Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Antibiotics in milk - problem for MDC

Antibiotic failure: "A breakdown in staff communication is the number one reason for antibiotic contamination of milk on farm, according to a new, updated guide from the Milk Development Council (MDC).

The publication 'Quality Milk Production' How to avoid antibiotic failures examines the reasons for and effects of antibiotic contamination. The book is designed to help dairy producers and their farm staff establish a control procedure to eliminate the risk of antibiotic residues. It also contains a section on the routine procedures you will need to implement to avoid failure, and an emergency section on what to do if you think antibiotic contamination has taken place.
"Antibiotic contamination of milk on farm is an expense dairy farmers cannot afford," says Charlotte Bullock, research and development manager for MDC's Farm Management Programme.
"Milk purchasers have severe financial penalties for the presence of antibiotics in milk. Many will only pay 1p per litre for milk in the first instance and less for subsequent failures. Some purchasers will hand out a penalty equivalent to that day's collection, so the producer will end up receiving nothing for their milk that day.
"Furthermore, it's possible that losses incurred by the purchaser having to discard contaminated milk may also be passed to the producer. This could easily mount up as tanker loads of milk and the cost of cleaning could be included," she adds."

The EU has given over a million pounds to MDC to try to repair the poor image of dairy milk as people discover healthier alternative ways to get their calcium and vitamin D (artificially added to milk) and iodine (artificially added to milk) more naturally and avoid the dangers of legal somatic cell count (pus) and IGF1 growth hormone.

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