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Taxing meat could make us thinner

Taxing meat could make us thinner | Talking Politics - Yahoo!

 Actually I don't think we need to tax meat......

If we just rediverted the £billion subsidies dished out to the Meat , Dairy and Fishing Industries that would do the trick. We should be investing those £Billion subsidies in promoting and supporting products and industries that make a positive, sustainable difference to people's health and the Planet. Supporting industries that make the situation worse is nothing short of either ignorance or political cowardice
Yvonne Bishop-Weston - Nutrition London - Nutritionists - Twitter- See also Meat The Truth - Sea The Truth

Quorn Launches First Vegan Product - MarketWatch

Quorn Launches First Vegan Product - MarketWatch

That was the year that was! In 2011 we saw President Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brand even bat munching Ozzie Osbourne coming out of the closet to promote vegan diets.

Now even "we can do it any other way" Quorn, who have always maintained that nothing apart from egg could survive their manufacturing process, have now come out with a vegan burger in the USA - Hip Horray!!!!

They promised me Vegan camembert 10 years ago. Then they sold the company and I got diddly squat. Lets hope vegan camembert is back on the Quorn Corp NPD list along with a host of other innovative Dairy Free products such as a healthy essential fat rich, high protein Vegan Ice cream that'll give those salmon munchers at Tofutti a run for their sugar coated money.

Anyway Hoorah! Merry Christmas America! Enjoy your 2012 BBQ season and keep your vegan fingers crossed for us poor supermarket neglected Plantarians here in Blighty.

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'Vegan' Still a Scarey Word for Public

Registered Vegan Trademark
Vegan restaurants, bakeries find success downplaying ‘v’ word to attract more diners - The Washington Post

I've met a lot of meat eating people who struggle with the concept of "vegetarian sausage' or 'veggieburger' "Why do you have to call it by it's meat name" they say complain.

Why? Because if we called it "A vegan rehydrated tofu, onion, breadcrumb and spiced mini log" even the vegans would steer clear of it.

Why is baby cow called veal? Why is a cow or pigs thymus, heart, pancreas served up as sweetbreads? - Marketing.

Why do veggie burgers, veggie sausages, vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate, vegan mayo taste like the real thing? because that's what people are used to and they are scared of change.

It sounds obvious but the most important thing is that food is not only good value for money but sounds, looks and tastes delicious. "It doesn’t matter if the “meatloaf” or cake is vegan so long as it tastes amazing, said Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst for The NPD Group, a consumer marketing research firm. Marketing a delicious cake or promoting that your restaurant offers the most diverse flavors will grow a business, not hocking them as vegan"

When the operations director from Cranks Restaurants (Yvonne Bishop) proudly called me to tell me that she had introduced a 'vegan pate sandwich' she was dissapointed with my response. "Please tell me you didn't call it that...........". Talk to me about a wild mushroom , portwine, red onion and thyme pate sandwich but a 'Vegan Pate Sandwich' who'll buy that? It's like an afterthought, a patronising token "oh look we even do something for you people who are always whinging that we don't do anything you can eat!"

It's the same with 'Vegan Wine' - if the best and only thing you can think of to say about your product is that it's vegan then I don't want to buy it. Desperate Aunties may buy a bottle for their eccentric nephew for Christmas dinner......

The best way to use the use the vegan word on products and in marketing is as a mark of purity - To proudly, and quickly identify your product as free from key allergens, avoiding animal welfare issues and cruelty, avoiding ingredients that increase risk of disease and avoiding key ingredients that jeopardise the sustainability of our planet - it's not absolute but a good general aid to secondary buying preferences (after primary concerns of value for money and taste are met)

My father is an ex butcher who still refuses to give up cheap meat and dairy even though he knows it has riddled him with rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and osteoporosis and makes things worse. Even he views it as a mark of quality and excellence if a restaurant has a decent vegan option on the menu, he won't choose it but they go further up in his estimations that are also based on the quality of their napkins.

The Washington Post reveals
When vegan bakery BabyCakes NYC recently opened a satellite shop in downtown Disney World, honesty wasn’t a virtue. The shop’s teal signs touting their dairy- and egg-free treats proved too much for the mostly middle American, indulgent vacationers passing by.
“It was more of a repellant,” said owner Erin McKenna. “People were just walking away.”

Within a few days, the scary ‘v’ word on the sign was made much smaller. And soon, unsuspecting walk-in customers were gushing over agave sweetened vanilla cupcakes with lemon frosting and chocolate whoopie pies, unaware they were made sans eggs, milk and butter.

The easiest way to use vegan as a mark of purity and quality rather than a limiting and defining personification of your product is to use the Vegan Society Vegan trademark. You can get a whole range of products registered for as little as £100 / $150

Because vegan does still have a few negative associations, despite the best efforts of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton and a host of other celebrities and famous sports personalities Foods for Life launched Plantarian and One World Day in January 2011

They use this basic logo used by Plamil foods, the pioneers of Soy milk and dairy free chocolate in the UK

It attempts to convey the idea of a journey to a better place, a pathway to health and sustainability rather than a very tight fitting box to squeeze into.

It's hoped that this will be less intimidating and more appealling to the hoards of people still undermining their health and threatening the sustainability of the planet by using their plates knives and forks as weapons of mass destruction.

Happy 30th Birthday Vegan Society NSW

Submission to a National Food Plan - Vegan Society NSW

30 years of promoting compassion in NSW

This weekend The Vegan Society of NSW will celebrate 30 years of spreading the vegan message of animal rights, compassion, sustainability and health to Sydney and the State.
In our 30th year of the Vegan Society, we have achieved a lot. We’ve held six highly successful vegan expos. We have so many enthusiastic and committed members. It’s been a real pleasure to witness the society growing over all these years,” said Greg Mc Farlane, President of the NSW Vegan Society.
The Vegan Society of NSW is of interest to people who care about animal rights, human health and the environment. Vegans refrain from using all animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, leather and wool. They reject all forms of exploitation of animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.
Australians deserve to be educated about the many benefits of plant-based diets and supported by government. Until this happens, people can count on the Vegan Society to provide this much needed education and information. We welcome everyone.”
Since Myer Samra and Bill Westerman formed the society in 1981, its many volunteers, presidents and committee members have continued to grow the society to become what it is today – a community of informed and compassionate citizens determined as ever to showcase, promote and celebrate the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle.
The strength of the society is its membership. Many hundreds of people have now benefited from joining the society. The society provides advice and support to help with the transition to a vegan diet. For committed vegans, the society provides social support, activities, and opportunities to be involved in vegan outreach.
Members receive a quarterly newsletter, a free subscription to Living Vegan magazine, vegan shopping discounts as well as opportunities to participate in a variety of social outings, events and festivals.
Media contact: Greg McFarlane: 0400 492 157
Massive event planned to celebrate - Here

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One World Day - Health Sustainability - YouTube

One World Day Nov 1st: One World Day - Health Sustainability - YouTube

One for your friends who eat animals ?

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The Veggie Kids - "What Kind of World Do You Want?"

The Veggie Kids - "What Kind of World Do You Want?" - VERSION 2 - YouTube

Happy One World Day

Vegan Politics: vegan MPs + politicians

Veganism in Politics: Chris Williamson, Cathy Jamieson and Kerry McCarthy with questions from Denis Kucinich and Maneka Gandhi « The Vegan Option: blog and internet radio

Vegan Politicians (MP3 download) (other formats) (via iTunes)

We profile the handful of people who combine veganism with politics at their country’s national level. I went to the UK Parliament to meet Britain’s three vegan MPs. What was their path to politics? And I took with me questions from their counterparts in the rest of the world.

Press the play button to find out. (Or, better still, subscribe via iTunes or your podcast catcher of choice.)

The British Vegan MPs

Chris Williamson (@ChriswMP on twitter) has an official site at, but also find: Chris Williamson on Wikipedia; Chris Williamson at They Work for You ; Chris Williamson on BBC Democracy Live

Kerry McCarthy (@KerryMP)’s official site is Also: Kerry McCarthy on Wikipedia; Kerry McCarthy at They Work for You ; Kerry McCarthy on BBC Democracy Live

Cathy Jamieson (@cathyjamieson) is officially at, but also: Cathy Jamieson on Wikipedia ; Cathy Jamieson at They Work for You ; Cathy Jamieson on BBC Democracy Live

The American Congressman

Dennis Kucinich (@repkucinich) has two official sites: and, for his constituency, He’s also Dennis Kucinich on Wikipedia.

The Indian MP

Maneka Gandhi chairs People for Animals. She is, obviously, also Maneka Gandhi at Wikipedia.

As Diana mentioned in the show, she advocates veganism and sometimes identifies as such, but admits she doesn’t always live up to it.

References for science

I referred to studies by the large long-term EPIC-Oxford study, in particular their 2009 paper on cancer incidence. The team have a particular interest in vegetarians and vegans, and I reported their results in my 2008 podcast short at Verdant Reports.

Veganism in Politics: Chris Williamson, Cathy Jamieson and Kerry McCarthy with questions from Denis Kucinich and Maneka Gandhi « The Vegan Option: blog and internet radio

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Free Recipes, Diet Plans, Diet Advice & Support

Resources - ONE WORLD DAY - November 1st

An list of over a dozen organisations that can help you in your quest for a healthier more sustainable lifestyle!

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Paul McCartney Vegetarian Cookbook

The Paul McCartney Cookbook Out Now
One World Day Nov 1st: Paul McCartney Vegetarian Cookbook

Paul McCartney ( and Stella and Mary McCartney) Have launched a new Vegetarian Cookbook in time for One World Day

The vegetarian Cook Book published to raise money for the Meat Free Monday campaign features recipes not just from the McCartney family collections but also from the McCartney's celebrity friends too.

Nicely timed Mr McCartney for One World Day

see also V-Pure

Monday, October 17, 2011

Vegetarian Food Banned in France

One World Day Nov 1st: French Ban Vegetarian and Vegan Meals

Vegetarian and Vegan Meals Banned in France!

EVU! - Vegetarianism / Veganism now made illegal in France!

Nicolas Sarkozy- Nil Point
It seems the nightmare stereotype of Veganism in France treated as treason has become a gruesome reality with a new piece of legislation that makes meat eating law, forcing meals in French Schools, hospitals and old peoples homes to always include meat and animal products.

If you needed any more proof that President of the Republic of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, is not fit for purpose then here it is. At a time when for health and sustainability reasons it's even more important we adopt a plant based lifestyle the French President has made it effectively illegal to live as a vegetarian in France. It's thought to be a move to counteract Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday initiative that had French Farmers up in arms.

After a law voted last year by the French Parliament(1), similar decrees will be taken soon regarding all forms of catering from kindergarten to hospital, prisons and retirement homes. Vegetarianism will then have effectively been banned for a large part of the population.

A French government order issued on October 2, 2011(2) has decreed that all meals served in school canteens in France must contain animal products, and that meat and fish will be served at a certain minimum frequency. This implies that by law from now on no vegetarian can eat at any public or private school in France.

The European Vegetarian Union EVU say
The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which is binding on member states including France, holds that: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right includes freedom to change religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or in private, to manifest religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.(4)
The public debate regarding animal rights and the moral status of animals is active in France as in many other countries. Citizens are entitled to choose freely where they stand on these issues, and those who believe that they cannot, in conscience, accept to eat animals must not be discriminated against.
A government cannot settle a philosophical, ethical and political debate by restricting the rights of those who disagree with its own positions. For years, the official policy of the French government has been openly hostile to vegetarianism.(5) The French agriculture minister, Bruno Lemaire, declared in January 2010 that the government's aim in determining its public nutritional policy was to defend the French agricultural model and specifically to counter initiatives such as those of Paul McCartney calling for a reduced consumption of meat.(6)
1. "Law for the modernization of agriculture and fisheries", published on July 27, 2010.

2. Décret n° 2011-1227 du 30 septembre 2011; arrêté du 30 septembre 2011.
3. Position statement of the American Dietetic Association
4. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, article 10.1
5.An example is the site, where the only nutritional advice given to a teenager contemplating becoming a vegan is "By all means, do not follow that diet!" (, page 11).

Hopefully now the public will take French Veggie Pride a little more seriously as it seems French vegetarians and vegans really are an oppressed and persecuted minority in France.

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One World Day To Set New Diet Record: Follow Clinton And Oprah For Global Health & Sustainability

One World Day
One World Day: Follow Clinton And Oprah For Global Health and Sustainability

So now is the time, only a month to go unti One World Day , choose a friend and introduce them to delicious, nutritious plant based food on the 1st of November - One World Day. Take some home made soup and carrot cake into work, organise with a local restaurant to have a special Plantarian menu and have a party or if you fancy your chef skills why not have a dinner party in your own home?

The goal is to set as many new people on the first steps on the pathway to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle as possible.

Let us know what you are up to at

One World Day - One Day for Life!

One World Day Shop  * One World Day Tshirts * T shirts for One World Day

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Peace Day 2012 - A Day of Global Truce: Peace Day 21 September

Peace Day 2012 - A Day of Global Truce: Peace Day 21 September

We hope that Peace Day 21st september 2012 will mean peace and non violence for all life on planet earth

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Plantarian - Fish Free Friday

Plantarian - A Diet for Healthier Humans: Vegetarian Society - Fish Free Friday

vegsoc start their own fish fight!

The Vegetarian Society has launched Fish Free Friday.

Following in the wake of River Cottage cook Hugh Fearnly-Whats-His-Face's Channel 4 TV Fish Fight, and Greta Satchi getting naked and hugging a fish to promote The End of the Line, Sea First Foundations film 'Sea The Truth', their cookbook non-fish-i-licious of fish free fish recipes and Leonardo di Caprio's support for the world's oceans it's nice to see the ball kept in the air and keep chipping away at people's misconceptions or rather 'fishconceptions' according to The Vegetarian Society.

If you haven't watched the Sea The Truth film yet please do so! Now for free - Sea The Truth Movie

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Food Revolution Revolting Peasants

It seems the world is revolting and finally waking up to the food industry con trick of selling us half food rather than whole food. Celebrity chefs are smelling blood and opting for vegetables. They may look more like cricket umpires than chefs but the are changing the way we think about food.

I used to think he was a fat lipped twonk, perhaps there was an element of resentment that he'd stolen my line about the naked chef .(most of theScottish newspapers had featured me naked with a wooden spoon at some point). Love him or hate him celebrity chef, looking more like a cricket umpire who's lost his hat than a chef, Jamie Oliver is changing the world and the way we live and eat. His food revolution to transform kids food at school has gained major celebrity support and is speeding towards a million supporters from all over the world. He's fired a broadside shot against the sugar industry and is waiting for sugar ninjas crashing through his bedroom window one night.
Another oddball who looks like he'd be more at home on a village green cricket pitch with a sumo-ish layer of jumpers around his waist and a straw hat is tank top wearing River Cottage celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Not one to be out done and hot on the heels of his modicum of success with his fish fight he has brought out a cook book for vegetables - 'Veg Every Day!' Yep that's right Hugh – eight portions every day please! He's even started to mutter the veggie-mantra that eating more vegetables is better for health and better for the planet.

Yotam built up huge admiration whilst conjuring up vegetarian recipes for The Guardian, his book, The New Vegetarian is exquiste despite dissappointingly being splattered with eggs and cheese at every opportunity. Nonetheless he has brought vegetables to new tables in new households in a wholly delicious way and opened peoples eyes to the potential of plants. Quinoa fennel Salad
Meanwhile in the USA apart from Bill Clinton singing the praises of his Plantarian style vegan diet every few months and a plethora of pro veg Doctors joining the twittering wifi generation, things do seem to finally moving in the right direction.
Whatever next ? The Hairy Bikers cooking up Vegan Chocolate cake??

At the risk of hyperbole there does seem to be about a hundred different movies at the moment, such as Planeat, Forks before Knives, Meat Matters, A Delicate Balance, Sea The Truth et al that all sing the praises of a Plant focussed diet.

Everyone seems to be jumping aboard the Plantastic Plantwagon, but then didn't I warn you about that in January?

So what can you do? Foods for life have launched One World Day ( ) as a catalyst to help you to encourage new people to explore healthier, more sustainable delicious food on November 1st. What we need is as many new people as possible to take their first steps on a plantarian path towards optimum health and a more stable, sustainable future for our planet

We've not long left now, so please if possible talk to restaurants or hotels about putting on a special One World Day menu and encouraging their customers to bring their friends in to try it – A One World Day Disney Offer – If they 'Disney like it' then then they don't pay. ?

We also need lots of Double One Diet Dare Product offers for 1:11:11 - 11:11:11

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution | Sign the petition | Jamie Oliver (US)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vegan Women Get PMT say Dairy Industry

Latest Gotmilk poster upsets vegans & feminists
2005PMSandMilkstudy.pdf (application/pdf Object)

The Dairy Industry has suggested vegan women and vegetarian women who avoid milk are much more likely to suffer from PMS / PMT than their milk drinking counterparts. The next installment in their rediculous GOT MILK (should be got cancer? got obesity? got osteoporosis? got diabetes? got heart disease? ED) adverts is targetting men suggesting rather than call a marriage guidance counsellor they go out and buy some milk for their wives and girlfriends when they get caught in a "that's not what i meant when I said that what I wanted was that I needed you to understand that what I meant was not what I said I needed or wanted you to do and that you should have understood that!!!!!!!" type of argument.

The campaign was a huge success having riled up vegans, feminists, men, women, chauvenist pigs, Doctors, nutritionists and the media over a period of a number of months.

New York Times:
The Dairy Industtry campaign takes the cheeky tack of addressing itself to the men in women’s lives, on the grounds that women are not the only ones affected by premenstrual syndrome.
“Are you a man living with PMS?” some of the ads ask.
The approach is underlined by the centerpiece of the campaign, a microsite, or special Web site, that is ostensibly in the voice of a man whose wife or girlfriend is in the throes of PMS: “Everything I do is wrong.”
Vegan Mainstream:
This new Got Milk? campaign received some extreme backlash from feminists AND animal rights activists for its series of sexist milk ads. The print ads targeted men, suggesting they ask women to drink up their milk when PMS strikes to alleviate “bitchiness,” implicitly indicating that men suffer worse PMS-plights than women. A special accompanying micro-site was an extra slap in the face; men were directed to visit

Slogans like, “I’m sorry I listened to what you said and not what you meant” are displayed on a poster also portraying a sheepish hubby (who is clearly terrified of his wife’s raging hormones) holding out a carton of milk as a peace-offering. In reality, the many hormonal additives found in milk have their own, much worse, health effects

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Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine : AFACeAFACe

Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine : AFACeAFACe

So are the famines in Africa as the conspiracy theorists would have us believe a consequence of American Oil company interests?

These facts are easily checked I'm sure. We know Messers Bush and Son are the devils of the oil industry, is Obama now the stooge of the drug industry?

Someone had to be bank rolling him.

Somalia had been a colony of Italy and Britain. In 1969, a post-colonial government was formed under president Mohamed Siad Barre; major social programs in health and education were implemented, rural and urban infrastructure was developed in the course of the 1970s, significant social progress including a mass literacy program was achieved.

Far beneath the surface of the tragic drama of Somalia, four major U.S. oil companies are quietly sitting on a prospective fortune in exclusive concessions to explore and exploit tens of millions of acres of the Somali countryside.
According to documents obtained by The LA Times, nearly two-thirds of Somalia was allocated to the American oil giants Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillips in the final years before Somalia’s pro-U.S. President Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown and the nation plunged into chaos in January, 1991. …
Officially, the Administration and the State Department insist that the U.S. military mission in Somalia is strictly humanitarian. Oil industry spokesmen dismissed as “absurd” and “nonsense” allegations by aid experts, veteran East Africa analysts and several prominent Somalis that President Bush [Senior], a former Texas oilman, was moved to act in Somalia, at least in part, by the U.S. corporate oil stake.
But corporate and scientific documents disclosed that the American companies are well positioned to pursue Somalia’s most promising potential oil reserves the moment the nation is pacified. And the State Department and U.S. military officials acknowledge that one of those oil companies has done more than simply sit back and hope for peace.
Conoco Inc., the only major multinational corporation to maintain a functioning office in Mogadishu throughout the past two years of nationwide anarchy, has been directly involved in the U.S. government’s role in the U.N.-sponsored humanitarian military effort.
They control your health, your energy, your communication

Read also;

The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order,   first edition 1997, second edition, Global Research. Montreal,  2003.   

First published in 1994, Third World Resurgence and Le Monde diplomatique

Next Step: USA FDA Ban Vitamins, Minerals , Supplements

Dietary Supplements & Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues

Next step in phamaceutical industry attempts to coerce world governments to ban natural herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, and natural product supplements from free sale.

This move is likely part of global corporations trying to take control of the worlds food supply and stranglehold control on world health. You can't patent something that occurs naturally in nature so they genetically modify it so they can control who grows it, where it is grown, how it is grown, when it is grown and how much you have to pay for the priviledge of doing so. The same with these natural ingredients such as curcumin in turmeric - they synthetically recreate the active ingredient then they can patent it of course it's then as expensive as drugs rather than the price of something you can buy in a supermarket and can only be bought through their designated agents.

Even new foods may be under threat. Despite being eaten and used by ancient civilisations for thousands of years, foods new to the west such as goji berries, chia seeds, echium oil, algae DHA and EPA oils, blue green algae, chlorella may be banned if the relevant paper work can't be found to prove they have been used without ill effect - Mayan or Inca sales ledger, medical records and consumer reciepts anyone?

The final kick in the teeth is that they plan to force feed these food ingredients to millions of animals in animal testing to establish toxic levels of these food ingredients - as we know from previous animal testing human health catastrophes this is a pointless and cruel, vindictive phamaceutical sport with one interest - commercial - if they can prove a certain animal is allergic or intolerant to a certain high level of a natural food ingredient they can get it banned. If they can find an animal that is tolerant to their synthetic version they can get their version patented, on sale and use the legal system to harrass anyone else selling anything similar.

Everyone who uses natural products for health needs to stand up and be counted!

UK action

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Dog Warning

Drovers CattleNetwork - Warning - Hot Dogs can Damage your health

"This group's claims are on a collision course with the facts." How ironic, but there's none so blind as those that cannot see!

Great to see the cattlemen's press highlighting the facts and dangers of eating processed meat.

Meanwhile here's the study that led the UK Government to recommend maximum levels of equivilent of a couple of rashers of bacon per day.

A landmark 2005 European study claimed that those who regularly eat more than 5.6oz (160g) of red meat daily increase their risk of contracting bowel cancer by a third. As many as 16,000 people die each year of bowel cancer in Britain, most of whom are diagnosed before they turn 50.
Research has shown that red meat significantly increases the risk of bowel cancer. It is the second most common form of cancer and affects 36,500 Britons every year.

The committee, which includes a number of doctors, said those consuming more than 100g of red or processed meats - the equivalent of as little as two thick cut back bacon rashers in one leading supermarket - may need to be told to cut their intake.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nominate for Vegan Society Awards 2011

Please Nominate for The Vegan Society Awards 2011

Nominate for The Vegan Society Awards 2011

One World Day 1st November 2011

Please vote for for

"Vegan Achievement Award for an outstanding contribution to veganism by an individual or organisation" (last category)

The Vegan Society Awards 2011

Many thanks

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Star Wars Jedi War against VW Volkswagen

Help me in my Jedi training as I confront Volkswagen's threats to Planet Earth

Visit Jedi Vs VW

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BBC iPlayer - QI XL: Series 7: Green

BBC Qi Where's the word Vegan from ?

BBC iPlayer - QI XL: Series 7: Green: "Where does the Word Vegan Come from? " Question on QI BBC TV

Stephen Fry goes all green with Jeremy Clarkson, Bill Bailey, Danny Baker and Alan Davies.

According To Donald Watson who first coined the phrase and started the Vegan Society with friends in Nov 1944 he created it from "The beginning and end of vegetarian".

See Interview with Donald Watson

Q: What do you consider the greatest achievement in your life?
A: Achieving what I set out to do: to feel that I was instrumental in starting a great new movement which could not only change the course of things for Humanity and the rest of Creation but alter Man's expectation of surviving for much longer on this planet.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Diet Experts vote Vegan Diet Best for Diabetes

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: Experts vote Vegan Diet Best for Diabetes:
Healthy Vegan Diet Cookbook

22 Experts including registered nutritionists , Doctors and health researchers have voted vegan diets as joint next best diet to tackle diabetes. The criteria was based partly on convenience so we are guessing as a vegan plant strong diet becomes more popular, and vegan plantarian foods become more easily available then we will soon move to number one ??

Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says "Not just logic and common sense but also the research is finally stacking up in favour of a Plantarian diet with a higher intake of whole, complete, natural plant foods, fruit and vegetables, with a low GL (Glycaemic load), naturally lower in saturated animal fat that can make dramatic changes to health."

Even Doctors are beginning to work out that changes in diet can be more powerful than drugs, with less side effects and less expensive. Sadly this has led to lobbyists and supporters of the pharmaceutical industry trying to gag nutritionists, ban super-foods, ban supplements, ban natural herbs and even stop experts on the internet from talking about natural plants that have often been used for thousands of years to treat health problems.

See Plantarian and One World Day.

Vegan Cookbook

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marmite- loved by English Hated by Danes?

Marmite? Too many vitamins? Boycott Danish Bacon?
Marmite Ban - Too many vitamins?: Backlash!

Following the Ban on Marmite in Denmark (Guardian Tues 24 May) there has been a backlash against the Danish Authorities who apparently banned it for having too many vitamins!

There is even now a call for Marmite Lovers to retaliate by boycotting Danish Bacon (hurray!) and Lego!

The Danish Authorities are now claiming that they haven't 'banned' it just used the legislation to get marmite removed from shop shelves in Denmark.

Vegan Pirates of the Carob Bean are calling not only a boycott of Danish products but a symbolic burning of Danish Bacon, Lurpak Butter and Havarti Cheese at Bristol Vegfest this weekend 

World Vegan Day - Vegan News

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why the French think IMF's Strauss-Kahn was framed: 4 theories - The Week

Why the French think IMF's Strauss-Kahn was framed: 4 theories - The Week: "Dominique Strauss-Kahn"

Of courseDominique Strauss-Kahn was framed . He was getting up the noses of the banks , and thus their employees the government, by calling for more regulation and undermining US banking power by negotiating with China and Russia and threatening to stop the US from doing what the feck they like.

Wakey wakey! This is the banks who bankrupt countries - "whoops we got caught out again!" , they gamble with our money, they lose our money, get bailed out with more of our money, charge us interest on the money we gave them to bail them out, reward themselves with big bonuses for getting away with it, paid by us, then tell us because we have borrowed so much money to bail them out we should tighten our belts and reduce our standard of living because they are not prepared to and someone has to.

No wonder they feel they are above the law, they get away with outrageousness every day, they rarely even pay any taxes having registered themselves in Switzerland to avoid it. It's not like murder, they are just destroying someone's career.

Why don't the Banks and Washington like him?

Here's the theory
Dominique Strauss Kahn, charged with an endless array of sexual crimes, rape, multiple sodomy charges is most likely the victim of one of the most obvious ploys known to man called the “honey trap.” Why was he a target of intelligence operations? The answer is both simple and complex.
Kahn, unknown to most until this week, has been on a crusade to end the financial crimes that are impoverishing, not only the 3rd world, but destroying the standard of living for Americans and Europeans as well. His most recent solution, the use of SDR (Special Drawing Right) bonds would be a step toward a global currency. However, the probable direct cause of his arrest is the fact that SDR bonds can’t be traded on the secondary market or used in wild collaterilization programs such as the Bush era “Ponzi schemes” that allowed Wall Street to create unauthorized money by creating imaginary debt.

That Kahn’s primary backers are Russia and China put a target on his back. China could continue its undervalued currency but hide its massive reserves of foreign currency with the IMF rather than lending it to the US treasury. Kahn had become dangerous.

Much of the $14 trillion in US debt is money Americans have borrowed to replace losses by Wall Street of money that never existed in the first place. You can’t make stuff like this up, unless, of course, you are a Wall Street power elite.

Kahn’s program, which has enjoyed a a generally chilly reception over the past few years, has, with the impending collapse of the US dollar, been gaining momentum, and with this, Khan has become a veritable financial “bin Laden.” In a sense, taking down Kahn is a far bigger victory than the killing, real or imagined, of Osama bin Laden.

 See this interview with Dominique Strauss-Kahn with Spiegel and this quote that may be turned  to haunt him - "human weakness is stronger than reason" (he was referring to Wall Street's unwillingness to learn lessons from the financial crisis)

"Human society is not a force of nature. The financial crisis was a catastrophic event, but one created by human hand. The lesson we all need to learn is that even a free market economy needs some regulation, otherwise it cannot function. All these ideas about deregulation -- that more deregulation is always better and that the market can solve every problem -- are fine on paper but they do not work in reality. "

Think about it, I don't stay in $3,000 dollar a night hotels but even in the cheap ones I do, if the chambermaid knocks and doesn't get an answer and comes in, the chambermaid says "whoops", apologises and scarpers she doesn't hang about for an eyeful of 60 year old VIP bollocks and a celebrity photo. One of the priveledges of paying $3,000 a night is your privacy is respected, paparazzi are kept off your back, you can ask for a blow job or a line of coke and get one without the press finding out whether you are Russell Brand, Justin Beiber or the  MD of the freakin IMF, even if you are 60 - that's the point of $3,000 a night surely,  you get whatever the hell you want, any time of day and it's added to your bill as room service - ask any doorman.

Vote - Bristol VegFest :: VegFest UK - The UK's biggest and best Vegetarian/Vegan Festival

Vote Now - Bristol VegFest :: VegFest UK - The UK's biggest and best Vegetarian/Vegan Festival

Last chance to Vote for your favourite Vegan Things (such as Plantarian One World Day)

or ice cream, or chocolate, or cakes

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glastonbury Festival Bull fight

Justin Bieber doll  to be used in mock bull fight?
Glastonbury Festival

Bad Bad BAD idea!

Apparently Glastonbury are organising a bullfight with a champion Portugese bullfighter

With all due respect surely Bullfighting, even with a plastic bull flies in the face of the spirit of Glastonbury - greener, kinder world

Would you get an American soldier from Iraq / Cuba to demonstrate on a plastic doll how he tortured and killed a muslim soldier?

How about inviting executors from various Muslim / African Countries to demonstrate on plastic dolls how they carry out the death penalty on homosexuals?

Will there be paintballing this year too? Pretend to kill your neighbour?

Virtual Seal Clubbing Tent ? Fill toy seals heads with Tomatoes from local farms and club them into ketchup?

Perhaps a mock Fox hunt where the hunt tramples over everyone's tents and the dogs tear apart a toy plastic fox stuffed with pasta in a rich sundried tomato and grilled red pepper sauce????

Or a Zombie set where the audience dress up as zombies and a Justin Bieber doll made out of bread and filled with an organic bloody mary cocktail is tossed into the zombie crowd and devoured on live BBCTV

No animals are actually hurt so where's the harm? - Doh!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sea the Truth EU Parliament

Sea the Truth:

Eurogroup for Animals and Sea First Foundation

invite you to the Film Screening of

Sea the Truth

followed by a debate on the Common Fisheries Policy

Tuesday 31 May 2011

from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs

European Parliament

Altiero Spinelli Building, Rue Wiertz, 60 in Brussels

This event is hosted by

Kriton Arsenis MEP (S&D, GR)

and will include presentations by

Dos Winkel Sea First Foundation

Vera Coelho Seas at Risk & OCEAN2012

Vassili Papastavrou International Fund for Animal Welfare

For more information and to register, please contact

Andreas Erler at

or call +32 (0)2 740 0891

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fuel-Cell Hybrid Taxi Unveiled in London

Fuel-Cell Hybrid Taxi Unveiled in London

A new zero - emission eco green version of the iconic London Black Cab taxi the LTI TX4 was unveiled in London.  It is eco powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

The vehicle, which is the result of the collaboration between Intelligent Energy, Lotus Engineering, LTI Vehicles and TRW Conekt, is the first step in a plan to turn London’s taxis into a zero emissions vehicles by 2020. A fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell powered black cabs will be on London's roads by 2012.

For the Fuel-Cell Black Cab, Lotus Engineering has packaged the full propulsion system including the fuel cell engine and has designed control systems to optimise performance of both the fuel cells and electric drive systems. TRW Conekt led the safety analysis program, including braking and steering systems, and LTI has provided donor vehicles to assist with the structural modifications to the chassis of the taxis.

London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, Kit Malthouse, who unveiled the zero emissions fuel cell hybrid taxi at London’s City Hall, said, "The black cab is a much loved London icon, but it is also a significant source of pollution especially in the centre of the city. This prototype Fuel Cell Black Cab, which emits only water from its tailpipe, is an exciting glimpse of how hydrogen technology could soon play a vital role in cleaning up air quality for urban dwellers.”

The London Metro reveals there are approximately 21,000 black cabs in the UK each emitting around 243g/km of CO2. They calculated that if all the 380,000 visitors to the olympics took a zero emissions cab from Heathrow to the Olympic park they'd save 3 million kg od CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Yes but here's the thing.............

1) They could take a train

2) They could stop eating meat!

If everyone in the UK abstained from eating meat for one day a week, this would save 13 Mtons CO2 of greenhouse gas emissions *

  • This would result in greater carbon savings than taking 5 million cars off the road in the UK (10.4 Mt CO2).
  • This would be almost equivalent to replacing one billion light bulbs with low-energy ones.
  • This would save the equivalent of almost 36 million return flights from London to Ibiza (36.357.200)
  • This would lead to greater carbon savings than taking 5 million cars off the UK roads (all year around). That would be over 17% of all cars in the UK (5.1 million cars or over 10 MtCO2).

Think what could be achieved if everyone was vegan for 2 DAYS a week ! or all week?

Please pledge and get your friends friends to pledge at One World Day  * Carbon Savings

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Help! for Vegnews Meat Photo Dilemma

RANT: VegNews is putting the MEAT into vegan issues | "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

vegnews not veggieburgerFollowing the revelations from that Vegnews uses non vegan istockphotos to illustrate vegan recipes Vegan cook/author and photographer Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life / Plantarian / One World Day has offered his services to the harangued editors of Vegnews.

"We will match any istockphoto price and recreate and reshoot a vegan plantarian version of a meat based photo for Vegnews. We understand Vegnews editor's predicament and the fact that it is standard industry practice to do this but "standard practice" is killing us slowly with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, obesity and inflammation as well as having catastrophic consequences for the planet. There is a public expectation that we DON'T follow standard practice!"

This will be used by those addicted to meat and dairy and paid to promote the nihilistic status quo to suggest vegan food is not as appealing and that is simply not the case if it's done right.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

21-Day Vegan Kickstart PCRM - Day 4

21-Day Vegan Kickstart PCRM site: - Day 4

Still not too late to hook your friends and your friend's friends up with the 21 Day healthy kickstart - previous 3 days messages are linked to from the home page - Today Alex Jamieson

Message from Alex Jamieson

Alex Jamiesonleft quoteFor most new vegans, their metamorphosis means more than just saying so long to hot dogs and ham and cheese sandwiches. Becoming vegan encompasses health concerns, environmentalism, and animal rights. This way of living and being in the world will bring personal, emotional, physical, and global benefits. No one can tell you exactly how these changes will occur in your life, because each individual has a unique set of circumstances to consider. Just remember, every step toward a vegan lifestyle is a positive step for yourself and the greater world around you.right quote

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >

Monday, April 04, 2011

Friday, April 01, 2011

Vegan Menu at The Royal Wedding

00.13 hrs London - April 1st 2011 (APRIL FOOLS DAY)- The Royal Wedding: Menu To Be Vegan - 01-04-11

 The Menu for the Royal Wedding in May will be now be entirely vegan following the Queen of England's review of the multi-cultural / celebrity guest list and the role that meat and dairy play in the increased risks to health and the environment

A source has revealed the secret dinner plans for the Royal wedding reception

At their Royal Wedding Prince William & Catherine Middleton and guests are to eat a mini vegan version of the traditional Great British dish, steamed steak and Kidney pudding that features wild mushroom and walnuts in a rich porter gravy instead of steak and kidney.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William's grandmother, is organising the wedding as Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana, died tragically in a mysterious car crash in France.

The Queen has decided that because there are so many guests from different cultures with different religious and ethical dietary requirements that the most sensible solution is to go totally plant based to avoid diplomatic embarrassment with a Hindu dignitary eating beef or a Muslim Sultan eating pork .

The Queen's head chef Mark Flanagan is now working on a 100% vegan royal wedding menu but still with a 'best of British' theme. Flanagan is rumoured to have recruited leading British Plantarian and vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston ( Author of The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking £16.99 Lorenz ) to advise on Vegan Versions of traditional British fayre. Celebrity Vegan cook Sarah Kramer is being brought over from Canada to advise on ingredients for the reworked Royal Wedding cake.

A source revealed “It has been decided that due to a combination of environmental, health, cultural and diplomatic concerns that a vegan menu is the most logical option. Meat and dairy have been shown to not only play a major part in the planets environmental woes but also heavily implicated in the rise in preventable chronic disease such as Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. When you add to that the different dietary requirements of the different faiths attending and celebrity guests such as Victoria Beckham and Joanna Lumley and their food foibles,' vegan seemed the only logical solution.”

Tony Bishop-Weston is an expert in the sort of dishes and theme that the Queens head chef is expected to create. Bishop-Weston's very first vegan cook book (Rainbows and Wellies the Taigh na Mara cookbook 1994 Findhorn Press) featured Scottish vegan versions of great British dishes eaten by royalty and crofters alike as well as some world fusion dishes. The book was the source of never before seen delicious vegan dishes we now take for granted such as Bonnie Prince Pudding, Little Bo-Peep Pie, Peat Bog Tart, Banoffee Tart, vegan haggis and hazelnut faggots.

Glam Punk, tattooed, Sarah Kramer author of Vegan A Go-Go (£12.99 Arsenal Pulp Press) has been hailed as “What Mick Jagger is to rock ‘n’ roll, Sarah Kramer is to the vegan lifestyle” and is the Canadian Queen of vegan cup cakes. Sarah lives in Victoria British Columbia where Queen Elizabeth is known as the Queen of Canada or Reine du Canada in the French speaking part of Canada. Sarah has perfect credentials for supervising the menu at The Royal Wedding and representing far flung parts of The British Commonwealth.
Both Tony Bishop-Weston and Sarah Kramer will be appearing at The UK Veg-Fest in Bristol ( ) as part of The National Vegetarian Week Celebrations at the end of May a month after The Royal wedding. UK Vegfest is the biggest vegan celebration in the world with A -list celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Moby, Madonna , Leona Lewis, Natalie Portman, Gwenneth Paltrow, Britney Spears and the Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton on the guest list.

Leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston ( said today "Research from Oxford University shows we need more like 8 portions of fruit and vegetables per day (rather than the 5 a day that the NHS are campaigning for) to start to reduce the risks of chronic disease. British chef's need to rethink their ingredient list and emulate the innovative, delicious and nutritious dishes that some of the American celebrity chefs are coming up with. Chefs such as green wannabe Aldo Zilli are not going to wow celebrity and royal healthy eaters with a veggieburger!"

Happy April 1st - April Fools Day - Happy One World Day - try Plantarian

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

French Vegan Parents Face 30 years in Jail

French vegans face trial after death of baby fed only on breast milk | World news | The Guardian:

Does it get reported in the Nationals the Bill Clinton went vegan for heart health? That a Vegan cage fighter wins a world championship? That Oprah Winfrey helps her staff battle obesity and chronic disease with a vegan diet? - No

Quite often the only time we see vegan in a headline is when a baby tragically dies. Another story today highlights the need for parental education, it's one of the most important jobs we ever have in our lives and one that we are often so ill prepared for.
Two strict vegans have gone on trial in France charged with "neglect or food deprivation" after the death of their breastfed 11-month-old daughter who was found to be suffering from vitamin deficiency.

"The couple did not follow the doctor's advice to take the baby to hospital when they went for her nine-month checkup and found she was suffering from bronchitis and was losing weight," he said. Instead they treated her with cabbage poultices, mustard and camphor and washed her with earth and clay instead of giving her baths, the court heard.
These parents thought they were doing the right thing, I'm convinced modern medicinal theory and abuse of anti-biotics causes more harm than good - but anti-biotics are good crisis management and in a crisis they can save lives. A cabbage and mud poultice is unlikely to save anyone's life. But are naivety and stupidity grounds for imprisoning parents for 30 years? Surely the death of their daughter is severe punishment in itself? They were after all acting with the best intentions - they didn't intentionally cause the death of their baby or cause death by selfish actions, a lack of common sense yes but not selfish!

If this is a valid route for law then why does the law stand by and not take action with mothers who are not only naive and stupid but selfish as well!

Tempting as it may to make an analogy with mothers who feed their children sweets, crisps and cola for breakfast and KFC fried chicken for tea and risk/cause childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer for their kids.... I am going to resist.

Who then? - Mothers that smoke! Why do we not take action against them? We know smoking kills - there is no doubt of 'if' only when. We are not talking a cabbage and mud poultice here and there, we are talking about a practice that has been scientifically proven to increase the risk of death!

In 2009, 16% of 15-year old girls were regular smokers .

Stats from 2005 show smoking rates are usually higher for mothers in routine or manual jobs: 48% smoked in the year before pregnancy or during and 29% throughout pregnancy compared to mothers in managerial or professional jobs whose equivalent percentages were 19% and 7%. Govt targets are to reduce smoking to 21% !

Over 13 years ago a meta-analysis of data available on cigarette smoking and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome risk was published - its findings released to the British media on March 11, 1998 .

This review of the epidemiological evidence linking maternal smoking and SIDS was based on 39 studies, incorporating a number of major recent studies and including some earlier studies not mentioned in existing reviews. It was conducted by scientific investigators at the Department of Public Health Sciences, St. George's Hospital Medical School, in London, and was completed in April 1997. The authors, H. Ross Anderson and Derek G. Cook, conclude that "maternal smoking doubles the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome." They further conclude that "the relationship is almost certainly causal."

Though it is considered to be one of the most significant known risk factors for SIDS, medical experts in the U.S. stop short of describing the association between cigarette smoke exposure and SIDS as "causal." Case control, population-based studies from several countries have shown that cigarette smoking during pregnancy triples the risk for SIDS. Epidemiologic studies have shown that exposure to cigarette smoke in the environment after birth doubles the risk for SIDS. These studies have led some scientists to believe that cigarette smoking is part of the causal pathway, possibly due to intrauterine hypoxia, although the mechanism is still not clear.

Some recent studies have added to our understanding of the possible physiologic mechanisms underlying the association between smoking and SIDS. Scientists (Kinney et. al.) have documented defects in some SIDS infants in sites of the brainstem involved in arousal, heart and breathing functions, sleep, and body movement control. While we do not yet know exactly how smoking affects a fetus, abnormalities in the developing nervous system have been observed in animals exposed to cigarette smoke in utero.

Components of smoke are also believed to have a negative effect on fetal lung development. Based on epidemiologic investigations, sustained cigarette smoke exposure makes it more difficult for babies who are already vulnerable to breathe. In addition, smoke exposure may disrupt the arousal mechanism in infants, as it is known to do in adult smokers, and may contribute to neonatal death during an hypoxic episode. Moreover, its effect on narrowing blood vessels induces smokers to keep their environments warmer and to use more bedding than non-smokers--two more factors that increase the risk of SIDS.

Studies have also shown that infants who share a bed with smokers may be subjected to higher levels of smoke than other infants because of more and closer contact with the smokers (Mitchell et. al.). Recent attention to the potential relationship between particulate air pollution and SIDS (Woodruff et. al.) has raised scientific speculation regarding possible harmful components of cigarette smoke beyond nicotine.

In Great Britain, where prone sleeping is no longer a major SIDS risk factor due to the success of the "Back To Sleep" public health campaigns, cigarette smoking has emerged as the main risk factor for SIDS. The Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in Infancy (Fleming, et. al.) found the risk of SIDS to rise with increases in the numbers of smokers in the household, the number of cigarettes smoked a day, and the length of exposure to cigarette smoke. The study concluded that it should be considered "as anti-social to smoke around an infant as it is to drink and drive."

As the body of evidence against infant exposure to cigarette smoke continues to mount, parents are strongly advised not to smoke during pregnancy and the critical first year of development, or allow anyone else to smoke around the baby either.

It is equally important that, since many babies still die of SIDS in smoke-free environments and since the cause(s) of SIDS remain unknown.

Nonetheless - Hypocrisy rooLz!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Meat Manufacturers, Producers, Processors , Packing Industry Clutch Straws

Vitamin B12 Crying Babies & Pregnancy:

We were wondering what the meat Industry would say when the Govt finally admitted it's dangerous? Vitamin B12 is needed to stop babies crying - maybe true but we still don't need meat says Yvonne Bishop-Weston!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dairy Free Hemp Milk has X Factor

Award winng Dairy Free Hemp Milk alternative to Dairy Milk has the X factor it seems - Britain's got talent alright! Perhaps we'll live to see hempmilk as an American Idol too?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dairy Free Easter Egg Free From Milk

Dairy Free, Free From ,  Vegan Milk Chocolate Flavoured Easter Egg

At last! a dairy free milk chocolate vegan chocolate egg for all the people who aren't yet fans of dark chocolate.

We've been on at Plamil for years to sort this out - so glad they've finally sorted it with Moo free.

All the fun of milk chocolate but with out any cows milk dairy hormones , milk sugars and proteins.

Vegan Vegetarian fair Trade - what more do you want?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Size 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: Size Zero 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week:

Vegan Zombies at London Fashion Week give healthy vegan eating a bad name!

Goodness knows most people would benefit from a vegan diet and loosing a few pounds and reducing their risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke. cancer.

But these Vegan Zombie freaks at London Fashion week are giving veganism and fashion a bad name.

Anorexics have long used veganism as an excuse to avoid nutritious food and waste their bodies away, back stage these girls rarely touch the fruit and celery on offer for fear of their malnourished bodies bloating before they get on the catwalk.

If they were interested in health they probably wouldn't then smoke, take cocaine, E, and the other dodgy pills that their fashion industry and model agency pimps hook them into.

Healthy Vegan Woody Harrelson kills Zombies in Zombieland
The irresponsible designers that condone this look may as well be pushing alcoholics swigging vodka or smack addict junkies smoking from a crack pipe up into the catwalk - it's just as irresponsible

"This irresponsible behaviour by the fashion industry is encouraging a new generation of girls with eating disorders" says Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London

The Fashion Industry clearly needs Vegan muscle bound Zombie specialist Woody Harrelson to rid the Fashion Industry of these Zombies. London Fashion Week should never allow these deluded, exploited, obsessive and malnourished models back to walk the catwalk unless it's at a Psychologists and Nutritionists conference on chronic eating disorders.