Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Child Nutrition Act USA

PCRM Legislative Fund / Child Nutrition Act: Attention all our friends and readers in the USA!

Elizabeth Kucinich, Director of Public and Government Affairs in PCRM, has published this message today:

Congress is on the verge of voting for a new Child Nutrition Act, and we’ve received word that an excellent House version of the bill, which would allow more children to have access to healthful plant-based options, may be rejected for a much weaker, stripped-down Senate version. This Senate version will make it harder for children to choose healthy food options in the cafeteria. Our chance to improve school lunches across the nation lies in the hands of Congress today! Please urge key leaders in the House to pass the superior House bill, H.R. 5504, and reject the Senate’s bill, S. 3307.

Please follow this link ASAP to send an email, or for more info: http://www.pcrmlf.org/cna/index.cfm

The health of America's children is declining rapidly, with millions afflicted by obesity and at high risk for adult diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. These children, many of whom get more than half of their daily calories in the school lunch line, are not given the opportunity to choose healthier food or learn good eating habits at school. Urge Congress to help provide students more plant-based options in the federally funded school lunch and school breakfast programs. Please support H.R. 5504, The Improving Nutrition for America's Children Act of 2010, to give students the healthy school lunches that they deserve.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Peace One Day Concert - Live Online

The Concert Channel: Wherever you are in the world you can join in the Live Peace One Day Concert

Jeremy Gilley's Peace One Day Celebration 2010 webcast will be streamed online on Peace Day, Tuesday 21 September - evening playouts in multiple time zones:
  • 20:00 UK BST; 
  • 21:00 Europe CEDT;
  • 21:00 Sydney; 
  • 21:00 Singapore; 
  • 21:00 US EDT; 
  • 21:00 US PDT. 

Anyone in the world can view the webcast play-outs, even if you are not in one of the targeted time zones.

Hosted by Jude Law and Sharon Stone, the concert features performances from Patti Smith, Youssou Ndour, Vanessa Paradis, Charlie Winston, -M-, Yodelice and Ayo.

Tickets cost Euro 9.99/£8.25/$12.75. All proceeds go to the non-profit Peace One Day to support us in reaching 3 billion people with the message of Peace Day by September 2012.

Click here now for webcast tickets:

Bill Clinton vegan for heart health + Weight

Bill Clinton goes vegan to reverse heart disease (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton reveals he's trialling a vegan diet for health reasons to protect his heart and lose weight in an effort to enjoy seeing his grandchildren grow up.

He quotes success rates of over 80% for trials he's seen that started in 1986 on plant based diets used to reverse heart problems

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Lady Gaga's meat dress was made of real meat | Ministry of Gossip | Los Angeles Times:

Nice legs, shame about the boat race - nice hat - rare, as it comes - Lady Gaga is clearly NOT vegan or vegetarian and is probably very smelly.

What a lot of FUSS over Lady Gaga's meat dress. Goodness! People have leather coats, leather skirts, leather jackets, leather bags, leather shoes, leather hats, leather gloves, leather car seats, leather sofas - where the hell do they think leather comes from? Disneyland? The Silkworm Farms of ShangriLa - Noooooo Dimwits - Leather is from cows - it's skin, it's meat.

The same hypocrites cringing about Lady Gaga's meaty dress are wearing meat on the insides of their colon from yesterdays lunch and cow skin on their feet and meat skin on their backs.

Great statement here - Meat is for fun - there's no ethical valid excuses for killing cows - we don't need cow meat for health, raising beef for food and leather has a negative impact on the environment and true costs are both expensive and unsustainable.

If you eat it or wear it you are doing it not out of necessity , you are doing it purely to entertain yourself, for fun, for enjoyment - killing just for fun, trashing the planet for fun, risking your health for fun.

Let's have a little honesty here - over 90% of the population love meat and leather - be honest about where it comes from and why you use it.

Q: Why would you invite Lady Gaga (and her meat dress) to your summer party or wedding?
A: To keep the flies off the guests and the bride.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

MP backs Meat Free Monday

Inside the M60 | Manchester MP backs meat free day:

Early Day Motion 669 calls for a Meat Free Day in parliament.

Manchester Withington MP John Leech has submitted a parliamentary Early Day Motion (EDM) calling for catering authorities at the Houses of Parliament to go “meat-free” on Mondays.

The “Meat Free Monday” campaign is being promoted in Manchester by Manchester Friends of the Earth, and by environmental campaigners and other groups and bodies right across the UK.

It encourages local authorities, schools and other public and private bodies to provide an animal-free menu at least one day per week to help tackle environmental and diet-related health problems.

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Meat Free Monday  - Meat Free Day - Animal Aid Meat Free day

Monday, September 06, 2010

Vegan Rolos- dark chocolate caramels

Viva! - Cruelty Free Shopping : the latest vegan dilemma ..... would you give your partner your last dark chocolate caramel vegan Rolo .....?

Whilst the internal politics at Cadbury's / Green & Blacks leave us with dark chocolate absurdly labelled as containing organic milk powder the enlighten souls at the Irish Celtic Chocolate company are treading fearlessly where Plamil should have trundled long ago.

Yes it's true , Rolo fans, you no longer have to make your own dairy free chocolate vegan Rolos (although I doubt these are as orgasmic as ex Vegan Society trustee Dr Cynthia Combe / Robinson who used to make our knees go week with her treats).

I am about to try to order some vegan Rolos from Ocado to have them delivered to my country retreat...

Make sure you buy 2 boxes so you can offer your last Vegan Rolo to your loved one without reservation.