Saturday, March 05, 2005

More Vegetables For School Meals helps Kids think.

Natural Products Magazine: "Healthy school meals improve pupils' performance"

This report is from December but as Jamie Oliver is doing his school dinner TV thing on Jamies School dinners for UK schools and Super size me is strutting it's stuff for school meals for kids in the USA I though I would post it again.


A report from the Soil Association and Business in the Community has revealed that healthy school meals lead to better behaved pupils who are more alert in class. The two organisations are calling for urgent improvements in the quality of school meals.

The report - which recorded the views of education chiefs from 13 local authorities and two schools in England and Wales - found that pupils who ate meals made with fresh, unprocessed ingredients and who have access to drinking water have better concentration, improved attention spans and are less likely to be hyperactive. They were also found to be calmer and more alert in class.

The report, Looking for Innovation in Healthy School Meals, is published by Business in the Community and the Soil Association, who were encouraged to work together on the project by the Prince of Wales who is president of Business in the Community and patron of the Soil Association.

Healthy school meals are achievable, popular and affordable. The benefits for children and society as a whole are overwhelming. This report provides powerful new evidence to support the welcome policies on school meals just announced by the Government in the Public Health White Paper, says Peter Melchett of the Soil Association."

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