Friday, July 21, 2006

Vegan Pirates

The Vegan Pirates followers of Da Vegan Code advise you to talk like a pirate for International Talk like a Pirate day and take heed of a prophecy by Luscious Lychee juicy Lucy Loopy Loo who talks of a happening on 1:11:11 - she says all will be revealed in time.

Pirates Of The Carob Bean HQ - Vegan Pirates News

Vegan Pirates Prophesy 1:11:11

Vegan Pirates

Be prepared to be Avasted and AAharrrgghed the vegan pirates have landed

The Pirates o the carob bean have crawled out of the codswallop and unlocked a few doors to an Island where "folks looking fer adventure and the secrets o life can be free to say an do how they please in a vegan piratin way - a sort a enter at yer own vegan risk sorta place."

"Taste it yer pirate! Let Curiosity caress yer cheek, gently take yer hand and yank yer gasping to it's very heart" says Don Quinoa who appears to be a parrot and spokesperson for Capt Long John Tofu leader of the pirates o the carob bean.

They sing of a prophecy by one Luscious Lychee juicy Lucy Loopy Loo.

If ye google the news that's vegan an pure
and look for the 7th or 9th down in line
you'll find the lair o vegan pirates fer sure
lying jest beneath the pirates' carob bean sign

and luscious lychee lucy, the loopy Loo
will prophecy to all the future o hope
on the 1st o the eleventh, eleventh it's true
all will be revealed, mankinds' been a dope

Da Vegan Code is not just a myth
no more a red herring than sweet seasoned seeds
remember remember four days fore the fifth
for a world celebration full o ethical deeds

doncha yer ask fer nay money or oxymoronical mercy
if yer persuasion is left in the lurch
fer no amount of intentions'll stop the kids that'll curse ye
if you choose the wrong side an wrong church