Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vegan Soya Milk Sales Rise

No wonder the $billion dairy industry has launched a Battle of Trafalgar style broadside against soya milk recently spending millions of dollars on PR. Fortunately the public is not that gullable.

Health trends drive soy milk craze: "Soy milk has been Western Europe's fastest growing dairy sector over the last six years, presenting new challenges to dairy firms via consumer health trends and new fears over lactose intolerance, reports Chris Mercer.

The value of Western Europes soy milk market has more than doubled to 375m (249.5m) between 1998 and 2004, thanks to consumer obsessions with health and wellness, according to a new report on the global dairy market from research group Euromonitor.
The report says soy milk has benefited from rising consumer awareness that soy is high in fibre, protein and minerals yet low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vegan Options More Popular Than Ever on College Campuses; ARAMARK Focuses on Meeting Customer Needs in Honor of Vegan World Day

Aramark one of the biggest foodservice companies in the world does vegan

Vegan Options More Popular Than Ever on College Campuses; ARAMARK Focuses on Meeting Customer Needs in Honor of Vegan World Day: "Vegan Options More Popular Than Ever on College Campuses; ARAMARK Focuses on Meeting Customer Needs in Honor of Vegan World Day "

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 21, 2005--ARAMARK nationwide research has revealed that, out of more than 100,000 college students surveyed, nearly a quarter said finding vegan meals on campus -- which contain no meat, fish, poultry or other products derived from animals such as dairy, eggs or honey -- was important to them.


ARAMARK Corporation is a world leader in providing award-winning food and facilities management services to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, international and domestic corporations, as well as providing uniform and career apparel. ARAMARK was ranked number one in its industry in the 2005 FORTUNE 500 survey and was also named one of "America's Most Admired Companies" by FORTUNE magazine in 2005, consistently ranking since 1998 as one of the top three most admired companies in its industry as evaluated by peers. Headquartered in Philadelphia, ARAMARK has approximately 242,500 employees serving clients in 20 countries.

Aramark pleases everyone

Glastonbury Swaps Mud for Mayo for 2005

vegan egg free, dairy free, delicious mayonnaise - 5 tonnes to Glastonbury

Free Vegan Recipes & New Product News - Healthy, Delicious & Nutritious: "Glastonbury revellers may be swimming in Egg Free, dairy free, vegan mayonnaise not mud" say Plamil, UK pioneers of plant milk products."

Adrian adds “One of our clients recommends it as emergency festival all over body sun-block too, but it’s not something we would recommend unless you have a good friend who’s keen to lick it all off “

“There’s a big demand for organic Dairy free, egg free, vegan and vegetarian food at these festival events. It makes no sense for caterers to have various brands when they can have gallons of one vegan one that pleases everyone” says catering consultant Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods For Life.

Last year Glastonbury was a mudbath. This year it's predicted to be mayo not mud.

Picture of muddy Glastonbury 2004 c/o BBC

this year it's vegan mayo not mud at Glastonbury 2005

Vegan Festival Mayo at Glastonbury

Vegan Statistics - research, studies, & data on veganism.

World Vegan Day - STATISTICS - Vegan and meat-free/meat reducer/dairy free markets: "One of the key facts that one should not loose sight of is the fact the the most important statistic is NOT the number of actual vegans.
The number of people prefering and buying vegan products is the ultimate factor in driving the vegan movement forward. The consumers who would just prefer to be kinder to health, people, animals and the environment are the people making new product development and investment in vegan products financially viable.

One of the wonderful advantages of healthy vegan food is that it can be equally enjoyed by a meat eater trying to cut down on cholesterol as someone with a dairy intolerance protecting themselves against osteoporosis - vegan food is not just for vegans.Ask any succesful veggie restaurant and they'll tell you 60 - 70% of their customers are omnivores enjoying veganics on a regular basis."

More Vegan statistics, research, data and studies. World Vegan Day Polls - The Vegan Society - The Vegetarian Society - Imaner Vegan Research

Monday, June 20, 2005

Handhi Ghandi -Insults Gandi

Handi Ghandi has upset vegetarians, vegans and relatives and admirers of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandi was one of the most famous vegetarians and this franchised fast food chain sells beef and chicken.

Trade descriptions officers may get involved - it's percievable that some vegetarians that a restaurant that uses Gandi's image would be assumed to be vegetarian and the 'beef' and 'chicken' would be vegan versions as they are in many chinese and thai restaurants around the world.

"It's offensive," Tushar Gandhi, the activist's Bombay-based great-grandson and head of the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, told Reuters. "It goes absolutely against all his beliefs. Using his image to sell beef curries and such doesn't gel.

Handi Ghandi Franchising Franchise - BeTheBoss AU: "Providing quality nutrition has become the focal point of the takeaway food industry and Handi Ghandi is committed to supplying healthy nutritious food.

Handi Ghandi's meals are made fromour own original recipes. Using the best cuts of meat and chicken uniquely blended with market fresh spices and vegetables, our curries have that special, individual Handi Ghandi flavour."

MSN news Over-reaction? Would americans be upset if an Indian company sold Hammer and Nails with an image of Jesus- "Nail that post with Holy Ghost!"- "Aim higher with DIY Mesiah"

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Scottish Vegan Singer / Songwriter

Guardian Unlimited | Arts Friday Review | Folk beliefs: "On the Saturday morning that we meet, James Yorkston is suffering. The Fife-born singer-songwriter, whose gruff manner stands at odds with his beautifully melancholic and delicate music, was out drinking the night before. He makes a cup of black tea and reveals himself, surprisingly, to be a vegan. I comment that he doesn't look like one: vegans don't usually have ruddy complexions and burly builds. 'I drink a lot of beer,' he says by way of explanation."

Climate-Friendly Vegan Farming may Save Environment

Climate-Friendly Farming Project Underway / June 16, 2005 / News from the USDA Agricultural Research Service: "Reducing greenhouse gases from agriculture is the goal of Climate Friendly Farming, a five-year cooperative project involving the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and Washington State University (WSU).
Agriculture accounts for 7 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gases. For example, cows release methane while digesting food; applying nitrogen-based fertilizers leads to nitrous oxide emissions; and tilling speeds the breakdown of soil organic matter, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Agriculture can have positive effects, too. Modifying farm practices can preempt the formation and release of gases. For example, instead of tilling, a farmer might adopt direct seeding, a practice that leaves organic matter relatively undisturbed and increases soil carbon storage, according to ARS soil scientists Hal Collins and Dave Huggins. Collins is based at the ARS Vegetable and Forage Crops Production Research Unit at Prosser, Wash., and Huggins works at the ARS Land Management and Water Conservation Research Unit at Pullman, Wash. "

See also Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources and VOHAN

Nuts NOT Milk for Health

The New Zealand Herald: "In Finland, where a national selenium fortification programme was introduced in 1985, white muscle disease of the heart - a major risk factor for heart disease - has been eradicated. In this country, the governmental Food Standards Agency has reported that there is an inverse relationship between selenium intake and mortality from cancer.

Brazil nuts were linked last year with a reduced risk of breast cancer in some women by scientists at the University of Illinois. They claim selenium interacts with a natural body chemical to offer protection against the disease.

Many more studies have pointed to the long-term health benefits of eating nuts. One showed that regular consumption could cut the risk of bladder cancer in half because of their high vitamin E content.

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that people who replaced half the fat in their daily diets with almonds experienced a drop in harmful LDL cholesterol of six per cent over six weeks.

Sue Baic, a registered dietitian and lecturer in nutrition at Bristol University, says: "If they are eaten as a snack in small quantities, they can help people who are watching their weight, because they are more satisfying to the appetite than chocolate or crisps.' "

Chicken Pooh, Blood and Hepatitis fed to Cattle?

Salt Lake Tribune - Business: "American cattle are eating chicken litter, cattle blood and restaurant leftovers that could help transmit mad cow disease -- a gap in the U.S. defense that the Bush administration promised to close nearly 18 months ago.
'Once the cameras were turned off and the media coverage dissipated, then it's been business as usual, no real reform, just keep feeding slaughterhouse waste,' said John Stauber, an activist and co-author of Mad Cow USA: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 | Society | Big study links red meat diet to cancer | Society | Big study links red meat diet to cancer: "International scientists yesterday delivered a long-awaited verdict on red meat, concluding in a definitive study of the eating habits of half a million people that beef, lamb, pork, veal and their processed varieties such as ham and bacon, increase the risk of bowel cancer.
Those who eat two portions a day - equivalent to a bacon sandwich and a fillet steak - increase their risk of bowel cancer by 35% over those who eat just one portion a week, the study found. The World Health Organisation's international agency for research on cancer (IARC) called for everybody to eat more fish and less meat. "

Tofu challenge for McDonalds

Finally a chain of Fast Food joints that could finally wipe the smile off Ronald McDonald's face.

The wild bison are running scared as Hirshberg is no vegetarian but at least he's planning to offer realistic choice.

Chicago Tribune news : Nation/World: "SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Gary Hirshberg isn't the first parent to become frustrated by the lack of healthy fast-food options for his kids during a road trip. But as president of Stonyfield Farm yogurt company, Hirshberg was in a position to do something about it.

Now, six years after that fateful vacation in northern California, Hirshberg is overseeing a project he hopes will spark a revolution in the fast-food industry. It's called O'Naturals, a small chain of fast-food restaurants in the Northeast that offers everything from carrot ginger soup to organic smoked tofu , much of it made with organic or natural ingredients.

O'Naturals opened its fourth store in April in a former bakery at the edge of the trendy Davis Square neighborhood in Somerville, a Boston suburb, and plans are under way to expand the chain across the nation through franchises.

'We call it `fast food with a mission,'' said Hirshberg, who envisions his restaurants shaking up the restaurant business in much the same way that Whole Foods Market shook up the grocery trade.

At a time when McDonald's is championing salads and Burger King is offering a veggie burger, Hirshberg and a handful of other entrepreneurs are taking things a step further, emphasizing how the food is produced as much as how it tastes."

Monday, June 13, 2005

BSE Mad Cow Disease - How can you find it if you don't look?

It seems the US authorities are acting like brass monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, export no evil beef. How can they expect to find it if they don't look. Japan tests 100% of beef, Europe tests over 80% and USA tests...........1%.

It seems the only way a cow can get discovered with BSE is if

a) A cow goes mad, runs riot and gets shot OUTSIDE the slaughterhouse like the only confirmed U.S. case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease, found in December 2003 in a Washington state dairy cow.


b) The farmer has taken so long getting the cow to market since it first showed signs of BSE that it is so riddled with bovine spongiform encephalopathy that it's spongey brain prevents it from walking properly and it can't make it to the slaughterhouse.

In these 2 incidents, the alleged only 2 cases of mad cows' disease in the USA, because the beasts were slaughtered outside the slaughterhouse they can't legally enter the food chain.

That means no money for the slaughterman. So then the head honcho scratches his head and says "hey! we can ship this one off to the Govt to claim money for that BSE testing grant" - it's pure luck that even these two cows were discovered.

Even then we've had to wait 7 months for the test results!

USA beef could be the most dangerous beef in the world - who knows. Until they start testing more thoroughly no one will ever know.

USDA Finds Possible 2nd Case of Mad Cow Disease: "The USDA said the suspect animal's brain tested positive for BSE in a rapid, preliminary test in November. When immediately retested with more sophisticated technology, it was found free of the disease.
But the USDA's inspector general asked scientists on Wednesday to retest the animal using a third kind of technology known as the 'Western blot' test. The animal tested positive late on Friday.

The government said the suspect animal, first tested in November, did not enter the human food or livestock feed supply because it was unable to walk when delivered for slaughter.

The Western blot test was requested by a consumer group in February, which said it was the most definitive test available. "

Bribes for Kids' healthy eating in UK

US gets taste of Scots healthy eating scheme - The Herald: "Under the Glasgow City Council project aimed at addressing the poor diet of thousands of children similar to supermarket loyalty card programmes pupils accumulate points on a swipe-card for buying foods such as salads and yogurt which can then be traded for prizes."

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vegan is the New Black

vegan is the new black

After 60 years of ridicule, Vegan is the New Black - Pea PR: "After 60 years of ridicule, Vegan is the New Black
(PRLEAP.COM) Even though the word Vegan is considered a taboo, dirty word by the UK tabloid newspapers, veganism is reaching out and inspiring people all over the world like never before in it's 60 year history.

Tony Bishop-Weston Author of 'Vegan' by Hamlyn says "A journalist from one of the top UK tabloids told me that their editor had banned them from using the word 'vegan' as it was too scary for their readers. All health and beauty stories have to be dumbed down to use the word vegetarian instead of vegan. Herb tea was also on the taboo list."

"The lack of an amiable vegan in a major TV soap and the apparent UK tabloid decision to reserve the word vegan for crowd control and shock tactics may be the only 2 things stopping a tidal wave of veganism being unleashed" says Tony.

Vegan Is The New Black

PRWEB Press Release - The New Black

Vegan is the new black

Friday, June 10, 2005

BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour -Vegan children

BBC - Radio 4 - Woman's Hour -Vegan children: "A vegan couple in American have been charged with child abuse for malnourishing their three small children."

Jenni asks Professor Tom Sanders, Head of Nutrition at King's College, London and Juliet Gellatley, Director of Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation what are the consequences of a dairy and meat free diet for growing bodies?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Birmingham Health Outbreak may cause epidemic say experts

out break of vegan health at festival could couse epidemic of healthy, ethical eating in UK

ClickPress | Outbreak Strikes in Birmingham - Could lead to UK Epidemic Say Experts: "Outbreak Strikes in Birmingham - Could lead to UK Epidemic Say Experts

An outbreak of veganism in Birmingham on Saturday the 18th of June is predicted to cause an epidemic of ethical living, environmental responsibility and healthier eating throughout the UK.

As reported in the most recent issue of the New Scientist 'there is a rush to vegetarianism and veganism in the UK.'

Prior to The Vegan Society's 60th Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee celebrations there was only one Vegan festival per year in the capital. Now they are threatening to breakout all over the UK as more and more people become infected with a healthy, more ethical way of life that in one simple action makes an enormous difference to the future of the world.

Realfood, a not for profit educational vegan group, creators of the Vegan Buddy scheme and a number of helpful magazines and websites say 'Nearly everyone we meet at our vegan events, after tasting the new delicious vegan foods, agrees that veganism makes total sense. People are now as likely to ask 'why do you eat meat?', as 'why are you vegan?'

This is the first time there has been a vegan festival in the Midlands and as it's the heart of England it is much easier for everyone to get to. It's predicted we'll hit critical mass and it will start a domino effect throughout the country with vegan festivals, new vegan products and vegan menus popping up all over Britain.

'Unlike MRSA or Avian Flu this new epidemic will save human and animals lives and benefit the environment' Says Tony Bishop-Weston author of 'Vegan' by Hamlyn.


*Sponsored by the Vegan Society, Redwood Foods, and the CocoaTree

Heart of England Vegan Festival

24-7 Health Outbreak in Bitrmingham - Story

George Monbiot Says Go Vegan!

Tell people something they know already, and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new, and they will hate you for it.

George Monbiot - The Poor Get Stuffed: "it now seems plain that veganism is the only ethical response to what is arguably the world's most urgent social justice issue."

Tell us something new George! (or say it louder!)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

In a Pickle? Premier buys Quorn for £172 Million

From small fungal beginings vegetarian trial blazer Quorn has now joined the ranks of the UK major brands such as Typhoo Tea and Branston Pickle after being purchaed from Marlow foods by Premier Foods for £172 million. Last year Quorn signed a deal with McDonalds making history as the big mac became big veg.

The vegetarian market is said to be now worth £630 million and one of the fatest growing categories of The UK food industry.

Premier Foods acquires Quorn brand owner: "172m deal for Marlow Foods

Premier Foods, owner of brands including Typhoo Tea, Branston and Crosse & Blackwell has agreed to acquire Marlow Foods owner of meat alternative Quorn in a 172m cash deal.
In the year to December 2004, Quorn sales were 79m, with the brand seeing an average annual sales growth rate of more than 7 per cent over the past five years. Marlow offers Quorn branded products including burgers, sausages, escalopes, cottage pies and lasagne.

Robert Schofield, chief executive of Premier Foods, said: 'This is a fantastic acquisition for Premier Foods. Quorn's strong brand recognition and leading category positions immediately provide Premier with a very strong branded position in an exciting growth market. Quorn is ideally placed to benefit from the increasing demand for healthy eating and the combination with Premier should accelerate its growth.

'Quorn fulfils all our acquisition criteria. It enhances our branded mix, it is UK focussed and meets all our financial hurdles. As well as being by far the largest brand in its category, it will be the largest brand in our portfolio.' "

Monday, June 06, 2005

Vegan Punks

Vegan Punks All over the World

Satya Jan 05: Interview with Isa Chandra: "When I first heard about the Post Punk Kitchen I got really excited about the idea to put together my two favorite things in the world: punk rock and really good vegan food. I'm wondering where that inspiration to put them together came from?
It's really good to hear that because when I thought of doing it, I thought no one would get it. But it was okay because it's public access. I was first of all bored, second of all cooking a lot, and third of all missing my punk rock roots, the punk scene and the DIY (Do It Yourself) aspect of things. "

Vegan Punks in Australia*Pogo Cafe London - Vegan Punks* The Post Punk Kitchen* London Punks*Straight Edge* SXE Striaght Edge* Vegan Straight Edge* BBC* PUNK ROCK

win LIVE8 - tickets

win free tickets to live8 live aid concert in edinburgh just text no / number

Win Tickets for Live 8 - Text This Number

LIVE8 - tickets: "Tickets for the LIVE 8 London concert in Hyde Park will be allocated via a text competition. The competition is open to UK and Channel Islands' residents aged 16 or over.

For the chance to win a pair of tickets to the London event send us your answer to this simple question:

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Each entry costs £1.50* plus your operator's standard text charge.

Live 8 - Live Aid * CCN Live 8 Live Aid * Radio 1 Live 8 and Sir Bob Geldof * BBC live8 Band Aid Live Aid* Live 8 with Virgin * Sir Bob Geldof * Sir Paul McCartney * Sir Elton John * Madonna

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Vegetarian and Vegan Future Up For Sale

Vegetarian and Vegan Future Up For Sale: "Three major British based vegetarian food brands are up for sale as the world market for vegetarian and vegan foods heats up.
(PREWB) June 2, 2005 -- As Heinz announce that the vegetarian and vegan Linda McCartney brand is to join the list of vegetarian food brands looking for new owners, it seems certain that the vegetarian and vegan food market is about to see a big shake up.

Marlow foods the company behind mycoprotein meat replacement Quorn and Cauldron the UK�s top Tofu product manufacturer are also said to be up for grabs.

These companies could be ripe for a quick acquisition for someone with astute investment skills and who understand the real drivers behind the market despite the high price tags.

�For a team who truly understand the complex factors and aspirations behind the market for vegetarian and vegan foods and who have skills in innovative development these well known brands could be a key to change the world�s bleak future.� Says Tony Bishop-Weston from London Nutrition and Catering Consultants Foods For Life."

Meat eaters fight back

The Meat eaters are on the warpath in Cumbria and armed with Bacon.

News & Star: "

Published on 01/06/2005
By Pam McClounie

THE Vegetarian Society says it is "sickened" and "outraged" to hear that one of its members cars was covered in bacon in a freak attack in Carlisle.

The victim " a young woman from Ambleside " had parked her car in the shadow of Carlisle Castle with a sticker in the rear window proclaiming her membership of the Vegetarian Association.

On returning to her car last week which was National Vegetarian Week she discovered that someone had covered her car windscreen with rashers of bacon."

Fish added to milk to try to boost flagging sales

How crazy is the world - because they keep a cow in a shed instead of letting it walk around and eat clover the milk is full of saturated fats instead omega oils so then they feed the cow processed fish to try to put back in what modern farming methods have left out.

The solution is staring them in the face - just eat more green leafy veg, watercress, nuts and seeds, - cut out the middleman (the cow) and save the planet from rape of the oceans, waste of food, waste of water, animal polution of gas and pooh and waste of energy.

Natural Products Magazine: "With one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe, along with recent trials that prove fatty acids and fish oils, such as omega-3 and omega-6, help with childhood brain function and common behavioural problems, the omega-3 milks are expected to benefit in the current climate. Marks and Spencer claims its Super Whole Milk contains 10 times more of the omega-3 fatty acids than regular milk.

But while the Dairy Crest milk contains an emulsion of fish oils added during the processing, and Marks and Spencer milk derives from cows fed on feed fortified with fish oils, the new milk products follow the introduction of omega-3 fortified eggs by Columus and Stonegate Farm, sales of which have been rising steadily."

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Give Peas A Chance "Grab 5! School Menu Challenge 2005
The fourth Grab 5! School Menu Challenge is underway, with the finals at Thomas Danby College, Leeds, on the 22nd November 2005.
Secondary school students are being challenged to tempt primary kids' palates with their recipes for healthy school meals packed with five different types of fruit & veg and must include peas. Primary school children and experts will judge the meals.
The 'Challenge,' run by the charity Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, earned national recognition and glowing tributes from successive Government public health ministers and schools in its first three years. Sponsored by the nation's vegetable growers and freezing companies, it will be even bigger and better this year.
Schools UK-wide have claimed significant benefits for both individual pupils and whole classes participating in the 'Challenge'. The certificates of commendation for all regional finalists and plaques for the schools have been much coveted. "

What is 5 a Day

Give Peas a Chance - Grab 5 for schools campaign