Tuesday, April 02, 2013

BBC horsemeat investigation: 'unidentifiable' meat in lamb takeaway

At least it's not human: BBC horsemeat investigation uncovers 'unidentifiable' meat in lamb takeaway - News - TV & Radio - The Independent
"an Indian lamb curry was found to contain no trace of lamb - and the meat it contained was neither chicken, beef, pork, horse or goat. Rumours are rife that the unidentifiable meat could be dog, but it is confirmed not to be human."
Thank goodness for vegetable curry. Many more meat eaters choosing the Vegetarian / Vegan diet option from now on we think! Votes on a post card on best guess which meat was in the lamb free 'Lamb Curry' ?

o  Dog ?
o  Cat ?
o  Fox ?
o  Badger ?
o  Pidgeon ?
o  Rabbit ?
o  Deer ?
o  Pheasant ?
o  Kangaroo?
o  Random captive wild animal from London Zoo?

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