Friday, April 26, 2013

PEA Business Awards Vegfest UK

PEA Business Awards

About time! Tim Barford and Vegfest have been shortlisted for a PEAB Award, People and Environment Business Award

Can we think of anyone more deserving for this category?

Great that vegfest UK has finally got mainstream recognition for helping so many thousands of people live a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

In this year of all years when vegetarian and vegan charities are recording a 40% increase in interest in vegan lifestyles it's very apt that Vegfest should win an award.

Some way to go yet as there are two other contenders but  with the explosion of veganism in 2013 it would be a crime if Vegfest didn't win.Especially as it's Vegfest's 10th Anniversary

Tim should win an award just for surving ten years of organising vegfests still as optimistic as ever, but he's done more than that. Each year Vegfest just gets bigger and better

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