Thursday, March 14, 2013

Glasgow Nominated for Vegan Award - Best City

Glasgow Nominated for Vegan Award - Best City

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I'll bet Daily Record readers are shaking their heads in disbelief! Of all the things Glasgow could get nominated for an award for?? Best UK City for Vegans to live in? Hoards of Glasweigans woke up this morning muttering "Has some sneaky wee bampot been hidin vegetables in oor food like?"  Turns out they have

Craig Tannock who runs a number of 100% vegan cafes and restaurants in Glasgow, says
“None of the current Glasgow vegan establishments make a big deal about being vegan, but rather concentrate on being good.”
This has led to unsuspecting food critics praising vegan dishes at 100% vegan restaurants without even realising they are vegan.

You know your getting it right when that happens! Clearly other UK cities should follow the Glasgow example because if they can not just survive but flourish and thrive in a city more famous for deep fried chocolate mars bars, square sausage, white pudding, Haggis , Tennants lager and Scotch Mutton Pies then they deserve a vegan award!

Other UK Cities nominated in the Vegfest Awards include Liverpool ( home to Scouseveg ) London (home to PETA UK) , Brighton ( home to many ghettos of old hippies), Nottingham ( home to Veggies catering campaign), Birmingham ( home to The Vegan Society)  Bristol (home to Viva!) , Swansea ( home to Govindas Hare Krishna restaurant), Sheffield ( home to Uncaged ), and Manchester ( home to The UK Vegetarian Society and National Vegetarian week)

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Could list some of the vegan restaurants in Glasgow or do they prefer to stay under the radar and not advertise themselves as such?

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