Friday, February 29, 2008

Naked Pregnant Mother Pig Protest

naked pregnant mother nude in group shot Naked, Pregnant and Helping Pigs This Mother’s Day

A nude heavily pregnant mother protested naked in a farrowing crate in London's busy Covent garden to highlight the plight of mother pigs on Mother's day.

Pigs are one of the most intelligent of all animals , more intelligent than dogs, and so like humans they have also been experimented on to provide replacements for human body parts, vital organs such as heart, kidneys, liver, etc.

Organised by PeTA to highlight the reality of bacon, ham, pork sausages, pork chops and the production of hotdogs and the issue of the mother pigs routinely trapped in a crate with no room to move.

It’s almost Mother’s Day! So PETA thought it the perfect opportunity to get people talking about what happens to mothers all over the world… pig mothers, that is. Today in Covent Garden as shoppers dashed around for gifts for their mothers, PETA’s very pregnant Noemie stripped, got down on all fours and knelt in a replica farrowing crate with the banner ‘Unhappy Mother’s Day for Pigs, Go Vegetarian.’

Mother’s Day is a time to show love, respect and gratitude for mothers so it is only fitting that we extend that kindness to mothers that have a really tough time all year round – sows, who are squeezed into narrow metal stalls barely bigger than their own bodies. Unable to turn around, nuzzle their piglets or do anything that comes naturally to them, they live in misery. When weaned, the piglets are taken away to be fattened for slaughter, and the mothers are put through the process all over again.

Free Video Naked Pregnant Protester

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Google Trends: vegan

google trend Google Trends are vegan

Ethical, environmentally friendly, healthy, fairest of fair trade,carbon friendly, this is no ordinary google trend, this is a vegan google trend.

'Cut the Crap' say Vegan Society

cow shit, crap, pooh Invitation To Farming Talk (from Redditch Advertiser)

It seems like The UK Vegan Society is cleaning up it's act. They are now giving talks on shit free farming. About time they focussed on cutting out the crap some may say but I applaud their efforts.

Less pooh pooh, plops, turds and poops, more out-reach I say.

Of course it would be even more productive making good use of their excellent new CDRom for schools and talking to children but I'm sure that's in the pipeline!

Vegans - Friends of The Earth

We received this call to arms today and thoroughly agree this could be a massive opportunity to educate many new people about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Vegans urged to join friends of the earth News - ActiVeg - vegan inspiration, news & events: "Within our grasp is the support of the UK's most powerful environmental organization. If you only act on one issue this year, let it be this one - everything else pales into insignificance.
The vegan community has long understood the grave issues concerning meat consumption on many aspects of the environment. With the high profile emergence of the Global Warming as the pressing issue facing the planet, the role of livestock has at last started being examined with vigor."

Activeg goes on to say

The UN's ground breaking report last year has moved the devastating impact of our animal-based diets into the media's consciousness. But although we have understood the issues in great details for a long time, the general public is just getting the faintest idea that the diet they have been raised on may have enormous consequences for us all. We should never under-estimate the challenge in changing one's diet.

The voice of the vegetarian community is relatively weak compared with other campaigning groups. But when one of the big guns steps forward to enormously amplify our concerns, it is only a fool who ignores that opportunity.

That chance has appeared and we must act upon it, not just for the animals, but for the whole planet that every species relies on. Friends of the Earth (FoE) has, for the first time, started to speak on the "Meaty Issue". Earthmatters, the FoE members' magazine, has at last openly questioned its readership on their diet.

I can not over emphasise the importance of FoE's involvement in this issue. We must support them, and save the planet from the blight of meat and dairy diets. FoE have a voice so much stronger than ours and so widely respected. Use it. If FoE raises the huge environmental impact of animal farming, the other green organisation will follow.

What you must do
Join FoE. If you can't afford it then drop your subscription to one of your veggie organisations - the Vegan Society, the Vegetarian Society, Animal Aid .. . what ever - this is more important. If FoE delivers on this issue in response to support from members, then we will have hope in combating global warming and reducing the suffering of all animals in the process.
If you are already a member then increase your donation.
Contact them and tell them why you have joined or increased your donation and praise them for what has been a difficult decision for them.
Now complete the FoE meat survey. You can only do so as a member.
Thanks, you are really helping to saving the planet, all the life on it, and millions animals for a miserable life in farming.

Monday, February 25, 2008

McCartney Vegan Cookery Show

heather mills Heather Mills McCartney lands vegan cookery show - Sunday Mirror

According to the Sunday Mirror vegan Heather Mills McCartney is set to be a vegan version of Nigella Lawson. They report a source close to the vegan charity campaigner said: "Heather thinks a cooking show will give her a caring, sexy image like Nigella.

Apparently she is also being groomed to be the next Oprah winfrey.

Meanwhile Heather was in Disneyland Paris with her daughter. We hope she found better vegan food than we did! French vegetarian menus in Disneyland feature fish and chicken.

Fair Trade Vs Vegan Productrs

fairtrade? or Vegan? Exhibit ethical products at Bristol Vegan Fayre 2008

Can products be truly Fair traded if they are not Vegan? Can products be truly Vegan if they are not produced in a fair trade way?

Whatever your views if you are a manufacturer with products that appeal to this massive new ethical consumer market then The Bristol Vegan Fayre should be an essential part of your marketing activities.

Market research, Feedback, ideas for NPD, raising product awareness, networking or just purely to sell product to a very appreciative and unique audience gathered by their thousands in one place.

EVANA Janez Drnovsek, ex-Slovenian president who helped lead country to independence, dies en

Janez Drnovsek EVANA Janez Drnovsek, ex-Slovenian president who helped lead country to independence, dies en

Vegan President Janez Drnovsek dies.

Mild-mannered but resolute, Drnovsek became a political icon in part for working to keep violence at a minimum when Slovenia gained independence in 1991. He later led the country to European Union and NATO membership.

Republic of Slovenia

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guest Blog - Vegan Blog Tour

Vegan Blog Tour

My name is Susan Daffron and I'm the author of a book called Vegan Success: Scrumptious, Healthy Vegan Recipes for Busy People ( I have been vegetarian since 1988 and completely vegan since 1994.

First I'd like to say thank you to Tony for letting me do a guest post. It's great to run across vegans...other than me. Let's just say that there aren't a whole lot of vegans in rural Idaho where I live ;-)

I noticed that a lot of your posts focus on the relationship between veganism and the environment. One of the best ways to embrace eco-friendly living is by going vegan. It's well documented that becoming a vegetarian or vegan is one of the best things you can do for the environment. After all, it takes a lot more land to feed cows than vegans. If more people adopted a vegetarian diet, it would result in lower fuel usage, fewer pesticides, and less soil erosion.

Going vegan also saves you money at the checkout. For example, our cookbook focuses on quick, easy meals you can make out of standard ingredients you can find in virtually any grocery store. A trip down the grocery aisles will show that it's far less expensive to eat non-packaged food, such as vegetables and whole grains.

By purchasing foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dry goods, you also reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills. If you shop at local farmer's markets, you also reduce the amount of fuel used to transport foods long distances.

Many people seem to fear that becoming a vegan is "hard" or that "you can't eat anything." Our cookbook offers ample proof that it's easy to eat in a way that's good for the planet, your pocketbook, and your taste buds.

If you're just considering going vegan and struggling for ideas on what to make for dinner, check out our book. It specializes in healthy easy recipes. You can see a few on this page:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vegan Pirate Opens World's First Vegan Strip Club

vegan strip club by Johnny diablo
Customers Find All Skin, No Meat At Vegan Strip Club - News Story - KPTV Portland

We were looking forward to visiting the Vegan Pirates Tavern - but Long Johnny Diablo has moved along and opened the world's first vegan strip joint.

Johhny Diablo, a vegan for more than 20 years, insists his club isn’t a publicity stunt.

He hopes to expose people to the vegan way and change the way they think.

While it may not be the most orthodox way to win over new vegans, Diablo hopes people bring some green and eat some green at his new club.

“(It’s) vixens, not veal, and sizzle, not steak,” Diablo said. “We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.”

In addition to laying claim to the world's first vegan strip club, Diablo also said his club offers another first in Portland -- the first non-smoking strip club in the city.

Adult only video - vegan pole dancers by KBTV

Monday, February 18, 2008

Has Beef Been Poisoning School Kids?

Company Orders Largest Recall of Ground Beef - New York Times

Risk of Beef with BSE and E coli

The beef recall follows release of an undercover video by The Humane Society of "downer" cows, that carry an increased risk of BSE, entering the food chain illegally

“The great majority has probably been consumed,” said Dr. Richard Raymond, the Agriculture Department’s under secretary for food safety.

The video was embarrassing for the Department of Agriculture, as inspectors are supposed to be monitoring slaughterhouses for abuse. It surfaced after a year of increasing concerns about the safety of the meat supply amid a sharp increase in the number of recalls tied to a particularly deadly form of the E. coli pathogen.

There were 21 recalls of beef related to the potentially deadly strain of E. coli last year, compared with eight in 2006 and five in 2005. No one is quite sure what caused the increase, though theories include the cyclical nature of pathogens and changes in cattle-feeding practices caused by the ethanol boom.

The recall on Sunday was more than four times bigger than the previous record, the 1999 recall of 35 million pounds of ground beef by Thorn Apple Valley, federal officials said.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Slave Trade - life is cheap at Tescos

BBC NEWS- Anger over £1.99 Tesco chickens

Kept in cramped acrid conditions, unable to walk properly, prone to disease and unusual growths and tumours, fed GM grain, standing most of it's life in excrement, reared by dispondent farmers struggling to make a living on rediculously low profit margins and forced to cut corners - this is no ord-in-ary chicken - this is tesco's chicken....

too cheap chicken Ok so if this chicken is £1.99 * what's it been fed? * what conditions has it been kept in? * What were the farmers paid to rear it? * what nutrients can it possibly contain ? * What a waste of resources to produce protein - most of the food fed to a chicken is turned into chickenshit not fat.

Tchicken - Tastes a bit like Tofu but with less minerals, less protein, more fat, more calories, more risk of disease.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kate Moss Does Vegan Weed

Kate Moss Rolling Stone Kate Gathers no Moss, just Seaweed and Algae.

It's a leap forward if Kate Moss is ditching her usual weed for sea weed. She is allegedly (according to source at the BBC) following in Vicoria Beckham's footsteps and getting into vegan superfoods - seaweed and algae shakes.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says " It certainly won't do her any harm!"

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Vegan Food Takes off in South Africa

Vegan venture turned into magical experience of an exotic culture

Ethical Vegan cuisine is now featured in restaurants all over the world.

This is an extract from a review of an Ethiopian Restaurant in Johannesburg called Addis...

"Owner Senait Mekonnen explains that vegetarian fare is a staple diet for many Ethiopians, who call it "fasting food" - as Coptic Christians refrain from eating meat on Wednesdays, Fridays and over religious festivals like Easter. We've obviously come to the right place to begin my pilgrimage into the ethics of what we eat.

Every object at Addis tells a story of an ancient Ethiopian culture of emperors, cliff-side monasteries and coffee ceremonies. When our starters arrive, the waitress removes the wicker cone to reveal a table ingeniously set in the base.

The service is attentive and warm in the African way. Nono, our waitress, shows us how to unroll the signature injera - an indigenous bread made from fermented rice flour. Injera is used like roti, which you eat with your hands, and is coated in delicious berbere (an aromatic, spicy masala) and kibe (a spicy clarified herbal butter). We dip injera into zesty azifa - a paste of lentils in olive and mustard oil.

'We break bread and share four divine dishes spread on an extra-large injera "crepe" with vegetable pickle - misir wot (lentils in a rich sauce), kike alicha wot (chickpeas in a chunky stew), a mushroom stew and shiro wot (a spicy vegetarian paste). The fare is dark and aromatic, the flavours are earthy and robust with a sweet, spicy aftertaste."