Monday, September 06, 2010

Vegan Rolos- dark chocolate caramels

Viva! - Cruelty Free Shopping : the latest vegan dilemma ..... would you give your partner your last dark chocolate caramel vegan Rolo .....?

Whilst the internal politics at Cadbury's / Green & Blacks leave us with dark chocolate absurdly labelled as containing organic milk powder the enlighten souls at the Irish Celtic Chocolate company are treading fearlessly where Plamil should have trundled long ago.

Yes it's true , Rolo fans, you no longer have to make your own dairy free chocolate vegan Rolos (although I doubt these are as orgasmic as ex Vegan Society trustee Dr Cynthia Combe / Robinson who used to make our knees go week with her treats).

I am about to try to order some vegan Rolos from Ocado to have them delivered to my country retreat...

Make sure you buy 2 boxes so you can offer your last Vegan Rolo to your loved one without reservation.

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