Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dr. Oz Mark Bitman vegan until 6 pm VB6 Vegan Diet

Dr. Oz reveals how to improve your health by going vegan until 6 pm - National Holistic Health |

I just wonder how long it will take these journalists to work out that if you go vegan all the time your body will really thank you for it. Do they think that their body won't notice if they stuff it full of foods that increase their risk of cancer and diabetes after 6 pm?

Surely it's just like saying I only smoke after 6 o'clock or I only drink Vodka after 6PM ?

Granted it's better than smoking all the time all day long, drinking whisky for breakfast, eating bacon for breakfast and burgers and steaks for lunch but seriously.

Yes going vegan some of the time is better than not going vegan at all.

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