Monday, May 24, 2010

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend Festival

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend What's On Event Festival for all the Family: Last chance to buy tickets online and save yourself money on the gate ticket price.

Tell your friends, facebook, email, twitter and meet up this Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol - for the world's most fun, environmentally friendly green 100% vegetarian Vegan food and music festival. Something for everyone from kids to senior citizens and the Bristol Massive in between.

In London? get out of the city ! Bristol is only a few hours away, hop on a train and walk across the river to the harbourside for the best value fun break this summer. Have you got any better ideas?

2010 May Bank Holiday weekend break weather looks good - See here

What's On Festival Event Bank Holiday Weekend  -  Net Mums Gum Tree - Mumsnet

Bristol Bank Holiday Weekend Eco Veggie Fayre at Bristol Harbourside: Lineups, directions and info

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