Friday, September 13, 2013

Microsoft's Bill Gates Gets Behind Vegan Eggs

No, it's not another of our April fool jokes! Microsoft's Bill Gates and Paypal's Peter Thiel really are plugging Vegan Eggs

Here's what the Daily Mail said;

Not clear what plants are being used - Acorns?
"MailOnline was able to try two of Hampton Creek’s products - its mayonnaise, and cookies made using its baking product.

The results were surprising, if a little anticlimactic. Both tasted exactly as you would expect - and are indistinguishable from products made with real egg.
The chocolate chip cookies we tried were excellent - crumbly, moist and with a feel in the mouth identical to a normal cookie. Crucially, they also look identical to a normal cookie - despite containing no egg.

Hampton Creek’s ‘Beyond Egg’ mayonnaise was also extremely similar to ‘normal’ mayo - and after trying it out on a few friends, some even preferred to to normal mayonnaise."

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