Monday, July 21, 2014

Watch Free Lego Movie In Full - Everything is Awesome NOT

Watch The Lego Movie for free in full

Here's the everything is awesome (NOT) Lego movie in full - for free to download and share. Greenpeace made this to highlight the deal between Lego and Shell Oil effectively supporting the tragic disaster movie about to happen in the Arctic driven by selfish greed and oil blindness.

See the movie on YouTube

NB Youtube took the Lego movie down following a complaint by Warner - it's now back up - if You Tube takes it back down see The Movie  here - Greenpeace 



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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Trouble With The Vegan Society & Vegans

The Vegan Society has rebranded itself as a charity that likes to say 'Yes'

Vegan Diets - Sustained growth in interest - Vegan trends

Many many years of blood, sweat and tears with volunteers or frugally paid staff at the front end of cutting edge veganism is reaching it's climatic end. Vegan Cheese? you got it! Vegan caviar? you got it!

The Vegan Society has gone from a charity obsessed with what it is against to one that stands up and speaks out about what it is for.

Some would ask what is it for? A membership organisation dedicated to providing information about veganism and how to be vegan when now you can just google the word and have your ipad spew out 39 million pages in less than a second?

But someone or some body has to be guardians and keepers of the word 'vegan' , defend Donald Watson's definition of the word vegan in the face of those who argue that honey is vegan or that breast milk isn't vegan or those who just generally miss the point. Some body has to be caretaker for the history of veganism and curate the volumes of scientific research that support the case for veganism and a vegan diet.

To be brutally honest The Vegan Society is now, on an every day, day to day level, at street level , largely defunct, almost redundant as a support network because the job of making a case for a vegan diet and a vegan lifestyle  is almost done. Veganism has been well and truly unleashed from Pandora's box, the cat's out of the bag, Being Vegan is almost normal. Big supermarkets such as Tescos are now labeling products vegan and trialling vegan shelf talkers, Ocado has a whole vegan section online. Big investers such as Microsoft's Bill Gates and Twitter's Biz Stone are investing in vegan meat free alternatives and vegan cheeses. Scientists and biochemists are genetically engineering yeasts to make true dairy free vegan cheese.  TV moguls such as Oprah Winfrey and Hollywood gentry such as James Cameron speak out for sustainable healthy veganism. Doctors, physicians and health professionals prove that a health vegan diet can cure heart disease and reverse diabetes. Even McDonald's chomping presidents of the USA such as Bill Clinton now follow a vegan diet.

A normal person , on a normal day could read in The Daily Mail that a vegan diet is good for your heart problem or good for diabetics wander into a  supermarket and fill up their trolly with vegan ice cream, vegan pancake mix, vegan cakes, vegan cheese, vegan sausages, vegan chicken, vegan chocolate, vegan mousse and spend half an hour trying to choose which dairy free vegan milk to buy - soya? Henp milk? oat? almond? flax omega 3 milk? coconut? rice milk? tigernut milk? hazelnut ? the list just keeps growing. Then they can go recover and pick up a Soyaccino at Costa Coffee or Pret a Manger. They could even pop into Ikea on the way back and pick up some vegan caviar.

There will inevitably be those animal rights extremists who morn the day their little niche, quirky organisation with it's 5,000 members turned into a mainstream organisation with millions of supporters but lets face it - Wallmart, McDonalds, Unilever, Kraft, Pizza Hut, Kentucky fried chicken, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Doritos, Subway, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Burger King, Nestle - they don't care about the thousands - they think in millions.

Now there are millions of customers of vegan foods they are listening.

Donald Watson would be very pleased indeed that so many people now agree with his logical philosophical thoughts over 70 years ago a great way to mark 70 years of veganism.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

So You want to be Vegan but Love Cheese?

So you want to be vegan but love cheese?

 And your problem is? Why would you give up cheese ? There are so many vegan cheeses on sale now, in fact more dairy free vegan cheese than you can shake a stick at! 

Dairy Free Vegan Cheeses - Vegusto Swiss Vegan Cheese
Made from rice, soya, nuts., peas, oats, seeds, potatoes and all manner of other things dairy free vegan cheese is rocking the world and shaking up cheese boards and pizza restaurants and cheese toasties and filled rolls.

Sales are partly drived by lactose and dairy protein intolerance concerns, partly by ethical and environmental and health concerns but mainly because some vegan cheese is so good that many people prefer it to cow's cheese!

Even Tesco supermarkets sell vegan cheese now but if you've not had a chance to taste a good dairy free cheese then get yourself along to a vegfest or vegan festival happening near you soon!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Vegan Cookbook and healthy recipes

The Vegan Cookbook: Over 80 plant-based recipes (Hamlyn Healthy Eating)Best Vegan Cookbook easy quick gourmet Vegan recipes Only £4.79

Tony Bishop-Weston Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Chef Tony Bishop-Weston first wrote the first edition of The Vegan cookbook to mark the Diamond Jubilee, 60th Anniversary, of The Vegan Society in 2004

"The cookbook was a bit of ahead of it's time in 2004, back then ingredients such as quinoa and agave syrup weren't so well known, 10 years later they are easily available in the supermarkets and people won't find them so strange"

Meanwhile thanks to everyone's hard work interest in veganism has grown enormously , one look at Google trends over the last 10 years will prove that."

Vegan Cookbook Celebrates 70 years of Vegan

The Vegan Society 70th Anniversary, Tony's 20th anniversary as a vegan and 10 years of UK Vegfests seemed the perfect moment for Hamlyn to publish the Vegan Cookbook in it's new A5 format and a kindle version.

Vegan versions of banoffee pie, omelette, the ultimate pizza recipe , chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake are ingenious, healthier and delicious. Photos are great and the nutrition reference section is handy for new and old vegans alike.

Over 80 delicious recipes with a handy nutrition reference section by Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Due to be released Mon 7th July

BUY NOW - The Vegan Cookbook: Over 80 plant-based recipes (Hamlyn Healthy Eating) -£4.79

Kindle version also available - The Vegan Cookbook on Kindle - Buy Now £3.99

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