Friday, March 15, 2013

Ocado: vegan diet section with vegan chocolate cake

Ocado:  vegan food shop

2013 certainly is the year of the vegan - vegan is so the new black. I was just reading about Ricki Lake dipping her toe in vegan waters when I noticed a link to an Ocado Vegan Shop.

It's some sort of affiliate scheme I think but nonetheless it seems Ocado do now have an extended range of Vegan stuff. As well as the usual Vegfest sponsors wares and vegan food I spotted some awesome looking Vegan Chocolate cake / cupcakes.

Veganism really has hit the mainstream. I noticed a whole shelf full of dairy free vegan easter eggs in a high street shop yesterday. What's to miss by going vegan these days?

Plenty of things for a full monty vegan breakfast too , delivered to your door....

Lets keep our fingers crossed the new Morrisons online shopping experience is as good!

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