Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deluded, Dangerous, Ex Vegan Wanabee Rock star in The Sun

I ditched ‘healthy’ vegan diet for meat and went from fatboy to slim | The Sun |Woman|Health|Health

Article about a dangerous new book (well the cover is) by a delusional wanabee ex vegan rock star who tries to convince Sun readers that's it's not the fact that his new diet forgoes starchy carbs, sugar and sugary foods and processed foods that helped him lose the weight and cure his IBS. nor was it the increased intake of green leafy veg. Deluded John Nicholson flies in the face of scientific study and ubiquitous research and claims "It's the meat what fixed me!" He is duly awarded the Plantarian 'Twonk of the Week' award

Trouble is he's telling people what they want to hear so no doubt the gimmick to sell his book, The Meat Fix, will work. Even I want to read it so I can prove how irresponsible he is.

Twonk of the week - Author of  The Meat Fix - Deluded & Dangerous

For a more sensible, sustainable approach to diet see Vegfest London, Bristol or Brighton

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars : Vegan Vegetarian Style Awards

Ethical Pirates: Vegetarian and Vegan Oscars Awards

Oscars, Vegan Style

Vegan Oscars

From deep within whichever dark basement he hides in the winter Vegan Pirate of The Carob Bean,  Captain James Tea Cook, gives a vegan skewed look as his own alternative Vegan Oscars.

No surprises there then.

Vegfest UK Awards in London

Later this month the VegfestUK Awards open for voting, gearing up for a star studded celebrity event at Vegfest in October.

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Monday, February 04, 2013

Vegest London UK Health & Sustainability Event Oct 2013

London's biggest ever event dedicated to solutions for better human health and sustainable ethical living hopes to switch people on the alternatives that are part of the solution for the planet not part of the problem.

VegestUK London - Vegfest Vegetarian Vegan Event in London October 5th 6th 2013

The dates have been confirmed for a brand new vegetarian lifestyle show in the heart of the West
End of London at the world famous Kensington Olympia over two days in October 2013. 10,000 visitors are expected to attend the two day event, which is open from 11am – 7pm.

Comedian Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights) is amongst the guests participating, which also includes
musician Macka B, comedian Andrew O’Neill, presenters Janey Lee Grace (BBC Radio 2) and Dale Pinnock (TV Herbalist Chef) , athlete Fiona Oakes, chef Chad Sarno (Raw Food Saf Restaurant ), actress Roxy Shahidi, Yvonne Bishop–Weston ( Harley Street, TV Nutritionist, London ), Nutritionists Christine
Bailey and Julie Silver and a number of other leading lights from within the healthy living sector, including top chefs, nutritionists, speakers, entertainers, celebrities and experts, with many more to be confirmed.

The show sees over 150 stalls, all full of the latest vegetarian and vegan products, as well as two
cookery demo theatres, a Living Raw prep zone, 3 talks rooms, 2 cinemas, 2 workshops spaces, a kids- area and a large performance stage, ensuring visitors to the event are spoiled for choice, with many
of the stalls providing free samples and tasters as well as produce at vastly reduced costs.

"Change in normal diet needed"
Admission to the event is £10 each day (£6 concessions, £2 Kids under 14) and tickets are available on the gate or in advance. All tickets bought in advance are on a Buy One Get On free offer too, ensuring real value for visitors from across London and the South East. The event is sponsored by
Fry’s distribution, Yaoh and Out of Hand, with more sponsors to be confirmed.

VegfestUK have organised a number of successful veggie food events in both Brighton and Bristol over the last decade, event attracting up to 25,000 people at a time, with the 2013 Bristol event featuring The Happy Mondays, Peter Hook (New Order), The Farm, 808State, Caravan Palace, The Abyssinians, Macka B and a host of other top acts at what is officially the world’s biggest vegan event. For more information about VegestUK events see the website

Event details
Who: Anyone interested in leading healthier, more sustainable, more ethical, more fulfilling lives
Dates : Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2013
Tickets : £10 each day (£6 concessions, £2 Kids under 14)
Venue : Kensington Olympia, Exhibition Centre, London - W14 8UX