Friday, October 22, 2010

1010 banned climate change film

1010 banned climate change film: You know sometimes it is so tempting to just think of the bigger picture and just press the Dr No button.


jnanagarbha said...

How very unpleasant.

Seems a classic case of trying to get free publicity by making something with the deliberate intention of it being banned.

What is the message that they're trying to convey here? For me this communicates that people who are concerned about human impact on the environment are willing to be dishonest and prepared to harm others in pursuit of their ideals - which I don't consider in the least helpful.

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Half of me agrees, the other half is frustrated by peoples' determination to let someone else sort out the mess and do absolutely nothing.

I think even in pascifists like me there's a little element of 'if only' and 'just sometimes' and this verbalises it, in a kind of nervous, uncomfortable laugh.

The social acceptance of naive denial will kill us all in the end and I think whatever trick in the book is acceptable.

Ironically the truth we are facing is far more horrific than this as energy, food and water shortages increase it's going to turn very nasty.

Meanwhile the merchant and investment bankers who gamble with the price of food and drive prices up just sit back and say "Just protecting my clients pension fund"

Twats! only the super rich are going to survive this mess and the poor will be attacking them with fingernails and teeth to survive.

A reality check for you.

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Are you starting to get the picture yet? It's a dog eat dog world.