Friday, March 11, 2005

Dairy Industry only cares about economics rather than human health.

Yep milk is milk OK - perfect for baby cows! Full of natural hormones just like human milk - except they are bovine hormones.

Milk Marketing Blog Challenges Tillamook and Dairy Industry to Stand Up to Activist Attacks: "The Center for Global Food Issues (CGFI) charges that Tillamook Creamery, under attack from activists groups funded by the organic and natural products industry, has banned its members use of supplemental bovine somatotropin (rbSTalso known as bovine growth hormone), without addressing the serious ramifications for its members, consumers and the environment.

Supplemental rbST is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as safe, and according to such organizations as the American Medical Association and World Health Organization, milk from cows receiving these supplements is the same, safe nutritious milk from all other cows.

CGFI adds that supplemental rbST use, which allows dairy farmers to produce more milk with fewer cows, has measurable positive environmental impacts.

Before these anti-technology, pure-food activists showed up, were any of their actual customers asking for this change? If Tillamook consumers are at all representative of virtually every piece of credible consumer research on this subject the answer would be no, stated Avery. The vast majority of consumers care about fresh, safe, nutritious, affordable dairy products."

Yes but what about HUMAN health rather than ECONOMIC health??? Do these people not read the reports from the World Health Organisation on preventable diseases? Do they care??

The Argument For Extra Hormones in milk.

The Argument Against Milk

World Health Organization


Anonymous said...

What's the beef with milk? I think that the posting presents a reasonable case -- it's not about "more hormones" -- it's about hormones are hormones and all cows have them and it doesn't change the milk. So why should we be scared of the less-expensive stuff which is produced using less inputs and stuff? If more people are going to stop eating meat and getting protein from sources like dairy - it has to be affordable, and people cannot be afraid of it -- which seems to be the goal of Mr. Cohen -- the "not milk" guy.

Tony - FoodsForLife said...


That's the problem it's not affordable.

It's too expensive for the environment, wasting gallons of water and soya protein that could be used for humans and polluting the land.

We can't afford the detrimental effects on health - animal fat causes preventable diseases.

It's too expensive for the economy the lobbiests in congress and around the world have won billions of dollars of subsidy artificially creating a situation to encourage more milk to be produced than anyone needs.

It's un-natural and it's also cruel - a calf is minced into catfood so milk can be turned into milk protein and sneaked into biscuits, crisps, sweets, cook in sauces, even beer and wine.

It makes no sense to grow protein to feed it to cows - no sense at all.