Thursday, March 17, 2005

MOUNT KILIMANJARO - 1st thaw in 11,000 years

MOUNT KILIMANJARO - Yahoo! UK & Ireland News: "A photo of Mount Kilimanjaro stripped of its snowcap for the first time in 11,000 years will be used as dramatic testimony for action against global warming as ministers from the world's biggest polluters meet today. A family of elephants walk between zebras in Amboseli National Park in southeast Kenya near mount Kilimanjaro in this August 22, 2004"

All vegetarians are urged to get the facts out there about intensive animal farming and the effects on the environment.

Delia Smith recently said that "if we all went vegan we'd die" - obviously much more vegducation needs to be done to highlight the environmental advantages of a vegan diet- the opposite is true unless more people go vegan and we seek sustainable alternatives to our present anhialistic lifestyle we will all die sooner than is preventable. See World Water Shortage for more info.

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