Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bristol Founder Of Vegfest Vegan Festival Wins National Award

Bristol Founder Of Vegan Festival Wins National Award

Vegfest Wins award
Tim Barford won a well deserved Lloyds TSB Green PEAB award for Vegfest UK at an award ceremony in London this week.

Vegfest UK is now the biggest festival of it's kind in the world.

It's estimated Vegfest UK will have helped 40-50,000 people this year find out more about healthier, more ethical , more sustainable lifestyles.

Meanwhile Google trends shows interest in Vegan Diets has doubled in UK, Germany, Israel and Romania.

It's expected over 20,000 people from all over Europe will visit Vegfest in Bristol this year.

10,000 are expected at the Ticket only Vegfest Vegan Expo at London's Olympia exhibition halls in Kensington.

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