Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Nutritionist Asks UK Govt to Change NHS Eatwell Plate

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: Petition - UK Govt Pls Change NHS Eatwell Plate

UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston is asking everyone to sign her petition to change the NHS Eatwell Plate administered by Public Health England

Yvonne says "The eatwell plate is not fit for purpose, it encourages people to eat up to 34% saturated fat rich foods and many of the foods depicted in the 33% carbohydrate section are nutrient poor and likely to end up stored as fat in the body too. The Eatwell ratios are outdated and need to reflect research that shows our vegetable intake should be double that of the current 5 a Day advice if we want a better chance of avoiding preventable chronic disease. Advising people that they should eat and drink 7% sugary and fatty foods such as cakes and sweets washed down with cocacola is incomprehensible in a climate of troubling rates of childhood obesity and early onset diabetes. Heart disease is reversible with a healthy diet but not with a the sort of diet condoned by the NHS and British Heart Foundation using the current Eatwell plate"

"It's this 'little bit of what you fancy does you good' and attitude that all calories are equal that has led to fast food outlets like Burger King in hospitals and an epidemic of obesity"

NHS / PHE / BHF encourage UK to eat 34% saturated fat rich foods

Please sign the petition to encourage political parties to discuss this urgent issue.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston says we should aim for more like 50% of our diet from brightly coloured vegetables with extra berries. Calcium and protein rich foods should be from sources that are rich in essential fats or very low in fat. Nutrient depleted starchy carbohydrate foods such as white bread offer us nothing to reduce the risks of disease and should be in the same category as alcohol - 'At your own risk'

The Nutritionist will be speaking at Vegfest UK in May and September