Thursday, September 15, 2005

Milk Myths new poster

new anti dairy campaign exposing milk myths and a poster asking if cows' milk is natural for humans have launched a new campaign against the dairy industry.

They have also produced an anti-dairy billboard which will be travelling to 7 cities later this month on a postervan. The tour will be starting in London on Tues 20th Sept.

Viva!’s new billboard, which is sure to turn heads, features a well-dressed businessman suckling straight from a cow under the slogan ‘Cut Out the Middleman. Milk – still think it’s natural?’

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Low-fat vegan diet hailed

the Mail online | Low-fat vegan diet hailed: "Women who stick to a low-fat vegan diet are more likely to lose weight than those whose diets include meat, claims a new American study published in the American Journal of Medicine.
Half the 59 overweight volunteers followed a strictly vegan diet as part of the experiment conducted by Dr Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The remaining half were given food in line with a national programme designed to reduce illness and death from coronary heart disease in the US, which endorses the consumption of low-fat animal products.
The remaining half were given food in line with a national programme designed to reduce illness and death from coronary heart disease in the US, which endorses the consumption of low-fat animal products. "

More about vegan diet study

Saturday, September 10, 2005

New UK Vegetarian Magazine. LifeScape

new vegetarian magazine lifescape Response Source | Press Releases - UKs latest vegetarian lifestyle magazine, Lifescape is launched.

September 13th sees the launch of the latest vegetarian lifestyle magazine, Lifescape.
Lifescape is a new alternative lifestyle magazine for the self-aware consumer; people who are concerned with what they eat, where they shop, today’s ethical dilemmas and how to keep their minds and bodies in good condition. It is promises to showcase the best of fair trade fashion and promotes the use of organic products.

Sitting next to Top Sante and Zest on the shelves Lifescape is a unique glossy magazine distributed by Comag and published independently by Madafu Publishing Ltd.

Lifescape is a monthly magazine, which provides an excellent resource for alternative health practices. Each issue is packed with real life stories and the latest fashion, cruelty-free beauty and celebrity gossip with a unique twist providing an excellent read to those who are interested in that lifestyle.

Tony says "We wish the magazine every success and hope to see it live much longer longer than Vegetarian Living, Vegetarian Today, Tescos Vegetarian Magazine , BBC Vegetarian Good Food and other vegetarian magazines that have struggled to win space on WH Smith's shelves"

Other magazines have had a very limited appeal as nothing more than recipe mags. By additionally focussing on health, travel , vegetarian fashion and the environment this magazine could find a niche loyal readership.

VeggieVision on BBC

veggievision vegetarian television for vegans, veggies and inquisitive meat eaters looking for healthier diets and life Veggievision on BBC TV Webscape program Kate Russell From Webscape says "It never ceases to amaze me just how diverse the multimedia content is on the web. No matter what your hobbies or interests are, there is always plenty of information online, and Veggie Vision is a fine example of some great free content all about being a vegetarian.

It's still quite a young channel, so don't expect hours and hours of content yet, but they've already managed to secure a couple of veggie-celeb interviews, and there are some great recipes and reports in the archives."

Friday, September 09, 2005

World Vegan Day support requested from Chefs, Nutritionists, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Newspapers, Manufacturers and Schools

World Vegan Day -Chefs, Nutritionists, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Newspapers, Manufacturers and Schools should support World Vegan Day 1st November.

The BBC reported Professor Lang’s message that “the healthy eating drive is at risk of failing because the public is getting contradictory messages.”

“There is an easy solution to many of the worlds health and environmental problems” says author of the vegan cookbook by Hamlyn ( ISBN 0600611906 ) Tony Bishop-Weston. “Just by encouraging consumers to eat more delicious and nutritious vegan foods you can help improve human health and also create a more ethical sustainable future for the planet”

Recently interviewed on the BBC World Service Outlook Programme for his 95th Birthday Donald Watson, Vegan Society founder said “So many people are running towards what I see as suicide, performing habits that everyone knows are dangerous. Man's greatest mistake is trying to turn himself into a carnivore, contrary to natural law.”

Top London nutritionist and tutor at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition Yvonne Bishop-Weston agrees “Eating more plant based foods is essential for better health. So many people I see in my London clinics can be helped with simple changes in their diets rather than expensive drugs. Fertility, heart health, cognitive function, digestion and weight management can all usually be improved through rebalancing the body and a healthy optimum nutrition program.”

Press Release - World Vegan Day - World Vegan Day - More info