Saturday, March 05, 2005

No tasty tarts for Welsh town.

No tasty tarts for Welsh town - Yahoo! UK & Ireland News: "No tasty tarts for Welsh town

If they wanted to be really PC they should be looking for healthy vegan tarts! Dairy Free from sour cream and cheesy titles....

A cookery competition in the Welsh town of Neath has been renamed because of worries the word 'tart' might portray the wrong image.
The Tastiest Tart in the Town contest challenged caterers in Neath to come up with the most tempting dessert.
But the competition has now been renamed The Tastiest Dessert in the Town after the original title raised some eyebrows.
Town centre manager Andrew Shufflebotham, who came up with the name, said: 'Most people were very happy with it but the odd person was not. Therefore I had to withdraw it. We did not want to upset anybody.'
Those who objected to the title felt it was 'a bit close to the mark', said Mr Shufflebotham."

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