Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vegfest Brighton and Bristol Vegan Festival Fair Event

VegfestUK Brighton March 17th - 18th - It's a Sell Out All 125 stalls have sold out for VegfestUK Brighton on March 17th & 18th at The Hove Centre, making the event the second biggest 100% veggie festival, fair, exhibition event in Europe in 2012 for those interested in finding out more about health, sustainability, more ethical Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles. Bring a friend.

With admission free to the public, crowds of up to 6,000 are anticipated over the two days, ready to indulge in an enormous selection of food and produce - all of it 100% plant based.

The event programme has been published and is available to download from the website at, and includes details of the stallholders, all the special offers available, the cookery demos, talks, product presentations, and the complete line-up of entertainment over the weekend, including live music, films and performance.

As usual at VegfestUK it is the food that is the star of the show, with 8 specialist caterers serving up a wonderful array of global cuisine, plus umpteen food producers exhibiting, many with new products and free samples and tasters, proving once again just how amazing veggie food can be. There's also some fun competitions at the event with the Great Veggie Burger and Sausage Competition catching the eye - 14 different veggie sausages and burgers to try, with the public deciding the winner. And there's also a veggie version of Ready Steady Chef taking place at 5pm both days with local chefs competing against each other top produce the best plant based meal inside 30 minutes in front of a live audience.

Admission is free to the public and the event opens from 11am - 6pm both days Saturday and Sunday March 17th 18th. The event is held at The Hove Centre Norton Road Hove BN3 4AH More information about this exciting event can be found on the event website

Friday, March 02, 2012

Vegan Fried Egg - This time it's Real

Are you vegan but miss the taste of fried egg in the morning? Try the Vegg | MNN - Mother Nature Network

As we are only a month away from April Fools Day I thought I better tell you about this quick lest you think I'm pulling your leg and tricking you again but like yah! This time it's really real the vegan fried egg called vegg is a eggy eggless veggiefied plantastic reality. Honest. I really am sorry about the Sunny side up thing, i really did think it was for the best as it would inspire Redwood Wholefoods to hurry up and get it together. In fact the makers of the Vegg do actually credit our April Fool as their inspiration - so actually ? You have us to thank. Now you can all get genuinely excited. I'm tempted to do a double bluff and do an April Fools day press release about the Vegg and the Vegan Fried Egg on the 31st March - would that be cool or cruel? Votes on a postcard to @plantarian ;-)