Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Reasons why you should invite your friends to Vegfest

10 Reasons why you should invite your friends to vegfest

1) It's fun. There's something for everyone whether they
 are into food, music, politics, film, the environment,  human rights
or just meeting people

2) There's no pressure. They can just walk around tasting stuff,
It's no like a dinner party, if they don't like what they've
tasted they can just move on. Most visitors are not vegan.

3) Expert Advice. Vegfest is awash  with expert advisors so any questions
can be quickly answered

4) Bargains. Most exhibitors run show offers and special prices so its the
cheapest place to kick start a new vegan lifestyle

5) Affordable.  A day at Vegfest is only a fiver if you buy tickets
online and if you buy early enough there are BOGOF offers

6) Fairtrade. A vegan diet is fairer for animals, for people
for the planet and fair on your body too.

7) Sustainable.  A vegan diet needs less water, less land, less fuel,
less electricity and less destruction than a meat based diet.

8) Health. Vegan diets men decreased risk of heart disease
Stroke, diabetes, some cancers and food poisoning

9) Kids go free. Vegfest UK has always strived to help vegducate
the next generation to help them understand why they should
try to avoid making the same mistakes as the previous generation.

10) Feel Good Factor It feels good to shake off apathy and adopt
a philosophy that is making a difference, making things better
not worse