Friday, July 05, 2013

UK Comedy? Banned Joke Poster for London Vegfest UK

At this years Vegfest UK in London at Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre on October 5th and 6th there will be a lot of comedy in addition to the usual workshops, music, cookery demos, films,  Yoga, and foodtasting. To highlight the comedy a series of 'jokes in the style of' were released.

This one didn't make it and ended up in the bin.What you you think? Is it a step too far? Is it rascist? or is it just hysterically funny? Is it in bad taste? Was it rightfully censored? or should it go viral?

Does this joke belong in the bin? or on a wall at the Vegan Society?
Here's some of the others that made it onto the VegfestUK Facebook Page.

Comedy In the style of Eddie Izzard

In the style of Frankie Boyle

In the style of Jack Dee

In the style of John Bishop

In the style of John Cleese

Comedy in the style of Johnny Vegas

Comedy in the style of Lenny Henry

In the style of Michael Mckintyre

In the style of Peter Kay

Comedy in the style of Ricky Gervais


Emma Henry said...

I wouldn't find anything offensive about the banned poster, found that one and the one about the lightbulb the funniest. I think being aware that vegans can come across as sanctimonious and preachy to others helps us moderate our tone and language while promoting the lifestyle. Reminds me of one of my favourite jokes - how do you know when someone is a vegan? Don't worry they'll ****ing tell you.

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Ha ha Ha! Vegfest UK