Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vegan Overtakes Vegetarian as Doctors, Midwives, Dietitians and Nutritionists Urged to Seek Facts

Interest in vegan diets has finally overtaken vegetarian in the UK as a combined effort from public events such as VegfestUK, the work of the UK Vegan Society and documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Forks Over knives and Earthlings has swayed public opinion.

Vegan Overtakes Vegetarian in UK. Doctors & Dietitians Urged to Seek Facts
Despite the mounting evidence that a balanced vegan diet is much healthier than average a worrying stubborn hard-core of Doctors, midwives, dietitians and nutritionists continue to discourage patients from continuing on a vegan diet or even from breastfeeding.

This contravenes all health professional guidance on due diligence and best practice. Governing bodies of health professionals are urged to ensure that their members are aware of all the latest evidence based facts on vegan diets including the availability of nutritional tools such as vegan Vitamin D3 from Lichen and Omega 3 EPA and DHA from algae.

Presently only one professional body, The British Dietetic Association, has publicly undertaken to work with the UK Vegan Society to ensure it's members are fully up to date with the facts on vegan diets rather than the urban myths that abound.

Vegfest UK at London Olympia on 10th October and Glasgow SECC on 5th December will be hosting a health summit, bringing together leading dietetic and nutrition experts to help health professionals bring their knowledge up to date with the facts and evidence based research on vegan diets.

Details on the Health Summits can be found

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

News: Chef Searches for 1990s Fans After The Vegan Cookbook Nominated for Award

RushPRNews: Chef Searches for 1990s Fans After The Vegan Cookbook Nominated for Award

Vegan Chef searches for former guests of award winning boutique and idiosyncaratic Highland hotel Taigh Na Mara Vegan Guesthouse Nr Ullapool. He has apealled to newspapers such as The Herald and The Scotsman to try and track down thousands of guests from mainly Glasgow , Edinburgh and all over the USA from cities such as New Yoork and San Francisco

The chef , Tony Bishop-Weston (nee Weston) wants former guests to vote for his cookbook, The Vegan Cookbook, published by Hamlyn that has been nominated for 'The Best Vegan Cookbook Award' by VegfestUK to be presented at Vegfest London at Olympia on Saturday 10th October.

Former fans of Taigh Na Mara Guesthouse Lochbroom can vote here for the next few days only

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Vote for vegan cookbook nominated best vegan cookbook

Please please vote for The vegan Cookbook nominated  Best vegan cook book by Vegfest UK

Cookbook is available on kindle too for only a few £s

Please vote for the vegan cookbook

Friday, August 07, 2015

Half Price: Digital Copy of Cowspiracy The Movie that inspired thousands of people to go vegan

Today, The Movie that inspired 1,000s of people to go vegan all over the world is now available for half price. Only $4.95 if you go here and use the code VIP2015

Cowspiracy - the ultimate sustainability movie
Please share this movie with your friends and family

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Health Summit for Health Professionals at VegfestUK Vegan Festival London Olympia

As part of the continuing efforts to Vegducate as many people as possible about the vegan solutions to avoidable world problems that threaten our planet VegfestUK is now hosting a Health Summit for Health Professionals at London Olympia on Saturday 10th October.

Sadly there are still many health professionals that are unaware of the evidence based science that supports the solution of a healthier balanced plant based diet to common health problems and the vegan diets suitability for all age groups.

Harley Street nutritional therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston reveals "I am frequently contacted by mothers at their wits end because of pressure put upon them by Doctors to start eating meat and cheese and feed animal products to their children, like there is some magical ingredient that can only be found in meat and dairy. It reveals a lack of understanding about basic nutrition and the nutrients found in food"

"Yes a person may fair better on a diet higher in protein, may have some health condition that requires extra omega 3 EPA and DHA, or vitamin B12 or vitamin D3 or probiotics but there are now excellent plant based versions of all of these nutritional tools."

Earlier this year The Vegan Society reached a historic agreement with The British Dietetic Association. The Vegan Society and The British Dietetic Association have agreed to collaborate to bring  reliable plant based nutrition information to every community in the UK.

Tony Bishop-Weston, executive consultant Vegan Chef and Author of The Vegan Cookbook,  has helped VegfestUK bring together some leading lights in Nutrition and Dietetics to provide a line up of distinguished speakers to provide evidence based science that backs up the argument for vegan solutions to the scourge of avoidable self inflicted health problems we face.

Chef says "For too long many health professionals, GP's, midwives, dietitians, nutritionists, health workers have written off plant based diets as unnatural and exclusionary. This may be partly because of the way vegan diets were better known for what wasn't vegan, what they didn't eat rather than what vegans do eat - messages were full of negative messages, not this, don't eat that, no no no rather than yes yes yes and motivational provocative messages focused on delicious and dynamic vegan solutions. That's all changed. Bookshops are awash with beautiful vegan cookbooks with deliciously inspiring vegan recipes. The supermarkets now sell edible melting vegan cheese, vegan sausages, dairy free ice cream in fact everything from plant based caviar to vegan haggis. Thanks to 70 years of UK veganism there's now plenty of people to prove that a vegan diet can be far healthier than the average UK diet"

Speakers at The VegfestUK Health Summit for Health Professionals include

Professor Thomas Sanders  Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics Kings College London who will be talking about his CRESSIDA study and it's relevance to those on vegan diets
Prof Tom Sanders Professor of Nutrition Kings College London
Dr Emma Derbyshire, PhD, is a registered public health nutritionist government adviser on nutrition and diet matters and award-winning nutrition and health writer. 
Dr Emma Derbyshire Nutritionist
Sandra Hood RD - A specialist dietician for the NHS Sandra runs education sessions on diabetes for patients and health professionals. Sandra is author of 'Feeding your Vegan Baby with Confidence' published by The Vegan Society and has had numerous articles published in magazines. She worked closely with Plamil Foods to produce Infant Case Histories to prove the efficacy and benefits of a plant food based diet for infants. Sandra is currently working on nutrition material for the Vegan Society and BDA collaboration. She will be joined by Nutritional Therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Sandra Hood registered Dietitian
Dr Nina Bailey -BSc Hons, MSc, PhD, ANutr: Nutrition Scientist - Head of Clinical Nutrition Igennus Healthcare Nutrition - Dr Nina Bailey is a leading expert in marine fatty acids and their role in health and disease. Dr Bailey holds a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and received her doctorate from Cambridge University and is a published scientist,  regularly featured in national health publications.

Dr Nina Bailey Nutrition Scientist
Mikkel Jungersen - Scientific Advisor in Scientific Affairs at Chr. Hansen’s Health & Nutrition Division where he is responsible for scientific issues for Chr. Hansen’s probiotics
Mikkel Jungeresen - Scientific Advisor
 Other speakers include Paul Appleby from the Oxford University/European EPIC Study, Dr Tushar Mehta from Toronto, motivational expert Brian Jacobs and yoga guru talking about and demonstrating yoga as a tool to alleviate some of the effects of stress.

SATURDAY Health Professionals Health Summit Talks Room

12:00 - Dr Emma Derbyshire - Protein and Calcium Solutions on a Vegan Diet
1:00 - Prof Tom Sanders - King's College London CRESSIDA Study
2:00 - Sandra Hood RD Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc DipION mBANT - Safer Vegan Pregnancy & Childrens health
3:00 - Mikkel Jungersen, MSc - Probiotics and Women's health
4:00 - Dr Nina Bailey - Essential Fats and Vegan Diets
5:00 - Dr Tushar Mehta - Vegan is the Answer: What's The Question?

SATURDAY Health Professionals Health Summit Workshop Room

12:00 - Paul Appleby  - Oxford Uni EPIC Study and Vegan Findings
1:00 - Debate - Raw food vs Cooked food
2:00 - Dr Tushar Mehta & Peter Gleave - Can you reverse Diabetes?
4:00 - Brian Jacobs - Solutions for motivational strategies for encouraging healthy eating
5:00 - The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre – Stress Management

Free certificated CPD for Health Professionals will be on offer. Contact your professional body for more details.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Brighton MP Caroline Lucas to open Vegfest UK

Eco Woman, voted most Ethical Politician Caroline Lucas MP to open Brighton Vegfest

Caroline Lucas MP has been voted the UK's most ethical politician in 2007, 2009 and 2010 by readers of the Observer, in 2008 was judged one of the Guardian’s top “eco-heroes”, received Red magazine's Woman of the Year Award 2010 in the ethical/eco category and is in the Environment Agency's Top 100 Eco-Heroes of all time.

..... and she's opening Vegfest UK in Brighton !!

Caroline Lucas MP - to open Brighton Vegfest

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Reasons why you should invite your friends to Vegfest

10 Reasons why you should invite your friends to vegfest

1) It's fun. There's something for everyone whether they
 are into food, music, politics, film, the environment,  human rights
or just meeting people

2) There's no pressure. They can just walk around tasting stuff,
It's no like a dinner party, if they don't like what they've
tasted they can just move on. Most visitors are not vegan.

3) Expert Advice. Vegfest is awash  with expert advisors so any questions
can be quickly answered

4) Bargains. Most exhibitors run show offers and special prices so its the
cheapest place to kick start a new vegan lifestyle

5) Affordable.  A day at Vegfest is only a fiver if you buy tickets
online and if you buy early enough there are BOGOF offers

6) Fairtrade. A vegan diet is fairer for animals, for people
for the planet and fair on your body too.

7) Sustainable.  A vegan diet needs less water, less land, less fuel,
less electricity and less destruction than a meat based diet.

8) Health. Vegan diets men decreased risk of heart disease
Stroke, diabetes, some cancers and food poisoning

9) Kids go free. Vegfest UK has always strived to help vegducate
the next generation to help them understand why they should
try to avoid making the same mistakes as the previous generation.

10) Feel Good Factor It feels good to shake off apathy and adopt
a philosophy that is making a difference, making things better
not worse