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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can Vitamin C Cure Cancer?

vitamin c cancer cure
Can Vitamin C Cure Cancer?

There is mounting scientific evidence that a 30 year old natural Vitamin C cancer treatment by Nobel Prize winning Linus Pauling is more effective than chemotherapy and without the side effects.

The chief researcher of an American trial, Dr Mark Levine of the American National Institutes of Health, has been investigating vitamin C's cancer killing abilities for several years. He's already shown that it's effective in a test tube and two years ago, he published a report on three patients who were treated for serious and advanced cancers and survived far longer that would normally be expected.

'We now know that the vitamin C gets into tumours in large amounts and that it kills them by causing a build up of hydrogen peroxide. In fact, vitamin C is hardly a new anti-cancer treatment. It was famously used by double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling more than 30 years ago, who found that terminal cancer patients treated with vitamin C lived much longer. However, when his trials were repeated at the prestigious Mayo clinic in America, the researchers found no benefit. Proponents of vitamin C point out the clinic only used oral vitamin C which can work differently.

'This is just the sort of thing that public money should be spent on,' says Dr George Lewith, of the University of Southampton, who assesses complementary and alternative medicines for the National Cancer Research Institute. 'I would be strongly in favour of running a proper clinical trial of IVC as soon as possible.'

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vegan Foods Cure Cancer

Fruit and Vegetables - Cancer Cure

Was it Gandhi who said if you say a truth enough times it will become a fact? OK here goes..... Veganism can prevent cancer , vegan diets can prevent cancer, a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in your diet could cure cancer.

Cancer cure stories are all over the press like a rash this week after reasearch showed colours in fruit and vegetables could kill up to 20% of cancerous cells.

Do we here shouts of "Eat more fruit and Veg! Prevent Cancer!" No, they are all excited because they think they can isolate the colour (forgetting about all the other anticancerous nutrients in the fruit) and turn it into a drug.

Please help me out here people.

How many people died of eating too much fruit and veg in 2006?

How many people died of taking too many drugs or died of side effects of 'safe' drugs in 2006?