Friday, November 28, 2008

Linda McCartney Vegan Foods Sales Take Off

linda mccartney foods - sausages
Linda McCartney Food Sales Soar

Since the new owners of Linda McCartney Foods, Hain Celestial, have veganized and improved the nutrition value of the Linda McCartney range sales have rocketed.

Sales have risen to 10million and 57% in the last 12 weeks alone.

Sales have been boosted by the new higher protein hydrogenated fat free meat free sausages and the Linda McCartney soysage rolls. The frozen mince is back in production and Linda McCartney group sales have probably also been boosted by a new vegan frozen meat free chicken pieces (great with Satay sauce)

It's possible that sales of the Linda McCartney sausage rolls have also been boosted by Symington's faux pas. The new owner of Granose/ Direct Foods/Haldane Sosmix (the traditional principle ingredient for vegan sausage rolls and christmas stuffing) naievely added milk protein to the ingredients making the product unsuitable for millions of it's customers. Understandably there was uproar. Symingtons have recently revealed they have reformulated the product and that a dairy free vegan version will be available sometime in 2009.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

British National Party membership and contacts list, spread sheet, 2007-2008 - Wikileaks

British National Party membership and contacts list, spread sheet, 2007-2008 - Wikileaks

I guess by now anyone who think they may find it useful in the fight against speciesism and racism has obtained a copy. But just in case, here is the link -

This is not intended to encourage or provoke any activity that would break the law - no hypocrisy please - it just very useful to know who your dealing with isn't it?

I don't hide my support of a more environmentally friendly healthy and pascifist lifestyle - it's a worry when people hide their views of hatred.

The most reassuring fact in these days of apathy is that The Vegetarian Society still have more supporters and more influential members than the BNP - clearly there is hope for the human race.

British National Party List

Worryingly there are other, more extreme groups claiming the views of the BNP aren't extreme enough? The Government needs to wake up and address the issues and tension that is allowing this kind of inbred cretinous hatred to flourish.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama: Congratulations!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama "One Voice can change the World" - There's no doubt that TODAY November 5th 2008 will go down in history - no longer as Bonfire night / firework night / Guy Fawkes but the day that Barack Obama changed history, ended many years of struggle to deliver the hope of true equal rights in America to black people and gave hope to the rest of the world after years of terror and abuse of power under George W Bush.

Obama - Thank you for giving us back HOPE!

My hope? - Peace One Day for all Earthlings

Original Presidential Nomination Candidacy Acceptance Speech

Democracy, Liberty, Opportunity and Unyeilding Hope.

Barack Obama Presidential Acceptance Speech 5/11/08

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vegan Magazine - Better Than Viagra

Vegetarian Real Mens Magazine ‘Off the Hoof’ Is Better Than Viagra and Fully Loaded To Eat Nuts

A new adult mens magazine is claiming it's better than Viagra!

'Off the Hoof' have thrown down their non leather, non silk, gaunlet to men's magazines Nuts and Loaded, with plans to reach sales of over 300,000 by World Vegan Day 2009. The defiant 'Off the Hoof' editor Al Slurry says “Nut’s is for burger munching Viagra dependent wimps and flaccid porn reliant merchant bankers. The magazine we have written is for adults, real men and their ladies who love a sausage that tastes just as good cold as it does hot”

Publishers Yaoh claim the magazine is not just suitable for vegetarians - it's suitable for everyone! See