Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twitter Ridicules Tory Press Attack on Clegg

Conservatives compares Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg to an insect bite | The Sun

The Tory Press has been ridiculed today on Twitter after " It's all #nickcleggsfault " cynically , sarcastically, gets to be number one tweet on twitter

Top one so far

#nickcleggsfault Nick Clegg lived in same town as a seriously ill man and never visited him,though he knows he has a spare kidney.

Rupert Murdoch and his minions has come out with all guns blazing visciously and vindictively dredging the past to try and find anything they can to try to dilute the support for the man who has knocked their boy Shameron off his arrogant perch

Clegg has been attacked for not even being properly English! he's half Dutch, quarter Russian and has married a SPANISH woman! He speaks lots of foreign languages when as everyone know's the British etiquette is to just shout English LOUDER to foreigners. He even eats foreign food!

Oooh - How very dare he!

New, allegedly un-spoofable tory posters were immediately spoofed with great effect

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