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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clegg vaults to lead in U.K. election: poll

Clegg vaults to lead in U.K. election: poll
A breath of fresh air blasts into UK politics and takes the wind out of Shameron's sails with a massive 10 point body blow that puts Nick Clegg in first place even in The Sun newspaper's poll.

Murdoch's News International Jugganaut have an editorial 'ban on Lib Dem' policy and purposefully try to keep them out of British Politics admitted the ex editor of The Sun David Yelland in The Guardian on Sunday.
If Clegg is in the lead even in the Sun's commissioned YouGov poll then chances he's doing even better than the 1% lead over the Tories they admit to.

There are hoards of voters who would love to give the Liberal Democrats and The Green Party a chance to take a fresh approach to UK politics that's neither greedily grabbing everything they can for the richest 1% nor bogging down the wheels of optimum performance with a treacle mine of administrative sludge.

The optimist in me wants to believe that the British public can't really have been foolish enough to really want a conservative regime and merely want something different to the party of red tape. Now there is a credible alternative to Shameron and his old boy fox hunting network.

Days after the debate Clegg is still on a roll - good news for the Green Party too if people finally start grasping the notion of NOT voting for same old same old.

Monday, August 17, 2009

World Vegan Day Poll Revelations

World Vegan Day
World Vegan Day Poll This year is rather special for Vegans - It's 65 years since Donald Watson first inspired people to formally recognise his philosophy as vegan and help him form the world's first Vegan Society. World Vegan Day has been celebrated every year since the 50th / Golden Anniversary in 1994 but there's a determination that this year it will be one of the most special of all.

Never before has there been so much self reflection and looking forward with renewed pragmatic resolve.

Why is that after 65 years veganism still fails to flourish in the way it logically should? We have the evidence, it's better for the environment, it's more sustainable, it's better for health, it's better for people, it's more ethical - civilised society should embrace it wholeheartedly! What's holding the thinking majority back?

A World Vegan Day Poll asked vegan visitors "What would make your friends try veganism?" Unsurprisingly from a movement largely driven by a commitment to Animal Welfare the no1 result was

'Being taken around a slaughterhouse' with 31% of the Vote

Interesting though The World Vegan Day Poll reveals a more practical potential important focus area for vegan campaigns.

Better Vegan choices and dishes in Restaurants comes in a close 2nd with 28% of the vote

Previously Fresh Fast Food caterers such as Pret a' manger had started to address this issue with a range of inspired salads, vegetable sushi and the ubiquitious Hummous and roasted vegetable wrap - hell they even had Green & Blacks chocolate.

Then it's seems Julian Metcalf took his eye off the ball again and bits of creme fraiche (AARRGGGH!) or feta seemed to have unecessarily crept back in to all the plant based dishes (like they all needed a little extra saturated animal fat?????)

Still other restaurants that do take vegan plant based choices seriously are filling the gap. Restaurants such as Tibbits in Piccadilly, Itsu and the celebrated Leon chain have their eyes and hearts firmly fixed on Pret's lunchtime trade and the pre-theatre crowd too.

They are not alone though.

Following Sir Paul McCartney and Celebrity friends Meat Out Monday relaunch, and McCartney family arch rival Heather Mills' determination to take over the world with her globally franchisable V-Bites more and more caterers are begining to see the light.

Having equal value for money choices of equal quality on the nations menus, thus making it more convenient and more enjoyable to choose vegan can only result in one thing - more people choosing vegan - it's the only logical choice.

If we manage to remove that final excuse - "oh it's too difficult" then there is nothing stopping people apart from pure selfish greed and a masochistic suicidal obcession with destruction and torture.

World Vegan Day will be celebrated in London's second City - Croydon at an ECO-VEG Fayre and healthy family fun day at Croydon's legendary Fairfield Halls on Sunday November 1st. There will be a big emphasis on encouraging restaurants and cafes to include 100% plant based options on their menus at this event and during Croydon's Food Festival

See more at Croydon World Vegan Day Event