Saturday, December 21, 2013

Could this Vegan Pizza Stop Heart Disease, Cancer and Altzhiemers?

Domino’s Now Offers Vegan Pizza In Israel

The world's favourite food just went vegan. Well not strictly true - we do have vegan pizzas in the shops.

V Bites make one and if you take your own dairy free / vegan cheese into PizzaExpress they'll usually oblige with a vegan version of whatever you like (just don't expect a discount for supplying your own ingredients)

But it just goes to show that if enough people stand up at once and ask then anything can happen.

Dairy is implicated implicated in a number of chronic health problems and conditions so an alternative Dairy Free pizza made with vegan cheese seems a no brainer.

Whilst Dominos in the USA and UK continue to ignore our pleas for a vegan pizza in Israel  they are 'whey' ahead of us. Due to popular demand there is now a vegan pizza in Israel.

Want one here in the UK ? or USA? - make a fuss and get your friends to do the same.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

World's Biggest Knickerbocker Glory for World Vegan Month

World's Biggest Knickerbocker Glory for #WorldVeganMonth ?

World's Biggest Knickerbocker Glory for World Vegan Month Trafalgar Square London Midday Saturday 16th November 2013

Please help bring more ingredients for World's biggest Knickerbocker Glory attempt

Need more
  • Vegan Ice cream
  • Giant Cherries
  • Hundreds and thousands
  • Dairy Free chocolate
  • Squirty Vegan Cream
  • Vegan strawberry mousse
  • Raspberry Syrup
  • Chopped nuts
  • Bananas
 Bring a spoon and a bowl so you can try the finished creation once we have photographed it!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Archaeology - How Humans Mutated To Tolerate Milk


It's not natural to drink the milk of another species. Europeans genetically mutated to tolerate cows milk - most of the world still gets diarrhea if they drink it.

Archaeologists unravel the history of milk drinking and plot the gradual genetic mutation of Northern Europe

Who Can Properly digest Cow's Milk?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Microsoft's Bill Gates Gets Behind Vegan Eggs

No, it's not another of our April fool jokes! Microsoft's Bill Gates and Paypal's Peter Thiel really are plugging Vegan Eggs

Here's what the Daily Mail said;

Not clear what plants are being used - Acorns?
"MailOnline was able to try two of Hampton Creek’s products - its mayonnaise, and cookies made using its baking product.

The results were surprising, if a little anticlimactic. Both tasted exactly as you would expect - and are indistinguishable from products made with real egg.
The chocolate chip cookies we tried were excellent - crumbly, moist and with a feel in the mouth identical to a normal cookie. Crucially, they also look identical to a normal cookie - despite containing no egg.

Hampton Creek’s ‘Beyond Egg’ mayonnaise was also extremely similar to ‘normal’ mayo - and after trying it out on a few friends, some even preferred to to normal mayonnaise."

Thursday, September 05, 2013

New record by London Chef for Vegan Catering?

RushPRNews: London Chef Sets New Standards for Vegan Catering

Lloyd Hesom at the Selsdon Park Hotel has become Lush Handmade Cosmetics chef of the year after delighting 300 Lush employees for 3 days with a 100% vegan menu. There was even a full vegan cheeseboard.

Chef's interested in following in Lloyd's and pulling their socks up to face any challenge and pleasing everybody rather than just the apathetic and unadventourous should visit London Vegfest at Olympia on the5th and 6th October.

Lloyd agrees with Lush's Mark Constantine and says  "If you can please vegans you can please anyone!"

OK, so I admit,  I helped a bit.............

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Live TV - Save the Planet - Greenpeace in London

6 Greenpeace women are climbing the highest skyscraper in Europe to highlight the plight of the planet. What are you going to do? Nothing? I don't think so. Don't be like the people of Pompeii !!  LIVE TV

Friday, July 05, 2013

UK Comedy? Banned Joke Poster for London Vegfest UK

At this years Vegfest UK in London at Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre on October 5th and 6th there will be a lot of comedy in addition to the usual workshops, music, cookery demos, films,  Yoga, and foodtasting. To highlight the comedy a series of 'jokes in the style of' were released.

This one didn't make it and ended up in the bin.What you you think? Is it a step too far? Is it rascist? or is it just hysterically funny? Is it in bad taste? Was it rightfully censored? or should it go viral?

Does this joke belong in the bin? or on a wall at the Vegan Society?
Here's some of the others that made it onto the VegfestUK Facebook Page.

Comedy In the style of Eddie Izzard

In the style of Frankie Boyle

In the style of Jack Dee

In the style of John Bishop

In the style of John Cleese

Comedy in the style of Johnny Vegas

Comedy in the style of Lenny Henry

In the style of Michael Mckintyre

In the style of Peter Kay

Comedy in the style of Ricky Gervais

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Whoops! Did David Cameron Just Insult Vegans?

Sketch: G8 + PM? You do the math - Telegraph

UK Prime Minister David Cameron joked as he informed the House that "a shopkeeper in Enniskillen had been disappointed at the dearth of G8 protestors, as he’d stocked up specially on vegan meals. Now there's lots of vegan food going spare". (what? vegetables?)

Might have got away with that had he not followed it with "All the leaders in the G8 had signed an agreement declaring that they would never pay ransoms to terrorists."

Wonder what Bill Clinton will say about the inference that vegans are terrorists.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Research Begins to Find Out Exactly Why Meat is Bad for Health

Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Meat Eaters, Research Finds |

Mass Muderer?
Time Magazine reports research and studies in JAMA Internal Medicine Journal that explain why Vegetarians and Vegans are healthier than those people that eat meat.

In their desperate attempts to find the compounds in meat that are killing millions of Americans and British people every year scientists have found that it's not just the saturated animal fat that is the problem.

It seems there are a host of microbes and chemicals in meat designed to attack the fabric of human existence.Your body can cope them for a while but it seems to explain why American Footballers and cavemen don't live that long - if you want to duck out of old age and dodge getting lumbered with the grand children then eat lots of meat.

If on the other hand you want to live long and prosper then eat your vegetables. That's the thing that's always confounded the researchers before. People who eat less meat tend to eat more vegetables. It's true that eating more vegetables has a protective effect but now scientists can seperate factors like smoking, drinking alcohol, exercise, type of meat, dairy, vegetable consumption, and account for a host of other factors researchers can now pinpoint from the data which elements are the most dangerous.

Excercise is important, not smoking is important, not drinking alcohol is important but it seems that even a junkfood eating, lazy, pot smoking, alcoholic vegan can hang in there with an average North American cheese burger munching milkshake guzzling beefcake.

Scientists had hoped they would find the secret X Factor in meat that's got the talent  to kill us early so they could neutralise it, genetically engineer it out of cloned pigs and carry on feeding people cheap meat without killing off their customer base. The meat industry have had various brainwaves, such as infusing beef with rare berries and smearing meat with mashed up maggots but all ideas so far have proved either too expensive or too yucky for US consumers.

In the study reported in Time Magazine it showed vegetarians reduced risk of early death by 12% and with vegans the stats were even better. As Colin T Campbell's research has shown for many years cheese is almost as dangerous as meat. His studies detailed in The China Study suggest cheese and dairy is like fertiliser for cancer cells.

Foir help to optimise your diet to reduce the risks of disease and fuel your immune system contact London Nutritionist - Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vegfest UK Competition - Vegan Recipes for Vegetarian + Vegan Diets

Vegfest UK Competition Free Vegan Recipes for Vegetarian Vegan Diets

Butternut & Orange Soup with Rye and Chia Seed Toast
Submit your healthier vegan recipes to VegfestUK

Vegfest UK  plan to build the UK's biggest database of healthy vegan recipes for vegetarian and vegan diets to encorage people to eat more plant based foods.

Vegfest UK has become one of the top destinations for people wishing to find out more about greener healthier lifestyles.

A database of recipes will help people sustain their initial enthusiasm and continue on a plantarian pathway.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bristol Restaurants, Bars and Hotels Are Urged to Contact Tourist Board Re Vegan Diets

Top Best News » Bristol Restaurants, Bars and Hotels Are Urged to Contact Tourist Board As Bristol Festival Attracts 20,000 Visitors Keen to Discover Vegan Diets.

Vegfest UK Festival in Bristol Causes Hummous Shortage
The Bristol Tourist Board admit finding Vegan restaurants on their website Visit Bristol is a bit of a headache.

They are asking proprietors who offer interesting, good value for money vegan food to contact them at

Vegfest UK in Bristol attracts  20000 this year - Director Tim Barford says "We envisage there could be Bristol city shortage of hummus next weekend because of all the people coming to Vegfest and visiting the city but we will have more than enough food to feed anyone who wants to try delicious healthier vegetarian and vegan options. This is our 10th year - no one has complained of going hungry before!"

Vegfest UK News VegfestUK

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bristol Founder Of Vegfest Vegan Festival Wins National Award

Bristol Founder Of Vegan Festival Wins National Award

Vegfest Wins award
Tim Barford won a well deserved Lloyds TSB Green PEAB award for Vegfest UK at an award ceremony in London this week.

Vegfest UK is now the biggest festival of it's kind in the world.

It's estimated Vegfest UK will have helped 40-50,000 people this year find out more about healthier, more ethical , more sustainable lifestyles.

Meanwhile Google trends shows interest in Vegan Diets has doubled in UK, Germany, Israel and Romania.

It's expected over 20,000 people from all over Europe will visit Vegfest in Bristol this year.

10,000 are expected at the Ticket only Vegfest Vegan Expo at London's Olympia exhibition halls in Kensington.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Is Vegan Pizza The Recipe to Turn UK to Vegan Diet

Vegan Pizza Recipe Will Turn UK to Healthy Vegan Diet

Vegan Pizza; could it cure world's ills?
What do you think?

If Dominos Pizza Chain went Vegan would people just give and say " OK I give in , that's it ! , you win, I've run out of excuses, I'm going Vegan!"

Would they?


For many people it's true.  Excuses are quite frequently I would if I could but I can't -  it's too boring/difficult/leftfield (delete/insert as appropriate)

Maybe pizza could be the catalyst. maybe it's true that if there were a vegan pizza waiting for you to just pick up the phone during the adverts on TV and then wait for a spotty youth on a moped to run over your daffodils and bang on your door before the free pizza delivery time limit is up.

Ask your omnivourous friends please. Is it really that simple? If it is then I'm on the case next week

Let me know!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dr. Oz Mark Bitman vegan until 6 pm VB6 Vegan Diet

Dr. Oz reveals how to improve your health by going vegan until 6 pm - National Holistic Health |

I just wonder how long it will take these journalists to work out that if you go vegan all the time your body will really thank you for it. Do they think that their body won't notice if they stuff it full of foods that increase their risk of cancer and diabetes after 6 pm?

Surely it's just like saying I only smoke after 6 o'clock or I only drink Vodka after 6PM ?

Granted it's better than smoking all the time all day long, drinking whisky for breakfast, eating bacon for breakfast and burgers and steaks for lunch but seriously.

Yes going vegan some of the time is better than not going vegan at all.

But if you really want to see a difference in your health and reduce your risk of disease try this book

The Ultimate Book of Vegan Cooking

RRP is £11.99.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vegan Diet in România

SVR - Societatea Vegetarienilor din România

Callin' out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer's here and the time is right for vegans in the streets - even in Romania (where a friend of mine was once fed green beans and rice for a week)

Who's next?

Vegan Diet Goes Viral In Israel

A vegan affair: Independence Day without meat | JPost | Israel News

It all apparently started in 2011 when producers of an online TV show Animal Log, added Hebrew subtitles to an American lecture by Gary Yourofsky about veganism and posted it on YouTube titled 'the best speech you'll ever hear'

Now apart from all the usual vegan services and support we take for granted in the UK Israelis now have a Vegan fast food chain as Vegetarian Shawarma joined forces with Israeli vegan-hamburger chain Buddha Burgers.

Who's next?

VegFest UK National Awards Please Vote

VegFest UK National Awards

London VegFest :: VegFest UK - The UK's biggest and best Vegetarian/Vegan Festival  Please vote in the vegfest uk awards. If you want to vote for us (please) as the best blogger site then we are listed as News For Vegans . Please

Please vote for news for

Friday, April 26, 2013

PEA Business Awards Vegfest UK

PEA Business Awards

About time! Tim Barford and Vegfest have been shortlisted for a PEAB Award, People and Environment Business Award

Can we think of anyone more deserving for this category?

Great that vegfest UK has finally got mainstream recognition for helping so many thousands of people live a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

In this year of all years when vegetarian and vegan charities are recording a 40% increase in interest in vegan lifestyles it's very apt that Vegfest should win an award.

Some way to go yet as there are two other contenders but  with the explosion of veganism in 2013 it would be a crime if Vegfest didn't win.Especially as it's Vegfest's 10th Anniversary

Tim should win an award just for surving ten years of organising vegfests still as optimistic as ever, but he's done more than that. Each year Vegfest just gets bigger and better

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vegfest UK Predicts 55% of Population on Mainly Vegan Diet by 2020

RushPRNews: Statistics: 55% of Population on Mainly Vegan Diet by 2020 Predict Vegfest UK

Organisers of the largest Vegan Festivals in the world Vegfest UK say over half of the UK could be mainly vegan by 2020 based on reports from the UK Vegetarian Society, The UK Vegan Society visitors to Vegfest and feedback from Vegfest UK sponsors.

Tickets to London Vegfest are currently on a special buy one get one free offer so a family of four can go for only £12

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anila Muhammad: Vegetarian Muslim: Turning Away From Meat

Anila Muhammad: Vegetarian Muslim: Turning Away From a Meat-Based Diet

Interesting article in Huff Post on  Islam and vegetarian and vegan diets? Can you be Muslim and be Vegan?

Some Muslim scholars suggest that as animal are a gift from God / Allah and that humans are superior to animals and to refuse that gift by not eating it is rude.

An interesting standpoint, but then surely one you could then excuse yourself to take cocaine, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes.

The overriding theme of Islam like most other religions is a respect for the gift of life, all life, and a responsibility as a dominant species on the planet not to abuse that position and to be wise and charitable as well as nurturing, cherishing, respecting and looking after that gift of life with due reverence.

To eat food that increases your risk of disease surely contravenes basic Muslim principles.

To eat food that ensures the destruction of our beautiful planet surely contravenes Muslim principles.

To eat food that causes suffering, torture and death to other living creatures, just for fun, is surely in breach of the basic  teachings of Mohamed.

Kosher and Halal laws are there to create reverence of life and ensure the taking of life is not flippant, nor yours as an ordinary person to take. These laws stipulate that only a representative from God / Jehovah / Allah is allowed to take life in a strictly controlled way that on paper is meant to be far more civilised and respectful of the animal than a  normal slaughterhouse.

With knowledge comes responsibility. Knowing that a vegan diet is healthier, more sustainable, abundantly pleasurable and avoids unnecessary harm, abuse and death of an animal leaves you with only one conclusion.

There's no excuses not to be at least mostly vegan for most of the time if not all the time.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bird Flu back at Bernard Matthews Farm in Suffolk

BBC News - Bird flu found at Bernard Matthews farm in Suffolk

Bird flu is back

A company spokesman said: "Bernard Matthews can confirm that Defra have undertaken tests for avian influenza on one of its farms following notification by the company after some birds showed signs of ill health over the weekend.
"The tests have detected the presence of an avian influenza virus, but Defra have confirmed it is not the highly pathogenic types H5 or H7."
At least there's no horsemeat in their Turkey

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vegan Futures by Bill Gates - Recipes for Survival

Bill Gates Talking Vegan Diets
Future of Food

Bill Gates makes the case for a vegan diet. "We can't make everyone vegetarian but we can feed them vegan meat."

He admits he can't tell the difference between chicken and the chicken free strips made from plant proteins.

He says meeting the demand for meat using animals just isn't sustainable

iTunes - Books - Vegan Recipes, Food , Cooking

iTunes - Books - Vegan Food and Cooking by Tony Bishop-Weston & Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Vegan cookbook Vegan recipes Now on iTunes ;-)

With interest in Vegan Diet up by 40% it's good we are now fully digital with  vegan recipes ready to roll on Kindle and iPad, iPhone, iWall - whatever.

£1.99 ? what a bargain! - shame we'll never see a penny ;-)

Vegan diet attracting more people

Vegan diet attracting more people, according to Birmingham based society - Birmingham Mail

Google says it , Amazon says it,  Vegfest says it, The Vegan Society says it.

More vegan cookery books, more vegan searches on google, more vegan pledges. more visitors to vegfest, more vegan manufacturers at Natural Products Trade Show - We are facing a vegan revolution ladies and gentlemen.

The number of cookery books sold by with 'vegan' in the title also increased from 145 books in 2011 to 255 books in 2012, demonstrating a growing market for animal-free cookery.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Manchester Challenges Glasgow in Vegfest UK Awards

Northern Vegan Festival | Food and Drink Preview | The Skinny

Manchester's vibrant Vegan scene is challenging Glasgow for the title of  Vegfest UK City of the year in the Vegfest UK 2013 Awards

Vegan Cookbook Author Tony Bishop-Weston (Ultimate Book of Vegan Cooking now in paperback for under £10) says "When I worked for The UK Vegetarian Society I was amazed there was no local vegetarian vegan group so we set one up with help from a number of employees, other organisations, local restaurants and a computer savvy vegsoc trustee. Now there seems to be a whole range of vegan support and social groups in not just Manchester but also Liverpool where people from the original group went off and set up similar groups. I'm loving the sound of the Manchester based Cake Liberation Front CLF .

CLF kind of had to happen as a splinter group as hunt saboteurs and ALF members are notorious for discussing the best vegan diet recipe for Victoria sponge, chocolate cake or chocolate brownies, in the back of the van before donning their balaclavas.

Like Glasgow it seems Manchester is also seeing a number of new vegan cafes and restaurants pop up based on quality and enjoyment rather than just vegan ethics. Places you can take your friends to rather than just feel obligated to support.

See more - Vegfest UK Awards - vote for your favourite veggie friendly city

Friday, April 05, 2013

Vegan Cookbook Author Reveals Dairy Free Vegan Cheese Recipes

vegan cookbook
Vegan Cookbook Author Reveals Dairy Free Vegan Cheese Recipes

 Tony Bishop-Weston author of The Ultimate Book Of Vegan Cooking (now out in paperback) is at Olympia London on Sunday showing chefs how to cater for Vegan Diets with 5 minute dairy free cheesy ideas

Natural Products Europe

He will be back at Olympia later in the year for Vegfest London

World Vegan Day - Vegan News

Thursday, April 04, 2013

London Nutritionist - Vegan Diet Key in Recipe for Health

Recipe for Health; Vegan Diet Key Ingredient Says London Nutritionist

Leading Nutritionist in London,Yvonne Bishop-Weston said “It’s time dietitians stopped suggesting meat is an essential part of the diet, it’s a lie.” Following statistics from Google trends, The Vegan Society , The UK Vegetarian Society and Vegfest UK  that reveal a 30-40% increase in interest in vegan diets worldwide Yvonne suggests it’s time health professionals had a little more courage and stopped thinking of vegan diets as restrictive and extreme. “Having your chest sawn open for open heart surgery is extreme, eating more fruits and vegetables is natural, logical and sensible!” she argues.

Yvonne will be helping to create a UK manifesto for health at Natural Products Europe at Olympia


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Vegan Pizza Shows Dominos / Pizza Hut / Pizza Pizza How

Vegan Meatless Feast 7" Pizza 207g - Cheese & Tomato Vegan Pizza - Ham & Pineapple Vegan Pizza

Vegfest UK Sponsors The Redwood Wholefood Company have been selling their Vegan pizzas for nearly a year now and have no doubt enjoyed a boost in sales from the fuss about horsemeat in our food chain.

It is quite frankly a surprise that no UK Pizza chain has launched a vegan pizza given the 40% increase in interest. Even Pizza Express who were working on this back in 2004 for the Vegan Society Diamond Jubilee haven't yet sorted the problem.

We asked top  London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston, ex Operations Director for Cranks Restaurants to think about the issues for a high street vegan pizza.

" The main issue seems to be the mess that working under such tight time sensitive conditions causes means the cross contamination issues are seemingly an endless list. There's bits of cheese everywhere and it's not unheard of to get a bit of extra free chicken or ham in your vegetarian pizza that's fallen off someone elses.

The first step is to make an authentic Italian pizza dough without the whey powder and other milk products typically used in Pizzas by Dominos and Pizza Hut.

You'd then need a seperate production area for making vegan pizzas that is clear of contaminants.Alternatively you could have a seperate quarantined risk area where the main allergens,  dairy cheese, meats, fish and nuts are added.

Thirdly you'd need to only cook the vegan pizzas on specially colour coded trays and only on the top shelf of the oven to avoid contamination from risk pizzas higher above.

Finally it would be best to cut out the point where it's practically impossible to avoid cross contamination in a busy commercial pizza kitchen, where they cut the pizza up into segments.The solution would be to just allow the customer to cut their own pizza up at the table with colour coded pizza wheels."

Interestingly the Canadian Pizza franchise Pizza Pizza, who don't add milk to their pizza base, is trending in Google. We wonder if dairy contaminated Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut will be the biggest loser in the race to please a new generation of vegans and part time Flexivegans if they don't change their basic recipe.

If you are going to order a heap of pizzas for a group of friends you are not going to bother to phone another company for the one or two  vegans in the group , you'll just use the company that looks after all their customers won't you?  Pizza Pizza seems well placed to steal the fluffy rug from under Dominos and Pizza Hut and knock them off their cheezy perch.

BBC horsemeat investigation: 'unidentifiable' meat in lamb takeaway

At least it's not human: BBC horsemeat investigation uncovers 'unidentifiable' meat in lamb takeaway - News - TV & Radio - The Independent
"an Indian lamb curry was found to contain no trace of lamb - and the meat it contained was neither chicken, beef, pork, horse or goat. Rumours are rife that the unidentifiable meat could be dog, but it is confirmed not to be human."
Thank goodness for vegetable curry. Many more meat eaters choosing the Vegetarian / Vegan diet option from now on we think! Votes on a post card on best guess which meat was in the lamb free 'Lamb Curry' ?

o  Dog ?
o  Cat ?
o  Fox ?
o  Badger ?
o  Pidgeon ?
o  Rabbit ?
o  Deer ?
o  Pheasant ?
o  Kangaroo?
o  Random captive wild animal from London Zoo?

For those wishing to explore how delicious, fun, healthy and sustainable meat free options can be you are advised to attend Vegfest UK at Bristol or London.

See Vegfest London

Monday, April 01, 2013

Google Trends - vegan diets - still rising

Google Trends - Web Search Interest: vegan - Worldwide, 2004 - present

Interest in Vegan Diets still rising

Want to know more about why?, what? and how? Go to Vegfest

McDonalds Vegan Diet Monster Burger 'Better Than Meat' !

40 Years of Loch Ness Marked with 'Better Than Meat' Vegan Diet Burger | PRLog

Better than meat burgers - new vegan diet alternative recipe

A new Monster Vegan Burger said to be better than meat has been launched by McDonalds to celebrate 40 years of the Loch Ness Monster Project. The Sea Horse flavour dairy free cheeseburger suitable for those on a vegan diet and made with a secret vegan recipe approved by both the Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society that is rich in omega 3 DHA and EPA

It's being launched in response to reports by Vegfest UK London, Veggie and Vegan Societies and google that there is a 40% increase in demand for vegan diet foods

It's said to be unconnected with the Dutch launch of the new Mc2 burger by a Dutch Vegan Butcher ( and also said to be better than meat.

A London Nutritionist says "The recipe is higher in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3 DHA and EPA than beefburgers and hamburgers"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vegan Explosion – Vegan diet up 30-40% points on Google

Vegan Explosion in UK – Vegan diet surge averaging 30-40% points up on Google in 2013 | PRLog

Google - from Vegan Society World Vegan Day Voogle Campaign
We are looking at an unprecedented phenomenon  - dramatic increase in interest in vegan diets and vegan recipes that now seems unstopable. Bring your friends to Vegfest in London - it's a very good place to start and there's never been a better time

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ocado: vegan diet section with vegan chocolate cake

Ocado:  vegan food shop

2013 certainly is the year of the vegan - vegan is so the new black. I was just reading about Ricki Lake dipping her toe in vegan waters when I noticed a link to an Ocado Vegan Shop.

It's some sort of affiliate scheme I think but nonetheless it seems Ocado do now have an extended range of Vegan stuff. As well as the usual Vegfest sponsors wares and vegan food I spotted some awesome looking Vegan Chocolate cake / cupcakes.

Veganism really has hit the mainstream. I noticed a whole shelf full of dairy free vegan easter eggs in a high street shop yesterday. What's to miss by going vegan these days?

Plenty of things for a full monty vegan breakfast too , delivered to your door....

Lets keep our fingers crossed the new Morrisons online shopping experience is as good!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Glasgow Nominated for Vegan Award - Best City

Glasgow Nominated for Vegan Award - Best City

vegan awards 2013

I'll bet Daily Record readers are shaking their heads in disbelief! Of all the things Glasgow could get nominated for an award for?? Best UK City for Vegans to live in? Hoards of Glasweigans woke up this morning muttering "Has some sneaky wee bampot been hidin vegetables in oor food like?"  Turns out they have

Craig Tannock who runs a number of 100% vegan cafes and restaurants in Glasgow, says
“None of the current Glasgow vegan establishments make a big deal about being vegan, but rather concentrate on being good.”
This has led to unsuspecting food critics praising vegan dishes at 100% vegan restaurants without even realising they are vegan.

You know your getting it right when that happens! Clearly other UK cities should follow the Glasgow example because if they can not just survive but flourish and thrive in a city more famous for deep fried chocolate mars bars, square sausage, white pudding, Haggis , Tennants lager and Scotch Mutton Pies then they deserve a vegan award!

Other UK Cities nominated in the Vegfest Awards include Liverpool ( home to Scouseveg ) London (home to PETA UK) , Brighton ( home to many ghettos of old hippies), Nottingham ( home to Veggies catering campaign), Birmingham ( home to The Vegan Society)  Bristol (home to Viva!) , Swansea ( home to Govindas Hare Krishna restaurant), Sheffield ( home to Uncaged ), and Manchester ( home to The UK Vegetarian Society and National Vegetarian week)

Vote Now for your vegan favourites

Editors Notes 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deluded, Dangerous, Ex Vegan Wanabee Rock star in The Sun

I ditched ‘healthy’ vegan diet for meat and went from fatboy to slim | The Sun |Woman|Health|Health

Article about a dangerous new book (well the cover is) by a delusional wanabee ex vegan rock star who tries to convince Sun readers that's it's not the fact that his new diet forgoes starchy carbs, sugar and sugary foods and processed foods that helped him lose the weight and cure his IBS. nor was it the increased intake of green leafy veg. Deluded John Nicholson flies in the face of scientific study and ubiquitous research and claims "It's the meat what fixed me!" He is duly awarded the Plantarian 'Twonk of the Week' award

Trouble is he's telling people what they want to hear so no doubt the gimmick to sell his book, The Meat Fix, will work. Even I want to read it so I can prove how irresponsible he is.

Twonk of the week - Author of  The Meat Fix - Deluded & Dangerous

For a more sensible, sustainable approach to diet see Vegfest London, Bristol or Brighton

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars : Vegan Vegetarian Style Awards

Ethical Pirates: Vegetarian and Vegan Oscars Awards

Oscars, Vegan Style

Vegan Oscars

From deep within whichever dark basement he hides in the winter Vegan Pirate of The Carob Bean,  Captain James Tea Cook, gives a vegan skewed look as his own alternative Vegan Oscars.

No surprises there then.

Vegfest UK Awards in London

Later this month the VegfestUK Awards open for voting, gearing up for a star studded celebrity event at Vegfest in October.

Procratastination Problems

If you really should be working rather than reading this, perhaps you would find this Free, latest groovy anti procrastination app of use.
It shows you what the real time is and focus on the really important things - It un-installs really easily if you don't like it.  Check it out now - Free Anti Procrastination App

Monday, February 04, 2013

Vegest London UK Health & Sustainability Event Oct 2013

London's biggest ever event dedicated to solutions for better human health and sustainable ethical living hopes to switch people on the alternatives that are part of the solution for the planet not part of the problem.

VegestUK London - Vegfest Vegetarian Vegan Event in London October 5th 6th 2013

The dates have been confirmed for a brand new vegetarian lifestyle show in the heart of the West
End of London at the world famous Kensington Olympia over two days in October 2013. 10,000 visitors are expected to attend the two day event, which is open from 11am – 7pm.

Comedian Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights) is amongst the guests participating, which also includes
musician Macka B, comedian Andrew O’Neill, presenters Janey Lee Grace (BBC Radio 2) and Dale Pinnock (TV Herbalist Chef) , athlete Fiona Oakes, chef Chad Sarno (Raw Food Saf Restaurant ), actress Roxy Shahidi, Yvonne Bishop–Weston ( Harley Street, TV Nutritionist, London ), Nutritionists Christine
Bailey and Julie Silver and a number of other leading lights from within the healthy living sector, including top chefs, nutritionists, speakers, entertainers, celebrities and experts, with many more to be confirmed.

The show sees over 150 stalls, all full of the latest vegetarian and vegan products, as well as two
cookery demo theatres, a Living Raw prep zone, 3 talks rooms, 2 cinemas, 2 workshops spaces, a kids- area and a large performance stage, ensuring visitors to the event are spoiled for choice, with many
of the stalls providing free samples and tasters as well as produce at vastly reduced costs.

"Change in normal diet needed"
Admission to the event is £10 each day (£6 concessions, £2 Kids under 14) and tickets are available on the gate or in advance. All tickets bought in advance are on a Buy One Get On free offer too, ensuring real value for visitors from across London and the South East. The event is sponsored by
Fry’s distribution, Yaoh and Out of Hand, with more sponsors to be confirmed.

VegfestUK have organised a number of successful veggie food events in both Brighton and Bristol over the last decade, event attracting up to 25,000 people at a time, with the 2013 Bristol event featuring The Happy Mondays, Peter Hook (New Order), The Farm, 808State, Caravan Palace, The Abyssinians, Macka B and a host of other top acts at what is officially the world’s biggest vegan event. For more information about VegestUK events see the website

Event details
Who: Anyone interested in leading healthier, more sustainable, more ethical, more fulfilling lives
Dates : Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2013
Tickets : £10 each day (£6 concessions, £2 Kids under 14)
Venue : Kensington Olympia, Exhibition Centre, London - W14 8UX

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LindaMcCartneyFoods New TV Advert

LindaMcCartneyFoods (MeatFreeTweets) on Twitter and TV

Linda McCartney Foods, now owned by Hain Europe, tweeted this morning that they are to launch a new TV advertising campaign to claw back some of the market share they've lost to Quorn.

Grassroots vegan activists are dissappointed and exasperated that the Linda McCartney Brand hasn't played to it's vegan strengths to combat egg and dairy containing Quorn. So many of the new Linda McCartney products have dairy or egg in , particularly disappointing are the new vegetarian prawns which contain milk protein making them unsuitable for the Dairy Free, Vegan and Kosher markets.

Other Meat Free Food companies such as Redwoods, Frys, Vegusto, Wheaty, Goodlife, Amy's are managing to keep their Vegan Kudos alive and kicking with a "Sustainable, Delicious and Suitable For Everyone" theme and with a constant stream of new innovative sustainable products that can be enjoyed by all.

Animal Welfare

The trouble is that by adding dairy and egg into the ingredients many of the key USP of the brand and drivers for a greener, more sustainable world fall down. It's not kinder to animals, chickens and dairy cows are some of the most tortured souls on the planet, male chicks are gassed or crushed at birth as they can't lay eggs, baby calfs are dragged away from their mum's so the milk can be used for humans not them.


It's thought that the natural growth hormones in cow's milk to help a calf grow to the size of a shed in a few weeks is like fertiliserfor cancer cells. Certainly it's milk implicated in the China study by Colin T Campbell that he saw switch cancer cells on and off. The other main problem is that milk has so much more saturated fat vs omega 3 fats as most dairy cows don't get a natural diet. Then there's the intolerance, or at least a sub clinical intolerance to dairy protein and lactose that irritates the digestive system.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "New vegetarian products need to be not just as good as, they need to be better than meat. They need to be at least as tasty,  need to be more nutritious and need to be more sustainable and ethically produced than meat. Just being 'meat free' is no longer good enough."


This is the most perplexing as Sir Paul McCartney himself appeared on National News at 10 to highlight the United Nation's Livestock's Long Shadow report. The Dairy Farming industry is one of the biggest culprits in global warming - we simply no longer have the resources left to feed a cow, water a cow, clean up the waste just for some fatty white liquid that nature designed you to give up by 5 years of age. Second hand food is a luxury we can no longer afford. The clever money is moving into plant food. KFC, McDonalds and their ilk are already looking at plant based meat free alternatives for their products. Old school vegetarian products such as Linda McCartney and Quorn are not on the table.

Avatar director James Cameron says "You cannot call yourself an environmentalist if you are not vegan"

Vegfest 2013

Vegans have already given the Linda McCartney TV advert a makeover to encourage people to try more legitimately,  more sustainable options at The UK Vegfests at Brighton , Bristol and London

Vegans Give Linda McCartney TV advert a pirate vegan  makeover

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vegfest Family Event - YouTube

Vegfest Free Family Event

Professor Hans Von Puppet explains why we must go to vegfest