Friday, April 23, 2010

Croydon Conservatives Threaten Health

London Green Party | Croydon incinerator to include radioactive and toxic waste

conservatives plan to turn CROYDON Into massive rubbish dump ... on Twitpic Croydon Conservative led Council plan to turn Croydon into a massive rubbish dump for the south of London at a cost of £1 Billion and and even greater cost to the environment, amenity and health of the borough.

The Croydon Green Party have uncovered the Tory plans to scupper plans for better recycling by building a facility that will have to import lorry loads of rubbish and waste from London and surrounding areas to make it viable.

It will require a constant supply to feed it thus disincentivising recycling efforts.

The Croydon Green Party have identified a number of threats to Croydon resident's health - this is catastrophic news for a borough that has already been named and shamed as the unhealthiest in London.

It is further evidence of the Conservatives total disregard for optimum health in Croydon.

"The Council seem to be trying to sneak this past us" says London Nutritionist and Croydon resident Yvonne Bioshop-Weston

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