Sunday, June 09, 2013

Research Begins to Find Out Exactly Why Meat is Bad for Health

Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Meat Eaters, Research Finds |

Mass Muderer?
Time Magazine reports research and studies in JAMA Internal Medicine Journal that explain why Vegetarians and Vegans are healthier than those people that eat meat.

In their desperate attempts to find the compounds in meat that are killing millions of Americans and British people every year scientists have found that it's not just the saturated animal fat that is the problem.

It seems there are a host of microbes and chemicals in meat designed to attack the fabric of human existence.Your body can cope them for a while but it seems to explain why American Footballers and cavemen don't live that long - if you want to duck out of old age and dodge getting lumbered with the grand children then eat lots of meat.

If on the other hand you want to live long and prosper then eat your vegetables. That's the thing that's always confounded the researchers before. People who eat less meat tend to eat more vegetables. It's true that eating more vegetables has a protective effect but now scientists can seperate factors like smoking, drinking alcohol, exercise, type of meat, dairy, vegetable consumption, and account for a host of other factors researchers can now pinpoint from the data which elements are the most dangerous.

Excercise is important, not smoking is important, not drinking alcohol is important but it seems that even a junkfood eating, lazy, pot smoking, alcoholic vegan can hang in there with an average North American cheese burger munching milkshake guzzling beefcake.

Scientists had hoped they would find the secret X Factor in meat that's got the talent  to kill us early so they could neutralise it, genetically engineer it out of cloned pigs and carry on feeding people cheap meat without killing off their customer base. The meat industry have had various brainwaves, such as infusing beef with rare berries and smearing meat with mashed up maggots but all ideas so far have proved either too expensive or too yucky for US consumers.

In the study reported in Time Magazine it showed vegetarians reduced risk of early death by 12% and with vegans the stats were even better. As Colin T Campbell's research has shown for many years cheese is almost as dangerous as meat. His studies detailed in The China Study suggest cheese and dairy is like fertiliser for cancer cells.

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So it's more and more likely that meat does more harm than good?