Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scottish Beef Farmers Try to Stop Tree Planting

SAMW seek consultation assurance on future tree planting

You'd think that with with a environmentally loaded gun pointing squarely at the head of the beef Industry they would be a bit more careful about hitting the headlines with stereotypical rhetoric.But no.

Goodland and Anhang reported last year (2011. Livestock and greenhouse gas emissions: The importance of getting the numbers right, by Herrero et al. Animal. Feed Science and Technolog y166–167, 779–782 (doi: 10.1016/j.anifeedsci.2011.12.028). For the World Bank,  and state the lifecycle and supply chain of livestock products account for at least 51% of annual worldwide reen house gas emissions.

This is more than is attributable to all the world's transport. A number of researchers are reaching similar conclusions, if we continue to eat meat in the quantities we are the consequences will be catastrophic.

Director's Cut. Beef is bad for health and the environment.
 On one hand you have Oscar-winning Director of TitanticAvatar and Terminator,James Cameron saying you can't be a true environmentalist if you eat meat.

On the other hand you have the Scottish Beef Industry seemingly clueless on their Public Relations faux pas apparently complaining to the Forestry Commission about planting trees on land that could be used for beef farming.

The Scottish Beef Industry is also asking politicians for an extra 10% subsidy to try to encourage more farmers to raise cattle.

Because the food chain and the profits of food production is now largely controlled by investment banking stock brokers, wholesalers and retailers, farmers the worldover are being squeezed out of the big boys profit margins. Dairy farmers and Beef Farmers in particular are getting a taste of what it's like to be a farmer in the developing world with little or no say in how their product is produced or a fair share of the profits.

Can Scottish farmers survive the middlemen?
Perhaps it's time Fair Trade organisations looked closer to home and helped Scottish farmers to set up co-ops to regain control over their income and decide the most sustainable and profitable use of their farmland that doesn't need big government subsidies to help it break even.

What do you think?

Can Scottish farmers survive the middlemen?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Vegan Festival UK Vegfests Book Early 10% Discount

Earlybird offer - 10% off stalls

The dates have been announced for the World's biggest veggie events in 2013 - VegfestUK Brighton (March 16th & 17th 2013) and VegfestUK Bristol (May 24th 25th & 26th 2013) - and the websites are now live for bookings.

And there's an early bird special offer for stall bookings too - 10% off if you book and pay before November 30th 2012

The 2012 shows saw a combined total of over 30,000 visitors to these two events, and both the shows continue to expand for 2013.

As well as the usual mix of 125 stalls, specialist caterers, talks on nutrition, health, campaigns and lifestyle, cookery demos, headline acts, celebrity appearances live music and performance,  highlights and new additions include

·         Speed dating session and a Wedding
·         Bodybuilders strength competition
·         Comedy Hour with name comedians
·         Family Day Sunday with Kids Cookery Classes
·         Free Nutritional consultancy clinic for families
·         Baby change/breastfeed space
·         Performance area for live music
·         Cinema with 'Healthy Lifestyle' films including Simply Raw, Vegucated etc

·         Tenth birthday party on Friday with our biggest headline acts to date
·         Expanded Kids area with Kids cookery workshops tent and Kids activities tent
·         Mother & baby's chill zone,
·         Baby change/breastfeed space
·         Cinema with 'Healthy Lifestyle' films including Simply Raw, Vegucated etc
·         Beta Rocker Sound System
·         Chariots of the Sun Stage
·         Improved water and washing facilities with separate area for stallholders

Admission to Brighton is free to the public, at Bristol it's a £2 charge before 5pm and £5 after 5pm for the headline acts. Brighton is indoors at The Hove Centre and has a footfall of 5,000 in 2012, expected to rise to 6,000 in 2013, and Bristol is an outdoor show with an attendance in 2012 of 25,000 over 3 days. Expected attendance for 2013 is around 15,000 as it has now become a pay event (2012 admission was free).

Both shows offer fantastic exhibiting opportunities as well as sponsorship packages, and our comprehensive marketing options (in the event programme, on the website and in the ebulletin) target tens of thousands of health conscious individuals, most of whom are already vegetarian or vegan, or actively seeking to reduce their meat and dairy intake and are looking for more plant based options.

If you would like to exhibit, sponsor, advertise or place your products at the show, please contact our office and we will be happy to provide you with further information. Meanwhile you can access more information about the show here



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Contact : Tim Barford, Show Director, VegfestUK, Tel. 0117 3079872

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Egg row cracks India's Vegetarian Congress - Telegraph

Egg row cracks India's Vegetarian Congress - Telegraph

The Vegg - Vegan Egg that Indian Vegetarians can eat

What came first? The Vegetarian or the Egg.?

Indian Vegetarians are revolting- against the International Vegetarian Union IVU and it's insistence that eggs are vegetarian.

The row is no yolk and it has been boiling for some time. Basically the Indian Vegetarians feel the idealogy of vegetarianism has been poached and whisked up into a hard boiled concept that's left egg on the faces of UK based IVU. In an eggshell the Indian vegetarians feel their devine inspired definition of a plant based diet is a supreme one, not a half baked omelette of scrambled philosophical thoughts.

So just who are the rightful Guardians of the definition of vegetarian? "Who cares" say the vegans, until you get all animal products out of the diet it's not truly healthier, it's not truly sustainable and it's not truly avoiding the unnecessary slavery and torture of animals.

Meanwhile more and more people tread the Plantarian pathway of health and sustainability than ever before irresepective of the pedantic semantics of the self appointed vegetarian librarians. The Pythagorean , Hindhu , Jain and Buddhist principles that spawned the worldwide veganism of presidents and Hollywood stars are now so far out of Pandora's box that they have a self perpetuating life of their own.

Veganism has finally reached critical mass, look out cruel world for the meek are inheriting your debt.(and frankly they are a bit indignant)

Pig Farmer eaten by his pigs - Hogs strike back

Man eaten by hogs at Oregon farm - KPTV - FOX 12

Man eating pigs? Pig farmer eaten by pigs nightmare reminder
Early one morning Oregon Pig farmer, Terry Garner, who lived near the rural town of Riverton in southern Oregon, went to feed his 700-pound hogs. He was never seen alive again.

They are still not sure how the farmer was eaten by his own animals, whether he had a heart attack or whether the hungry pigs attacked him or whether there was some element of foul play at work (attacked by battery farmed hens?)

Many years ago I was staying on my friend's farm in Switzerland and early one morning my friend thought it would be funny to get me to feed the hogs. basically there's only two reasons why people go into the Hog Shed - to feed them or to fetch them to service the sows. You go in there, he's either gonna try to eat you or impregnate you or both in no particular order. I was faced with a Hog suddenly at full stretch on his chain towering above me drooling over me with an almost psycopathic look in his eye, making this most terrifying noise that made Freddy Krueger sound like a Telly Tubbie. I was petrified. I can easily  imagine what happened to Terry Garner.

Fox reports "When he wasn't seen for several hours, a family member went to look for him, and found Garner's dentures on the ground in front of the hog enclosure, which housed several of the animals.While searching the hog enclosure, the family member found Garner's body in several pieces, with a majority of it consumed by the hogs, the district attorney said."