Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Hundreth Monkey Syndrome

have you seen the hundreth monkey?
The Hundreth Monkey Syndrome: "Organisers of an international ethical living eco festival at The Eco chic greener than green, 5th Bristol Vegan Fayre plan to broadcast live on international TV channel as they search for the hundredth monkey. Viewers will be encouraged to spot the person who will invoke the hundredth monkey principle and provoke spontaneous veganism in millions of people around the world.

See PR Leap Press Release Here

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vegan Handbags dispel weird vegan granola hippie thing

Animal-Friendly Accessories For Hipsters - More Eco Chic From 1News Story - KNTV | San Francisco:

"These bags dispel the weird-vegan-granola-hippie thing." What's that then? I never eat granola - and all the hippies I ever knew (at Stonehendge free festival and the odd Here and Now / Steve Hillage/ Hawkwind gig) seemed to survive mainly on porridge, beans and small mushrooms.

They explain "Eco-chic" is the new buzzword when it comes to fashion. Mainstream companies are rolling out organic-fabric clothes and beauty companies are doing anything they can to compensate for it. Could vegan-friendly accessories be the next wave? The May issue of Lucky has an increasing number of faux-leather products, which are still sexy and stylish. But what does vegan mean when it comes to fashion? It means any products derived from an animal were not used. Truly vegan accessories use synthetic leather, vegetable dies and vegetable based glues. Thanks to Stella McCartney, who started the trend many others are committed to avoiding leather and fur, and also any animal-based glues or dyes. She (McCartney) started the trend, now we have the next wave.

Could Eco Chic be the straw on the camel's back of status quo and invoke the hundreth monkey syndrome? There's no doubt there is a new wave of veganism.

For more about Eco chic, Green fashion and Vegan Fashion see

Vegan Shoes for Green Fashionistas.

See also green Fashionista news from The Bay Area

Koskella, a former Silicon Valley-ite, says the company started two
years ago when a stylish vegan friend complained that all nonleather
shoes were either ugly or poor in quality.

"This was an issue that the fashion world was not facing as people
were becoming more socially aware," she says. "There was a
misconception that if you care about animals and the environment,
you're a hippie.You can be a fashionista and be green," she says. "It's no longer a
fringe movement."

Monday, April 23, 2007

Freedom of information vs Censorship

Freedom of information on the Internet

Information that has has been censored by Governments
A Human Rights campaign by Amnesty International

See irrepressible

Friday, April 20, 2007

Earth Day - Go Vegan or forget it.

Vegans celebrate Earth Day every day so this headline gave us a warm glow!...
You Can't Be a Meat-Eating Environmentalist: Celebrate Earth Day by Going Vegan:

"A November 2006 United Nations report revealed that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) official Henning Steinfeld said that the meat industry is “one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems.”

So that's a vegan green or a dirty mother earth choking polluting green.

Just once more for your friend at the back - You Can't Be a Meat-Eating Environmentalist!

Pig fat to be mixed in with diesel

pigs fat for diesel

BBC NEWS | Business | Pig fat to be turned into diesel

Ethical osmetic companies such as Lush are obviously having an effect on the animal fat soap trade. Now factories processing pigs are turning their attention to turning pig fat into Diesel.

It seems that Hindhu, Jewish, muslim, vegetarian and vegan lorry drivers may be looking for new jobs. The oil companies plan to mix the pig oil in with ordinary diesel so you won't even be able to choose.

Unbelievably they are pitching this as an environmentally friendly product!!

While other car fuel replacement products already exist in the form of bio ethanol - made from grain, plant fats and sugar cane - Mr Webster said that animal diesel will not be made at a cost to food production.

"We won't be processing animals simply to get the fat to turn them in to fuel. We're taking a by-product and using that for fuel," Mr Webster said.

Ironically he also says "We feel that it is a huge step forward as opposed to taking grains which are needed for food around the world and turning those in to fuel."

Well DOH! whose food are the animals eating? How much rain-forest is being chopped down to grow GM soya to feed to animals not people??!!??

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bacon Causes Lung Disease

Bacon Causes Lung Diseases such as Lung Cancer

A new study suggests that even taking into account smoking, bad diets amongst less educated people who tend to eat more bacon, that the nitrates in cured meat may cause lung disease or at least make it more likely and increase your chances of lung failure.

Basically if you eat bacon butties, smoke and don't eat fruit and vegetables you are banjaxed, history, kaput, feeding the worms, freeing up a hospital bed.

Seems like Danish Bacon may be doing more for increasing the percentage population of Vegans than The Vegan Society with Danish Bacon's perfect bacon buttie campaign

Vegan Cyclists to Go Pro

Vegan Cyclists go pro

Vegan Cyclists

The team, part of the nonprofit organization Organic Athlete, is the first elite cycling team in the United States whose members exclusively follow a vegan lifestyle.

OrganicAthlete is the creation of Sebastopol resident Bradley Saul, who is also a member of the cycling team. Saul said he created OrganicAthlete to inform other athletes about veganism and to create a community and support group for athletes who are vegan.

“We’re trying to dispel the myth that you can’t be health-based and fit,” Saul said.

Although there are other vegan cycling teams, Team Vegan, founded this year, is unique because it has so many category one and two riders, Saul said. The team participates in the highest-level amateur races.

They made need some help from iron man Brendan Brazier to reach today's modern athletic standards

Vegan shoes and Vegan fashion

chic vegan shoes | Style goes vegan: by

For years, vegans who wanted to stick to a cruelty-free philosophy in both their diet and fashion meant they often had to sacrifice style. Jimmy Choo stilettos don't come in synthetic leathers. Louis Vuitton isn't known for canvas satchels. In fact, only a few high-end designers - among the best-known, Stella McCartney - are conscious about not using animal products in the vegan shoes, jackets and handbags they design.

Vegans say the changes have made sticking to their beliefs easier.

Stephanie Hodges, a 33-year-old vegan from Chapel Hill, said now she often finds a vegan shoes at most national stores she shops at. "A lot of times you come across something when you're not even looking," she said. "I don't feel like there's anywhere that's mainstream where I can't shop."

Zita Resnais, a 22-year-old from Cary, said her vegan finds these days are typically by accident.

"There are vegan things all over the place," she said "People who want to find them, do. If you're a vegan, you want to go that extra step."

The widest selection of vegan shoes and accessories, however, are found on the Web, local vegans say, including specialty stores such as and, but also at shoe giants such as, which has a limited selection of vegan shoes for men, women and children.

And when all else fails, there's even a new fashion blog now for vegans,, helping vegans find cruelty-free style options, including shoes and handbags.

For some ofthe best Vegan Shoes in the world see

For a vegan fashion show visit the ethical living vegan festival at

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vegan Gentleman - Michael Sutcliffe - Dies 84

michael sutcliffe

We are deeply saddened to have recieved these words from Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid

Dear All

A very special person, Michael Sutcliffe, died over Easter. He was a great supporter of Animal Aid and several other groups; went on all the major and a great many minor demos; wrote non-stop to government departments and newspapers; chaired and participated in all kinds of meetings; was personally very kind and supportive...and brave: his non-stop campaigning barely flagged through a series of painful and debilitating ailments and illnesses over recent years. He was 84. He was found, presumed to have suffered a heart attack, at his desk with his research papers all around and determined to the last. He was an inspiration and a wonderful asset to the animal rights movement. He will be sorely missed.

Andrew Tyler
Director Animal Aid

Michael Sutcliffe was the epitome of a true English gentleman, too much of a gentleman to be anything other than a vegan.

Michael was interviewd at the launch of Animals Count he was quoted '82-year-old Michael Sutcliffe, who is retired, said the creation of the new party marked "a very brave effort which is badly needed' see - BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Activists welcome animal rights party

There are more of Michael Sutcliffe's words on the SHAC website -

"I write as an Animal Rights (and a few human rights) person, as a rather ageing Vegan foot soldier, now fortunate to be retired, as from 1987, after 41 years hard work, as a Chartered Shipbroker (Before that straight from school, wartime naval service, 1942 – 46) – now, to have the time, to be able to try and help support all the wonderful friends in our movement of compassion, and to express my indignation, and anger, over the never ending and systematic cruelty to animals done by “man”.

The numbers of suffering animals throughout the world are absolutely horrendous, and in their billions, be they in research laboratories (as “tools”); in “factory farms” (markets, transport, slaughter, as animals for food); in zoos, circuses (for entertainment); in the fur industry (for personal adornment); in the countryside, in the wild, as targets for hunting, shooting, angling, trapping, either as “vermin control” or merely as “sport”, amusement and “leisure pursuit”; at sea, its inhabitants decimated, cruelly, by whaling, dolphin slaughter and over-fishing, trapped in huge small-mesh nets.

In this country alone, each and every week, some 600,000 cattle, pigs, sheep, and some 16 million poultry, chickens, turkeys, ducks, are killed ruthlessly, to be eaten, merely for their taste and enjoyment, to be chewed, trashed through a diseased digestive system, and summarily flushed down the lavatory, all totally unnecessary for human health and existence. Such is the monstrous disregard by “man” for sentient creatures, with their own rights, who try and share this small world with rapacious greedy and brutal “man”.

Our thoughts and wishes go out to Michael Sutcliffe's family, many friends and colleagues from the animal welfare and vegan movement and hope that many more people step up to try to fill Michael's shoes and make the future that he dreamed of a practical reality.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The World's First Vegan Fish

The world's first headless, brainless, vegetarian, vegan, fishless fish bred by Swiss Scientists

world's first vegan fish

Embargoed Until 00.07 April 1st 2007

The world's first headless, vegan, fish - Scomberomorus Maculates Scervellato

Swiss Biochimeric engineering scientists have managed to breed the world's first headless, brainless, fishless, fish by adding in proteins and fatty acids from EPA DHA rich micro algae. Macrobiotic Chimeric Engineering has reached new heights with the breeding of a new species that is closer to algae and seaweed than a fish.

Dr Oeildoiseau from the Lake Geneva Institute in Switzerland said “Zis is an amazing breakthrough that was achieved without genetic engineering and has incredible repercussions for the health of the world’s poor and landlocked communities. Ze technique used was a little like skin grafting and is made possible by ze very special properties of omega 3 rich essential fatty acids in micro algae which we added into vegetarian caviar eggs made from seaweed and potato starch.”

Marine biologists have confirmed the new fish is not a fish and classes as a plant as it is genetically simpler than plankton. Plankton falls just within the animal kingdom so isn’t classed as vegetarian or vegan. Hugh Haddock from Aberdeen University said “This unique plant is perfect for farming, because it has two tails and no head it just swims around in circles. Because it’s not technically a fish there are no issues with all the usual harvesting dilemmas such as electrocution, gassing, or stunning with a truncheon and then gill slitting”

A spokesman Redwoods foods who make the fish free making waves range of vegan scampi, fishless fingers, vegan salmon pate and tuna said today “We are assessing the ethical and sustainability implications of this rather intriguing development. We will also be seeking feedback from our customers to find out their reactions to it. Even though it’s not technically a fish I suspect that some of our customers may still be a bit squeamish about something that looks like something from Dr Doolittle - a headless Push-Me-Pull-You fish.”

Vegan Society spokesman Joe King said “There’s no doubt that Scomberomorus Maculates Scervellato is not an animal, it has no central nervous system. This product would be eligible for registration with The Vegan Society – whether or not vegans would buy it is another matter.”

Plamil Foods who make sugar free vegan chocolate fortified with hempseeds for extra amino acids and essential fats have ruled out the possibility of including the vegan fish in their chocolate. “It may go well with our organic egg free mayonnaises but it’s not something we are looking to use as an ingredient.” said managing director Adrian Ling.

A spokesperson for Water 4 Investments the company behind the world’s first vegan alternative to omega 3 fish oil DHA and EPA - V Pure said today “We can see no benefit to us from this vegan fish, our strain of algae already provides all the nutrients we need – there would just be extra expense and effort but no advantages from making oil from this Frankensteinesque creature.”

There are plans to launch the fish at the International ethical living festival at the 5th Bristol Vegan Fayre on June 9th & 10th in Bristol City’s new waterside development. A big tank is being borrowed from the London Aquarium and they will be grown on site. Negotiations are underway with Bristol City Council, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to ensure none of the creatures escape into the wild.

Editor's Notes

Picture - World's first Vegan Fish - Picture

Super Vegetarian Paul McCartney at Bristol Vegan Fayre

Embargoed until 00.007 April 1st - Bristol Vegan Fayre

Paul McCartney to sing Hey Nude in Bristol City

Super Vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney is to Head Line-up of Vegan Stars to Play at the 5th International Bristol Vegan Fayre

The World's most famous vegan, Ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney (64) (sponsored by Red bull - gives you wings) is to headline a host of vegan stars (sponsored by supergreen vegetarian cosmetics company Lush) at the International ethical living festival at the 5th Bristol Vegan Fayre in the heart of Bristol on the 9th & 10th June. thanks to Harvey Goldsmith.

The World's most famous vegetarian, Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney (64) (sponsored by Red Bull - gives you wings) is to sing "We all live in a yellow aubergine" and "Hey Nude" and headline a host of vegan stars (some of whom plan to sing naked) at the International ethical living festival at the 5th Bristol Vegan Fayre in the heart of Bristol on the 9th & 10th June.

Other well known veggie stars (sponsored by Supergreen Vegetarian Cosmetics company Lush Cosmetics ) include Coldplay's Chris Martin singing sonny and cher number " I got you babe" with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, M People Heather Small singing the UK Olympic bid anthem, Moby performing with David Bowie performing a vegan version of 'Old McDonalds had a Factory Farm', Bryan Adams in a duet with vegan rock chick Avril Lavigne singing 'Everything I do I do it for you', and Annie Lennox and Morrisey performing a disco version of 'Meat is Murder'. Legendary 80's political reggae rockers The Beat will also be playing no doubt singing "Stand Down Tony!" rather than their massive early 80's hit 'Stand Down Margaret '(Thatcher)

Following health problems legendary rock promoter and event manager Harvey Goldsmith has given his services for free to pull all these stars together for the vegan event of the year.

Bristol Vegan fayre organiser Paul D'Uverwun (69) said " When Harvey phoned offering free help to raise the profile of healthy vegan diets we just assumed it was someone impersonating him"

Tim Barford from Hemp food company Yaoh the main sponsor of the event said " I still can't believe all these stars are playing at our Vegan festival - We have doubled in size since last year and the Festival is in a better bigger location and over a whole weekend and have seemingly achieved what many considered to be the impossible. Despite all that I won't believe all these people are playing until I see them on the day."

Sir Paul McCartney's late wife's company Linda McCartney Foods, now owned by Hain Europe , is said to have offered free vegan sausages for all the expected 20,000 visitors, and a host of other top vegetarian companies are clamouring to be involved. But even vegans still need to make healthy choices, and the vegan food on offer will be vetted by leading Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston who said "The theme of this show is about ethics, sustainability and health - unfortunately some leading vegetarian products are still currently made with hydrogenated fat which doesn't fit in with that theme."

A spokesperson from The Vegan Society Mr Joe King (35) said today " A line up of world class celebrity stars like this is sure to bring in the crowds and help us towards our target of doubling the number of Vegans by the World Vegan day 2007 on November the first"

Vegetarian Society representative from Bristol Miss Ida Nboleevit (16) " The vegetarian society has been trying to arrange a concert with a line up like this for over 150 years - we take our hats off to The Vegan Society who have done it in only 63 years"

Harvey Goldsmith is rumoured to have pulled off the star studded line up for this event by sending a hamper of the latest hype foods to catch celebrity favour including hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder and a free hemp milk maker to all the stars involved generously donated by Yaoh Hemp foods.

Editors Notes