Monday, August 09, 2010

National Nut Day Not just for Nuts

Restaurants and cafes to celebrate National Nut Day - Eat Out Magazine: 22nd October in case you were wondering. A little bit of me wonders about the benefits of The Vegetarian and Vegan Society aligning themselves with National Nut Day.

We've spent so long trying to shake of the stereotype of veggie nut cases are we not playing into the Daily Mail's hands for a Sun style pickle a nut day headline and the office vegetarians up and down the UK being thrown into a tub full of vinegar?

Perhaps teenage vegetarians and vegans around great britain are gagging to be nibbled on and can't wait til the 22nd October when they finally get to join in some group action.

Kate Gaskell, managing director of Liberation said: "Some people are unsure about the many ways they can use their nuts and we hope they will be inspired by seeing how they can be used in restaurants . We also have top tips to get people started."

Oooh matron , don't get me started! Tips? Make sure they are fresh! Soak them in water and then whizz them up, cover in chocolate to make fantastic after dinner treats!

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