Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anglers Fishermen Small Baby Tools

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Home | Having wound up nearly every meat eating group in America notably the Christians with the Jesus was a vegetarian series and the Jews with the Holocaust posters PeTA is now 'Tackling' anglers.

Basically accusing Anglers of being smelly as a golden shower with complexes about their small member -ships and failed relationships.

Having fished as a child I can confirm that apart from my uncle who taught me and a friend called 'Cushie' who had a real affinity for the sea and it's inhabitants , fishermen are generally a weird social group especially the anglers.

Whether or not they all fall into the enlargement / Viagra/ enhancement / relationship counseling category that PeTA has them poked into is another matter.

PeTA's naked ambition is clear, it's rather bare bottomed fart pants teenage humour but then so are most of popular teenage and Adult video on line live chat viral jokes and free downloads. Will it be censored and banned ?

Well it made me laugh.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010