Sunday, February 27, 2011

Size 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: Size Zero 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week:

Vegan Zombies at London Fashion Week give healthy vegan eating a bad name!

Goodness knows most people would benefit from a vegan diet and loosing a few pounds and reducing their risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke. cancer.

But these Vegan Zombie freaks at London Fashion week are giving veganism and fashion a bad name.

Anorexics have long used veganism as an excuse to avoid nutritious food and waste their bodies away, back stage these girls rarely touch the fruit and celery on offer for fear of their malnourished bodies bloating before they get on the catwalk.

If they were interested in health they probably wouldn't then smoke, take cocaine, E, and the other dodgy pills that their fashion industry and model agency pimps hook them into.

Healthy Vegan Woody Harrelson kills Zombies in Zombieland
The irresponsible designers that condone this look may as well be pushing alcoholics swigging vodka or smack addict junkies smoking from a crack pipe up into the catwalk - it's just as irresponsible

"This irresponsible behaviour by the fashion industry is encouraging a new generation of girls with eating disorders" says Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London

The Fashion Industry clearly needs Vegan muscle bound Zombie specialist Woody Harrelson to rid the Fashion Industry of these Zombies. London Fashion Week should never allow these deluded, exploited, obsessive and malnourished models back to walk the catwalk unless it's at a Psychologists and Nutritionists conference on chronic eating disorders.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

UK Govt Advises Vegan Twice a Day

UK Govt Health Report Says go Vegan 2 meals a Day : What a year this has been ! Now even the meat and dairy subsidising UK government are suggesting that we should be vegan for 2 meals a day and eat no more than one portion of meat (about the size of a pack of cards or the palm of your hand) per day.

So at least 2 vegan meals a day, aiming for at least 8 portions of fruit and veg a day and no more than a big mac, a bacon butty, or a lamb chop if you want to try to start reducing the risks of cancer.

Of course if you want to minimize the risks of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes the evidence seems clear that you should follow the sort of Plantarian diet advocated by PCRM - the Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine.

Take the Plantarian Double One Diet Dare - try Plantarian for 11 days 1:11:11 - 11-11-11 - join us at One World Day - One You , One World, One Day - Please pledge now.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Avaaz - Protect the truth and freedom of speech

Avaaz - The World in Action: Avaaz is helping to keep the lines of communication open in countries with oppressive regimes that are trying to censure the violence towards their own people by media blackouts of mobile cellphone and internet networks and lines of communication.


or see

Let the people show and tell the truth.

Monday, February 14, 2011

McDonalds Exec Does Life to Vegan Delight Vegans delight as ex McDonalds executive does life!

 Actually LYFE, not life, stands for Love Your Food Everyday but the McDonalds standard offer stands to get flipped on it's head as a $ multimillion $ Dollar deal tackles the healthy eating market with McDonald's know how.

In the Lyfe kitchen, butter, cream and high-fructose corn syrup are banned, and none of the food is fried. Sweet potato fries, for instance, are oven-baked. All of Lyfe's menu items contain less than 600 calories, including signature dishes that include a Niman ranch beef burger with agave ketchup and pickles. The desserts are expected to be dairy-free with each dish featuring responsibly sourced ingredients from local farms and "sustainable whenever possible."
So not quite a 100% Plantarian menu but a step forward from the Celebrity chef 'health' food dishes that whilst meat free all start with a dollop of factory farmed butter and a splash of cream to finish. With a cap on calories and a commitment to sustainability LYFE will have to watch the cheese too.

They have a Vegan chef on board too as well as the poached McDonald's executives (we wish!)

Lyfe Kitchen, a Chicago-based company whose name is short for "Love Your Food Everyday," will be spearheaded by former Golden Arches President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Roberts, and former communications boss Mike Donahue, as the Chicago Tribune reports.

To develop vegan options for the menu, LYFE tapped Tal Ronnen, a celebrity chef perhaps best known for catering Ellen DeGeneres' wedding to actress Portia de Rossi. Tal Ronnen is executive chef for Gardein Protein it was revealed in the LA Times

If all goes well, the chain is rumored to have plans to spread nationally with as many as 250 locations in the next five years.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Top 10 Vegan CookBooks- Bestsellers

Top 10 Vegan CookBooks: It's incredible that a vegan cookbook has made it into the best sellers list, something no one would have thought possible a few years ago, in fact a few weeks ago.

No doubt it's a lot, nay, all to do with Forbes no. 1 celebrity Oprah Winfrey, as it was Oprah that featured Kathy Freston's book, the Veganist on her show, and on the Oprah website, and got 378 of her staff to follow the book's advice for a week.

The American Vegan Cookbooks dominate sales of vegan recipe books, (especially ones about cupcakes) even on you won't see a British vegan cookbook tackling vegan diets until number 6 on the 'Vegan cookbooks' listings.

Its a good book too even if I do say so myself, so many of the books don't have pictures and us cooks like pictures. The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking is full of them, but is currently down to rank number 41 in the Vegetarian and vegan section, despite selling out and having to be reprinted within 6 months of it's publication.

Still, having a vegan cookbook in the bestsellers list bodes very well for the Plantarian 2011 One World Day.

Beef Burgers, Sausages and Pies banned from Football Stadium

Who ate all the Peas? 

Vegan football boss bans matchday meat pies and burgers | Mail Online: "- Chairman of an English football team, Dale Vince - the man behind ecotricity, the sustainable energy innovator has banned beef burgers, sausages and meat pies not just for the players at Forest Green Rovers but also for the fans in the stadium.

The move is intended not just to make the club more healthy but also more sustainable and eco friendly.

Dale Vince said on the forest Green Rovers club website "Although this has been described by some people as a Red Meat ban, it's actually not. We're simply saying we won't any longer provide Red Meat at the club. We've taken it off the menu. This is a part of a bigger picture move - it's about improving the quality of food at FGR, about providing better quality, healthy food all round."

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston said " A number of football trainers are now realising that what they were taught as dietetic and nutrition gospel is false - the opposite of what they once believed is true - avoiding meat can actually improve performance, vegetable protein can provide power and essential fats with more vitamins and minerals without the detrimental effects of too much saturated animal fat"

"A diet richer in Plantarian foods could reduce the risk of injury too" says the Nutritionist

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Book - Comfortably Unaware

New Book described by Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, UN Messenger of Peace "Comfortably Unaware explains, so clearly, how what we choose to eat has a direct impact on the health of Planet Earth: how modern agro-business and our thoughtless appetites are, quite literally, destroying the environment and the future of our children. I urge you to read it, to think about its message, discuss it with your friends - and start to change the world, one bite, one meal, one diet at a time."

Comfortably Unaware: "Do you know the true cost that your food has on our resources? 'What you choose to eat is killing our planet,' says lecturer and author Dr. Richard Oppenlander. In Comfortably Unaware, he reveals the truth about food choices and its impact on our world. Dr. Oppenlander tackles the crucial issue of 'global depletion' as it relates to food choice. 'We should all be committed,' he tells us, 'to understanding the reality and consequences of our diet, the footprint it makes on our environment, and seek food products that are in the best interest of all living things.' His forthright information and stark mental images are often disturbing, and that's how it should be. As the guardians of Planet Earth, we need to be shaken out of our complacency, to stop being 'comfortably unaware,' and to understand the measures we must take to ensure the health and well-being of our planet and ourselves.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Year of the Rabbit - New World Record

Year of the Rabbit - New World Record for Healthier More Sustainable Living:

Happy Chinese New Year ! The year of the Rabbit seems set to be a landmark year for Planet Earth. The year we A) Did or B) Didn't listen to all the warning signs of deteriorating health and environmental catastrophe right in front of our faces.

Encourage your friends to make the right choice at One World Day

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oprah New Vegan World Record

Oprah On The Way to a New World Record - ONE WORLD DAY:

Oooh we are cooking on gas this year, wake up and smell the Teecino! Another step closer to the One World Day goal of a new world record of healthier more sustainable living as Oprah and 378 of her staff stand up to be counted.

First the Skinny Bitch books, Bill Gates, that bloke from Las Vegas, Oxford University's 8 a Day study (see below) and now the global legend that is Oprah Winfrey.

Perhaps thats a record in itself? Has even PeTA managed to get over 300 people to go vegan all in one go?

Answers on a post-card to plantarians at One World Day