celebrity NATALIE Portman stepped forward to promote a women's rights film 'Powerful Noise' for International Women's Day

Natalie Portman clearly has bare naked ambition on women's rights issues, I wonder what she is doing for Mother's Day?