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Vegan Menu at The Royal Wedding

00.13 hrs London - April 1st 2011 (APRIL FOOLS DAY)- The Royal Wedding: Menu To Be Vegan - 01-04-11

 The Menu for the Royal Wedding in May will be now be entirely vegan following the Queen of England's review of the multi-cultural / celebrity guest list and the role that meat and dairy play in the increased risks to health and the environment

A source has revealed the secret dinner plans for the Royal wedding reception

At their Royal Wedding Prince William & Catherine Middleton and guests are to eat a mini vegan version of the traditional Great British dish, steamed steak and Kidney pudding that features wild mushroom and walnuts in a rich porter gravy instead of steak and kidney.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William's grandmother, is organising the wedding as Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana, died tragically in a mysterious car crash in France.

The Queen has decided that because there are so many guests from different cultures with different religious and ethical dietary requirements that the most sensible solution is to go totally plant based to avoid diplomatic embarrassment with a Hindu dignitary eating beef or a Muslim Sultan eating pork .

The Queen's head chef Mark Flanagan is now working on a 100% vegan royal wedding menu but still with a 'best of British' theme. Flanagan is rumoured to have recruited leading British Plantarian and vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston ( Author of The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking £16.99 Lorenz ) to advise on Vegan Versions of traditional British fayre. Celebrity Vegan cook Sarah Kramer is being brought over from Canada to advise on ingredients for the reworked Royal Wedding cake.

A source revealed “It has been decided that due to a combination of environmental, health, cultural and diplomatic concerns that a vegan menu is the most logical option. Meat and dairy have been shown to not only play a major part in the planets environmental woes but also heavily implicated in the rise in preventable chronic disease such as Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer. When you add to that the different dietary requirements of the different faiths attending and celebrity guests such as Victoria Beckham and Joanna Lumley and their food foibles,' vegan seemed the only logical solution.”

Tony Bishop-Weston is an expert in the sort of dishes and theme that the Queens head chef is expected to create. Bishop-Weston's very first vegan cook book (Rainbows and Wellies the Taigh na Mara cookbook 1994 Findhorn Press) featured Scottish vegan versions of great British dishes eaten by royalty and crofters alike as well as some world fusion dishes. The book was the source of never before seen delicious vegan dishes we now take for granted such as Bonnie Prince Pudding, Little Bo-Peep Pie, Peat Bog Tart, Banoffee Tart, vegan haggis and hazelnut faggots.

Glam Punk, tattooed, Sarah Kramer author of Vegan A Go-Go (£12.99 Arsenal Pulp Press) has been hailed as “What Mick Jagger is to rock ‘n’ roll, Sarah Kramer is to the vegan lifestyle” and is the Canadian Queen of vegan cup cakes. Sarah lives in Victoria British Columbia where Queen Elizabeth is known as the Queen of Canada or Reine du Canada in the French speaking part of Canada. Sarah has perfect credentials for supervising the menu at The Royal Wedding and representing far flung parts of The British Commonwealth.
Both Tony Bishop-Weston and Sarah Kramer will be appearing at The UK Veg-Fest in Bristol ( ) as part of The National Vegetarian Week Celebrations at the end of May a month after The Royal wedding. UK Vegfest is the biggest vegan celebration in the world with A -list celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Moby, Madonna , Leona Lewis, Natalie Portman, Gwenneth Paltrow, Britney Spears and the Royal Couple Prince William and Kate Middleton on the guest list.

Leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston ( said today "Research from Oxford University shows we need more like 8 portions of fruit and vegetables per day (rather than the 5 a day that the NHS are campaigning for) to start to reduce the risks of chronic disease. British chef's need to rethink their ingredient list and emulate the innovative, delicious and nutritious dishes that some of the American celebrity chefs are coming up with. Chefs such as green wannabe Aldo Zilli are not going to wow celebrity and royal healthy eaters with a veggieburger!"

Happy April 1st - April Fools Day - Happy One World Day - try Plantarian


Vegan Chef said...

Royal Wedding Menu

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On Veggievision too

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and on Wellsphere

Sara Feio said...

April's Fool or is this for real?? It's awesome if it's real

veganlovestocook said...

haha happy fools day!

Evegan said...

Is this an APRIL FOOL? Kate is a fur hag!

Unknown said...

escuse me, is this an April Fool's joke?

Michelle said...

This is brilliant! We all got so excited to see the traditional hunting family leading the way with a vegan meal at the royal wedding. The most convincing April 1st article yet ;)

Agnes said...

I am extremely impressed with the choice of menu for the royal wedding. This is such a wonderful example for all of Britain and indeed for the whole world.
Many many thanks for saving the animals.
Agnes Schmitz

ChatterBox said...

Is this an April Fools Joke? Because people are sharing and need to know if its genuine. Thanks

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Tony, there's so much speculation about whether or not this was an April Fool's thing-- please put us out of out misery!!

Vegan Chef said...

Re Post - 00.13 hrs London - April 1st 2011 - Royal wedding Menu

No, sorry, Flanagan hasn't called me or Sarah it was pure fantasy.

Yes it would have been the most logical choice and it wouldn't have been the first time the Windsor's have left meat off the menu.

We also doubt very much that Lady Gaga or Britney Spears will make the massive Vegfest at the end of May in Bristol that is the finale to National Vegetarian week

Yes me and Sarah should both be there and hopefully Dale Pinnock too.

Yes Just like the Sunnyside up Vegan Fried eggs, the Vegan Fish, The Algal Farm in the Olympic Stadium the Vegan Royal Wedding Menu was an April Fools release.

Please pledge at to make it be true soon.

Vegan Chef said...

It was an inside job - One of the Royal Household, a half Rumanian girl who works in the kitchens called Wolka D'Corgi she had to go back home to the small village of Aduki to look after her sick mother and spilled the beans on the royal wedding menu before she went.

Vegan Chef said...

This item was posted to me from a regular source, so I read it with great excitement. My information arrived on April 3rd, so I did not link it to April 1st!
As I occasionally get a positive response when I introduce vegetarian (rather than vegan) ideas, it seemed entirely logical that the Queen, who, together with Prince Charles, has had interests in alternative therapy for many years, might make the decision to base the menu on plant foods.
The science of vegan fare is clearly backed up by much research. I regularly receive information, with scientific backing, from several doctors who use entirely vegan diets to assist patients.
I felt that, if this was being done, it might act as a good example to schools and other institutions like hospitals and prisons, to base their menus on plant-foods. The World Cancer Research Fund has clearly outlined recommendations for balanced diets that reduce meat quite drastically. So I thought that this was possibly an appropriate moment to explain how much money would be saved by institutions at the same time as improving health. The multi-cultural reasons given are also very sound.
Best wishes,
Mike Maybury VIP
Vegetarian Information, Portsmouth.

Anonymous said...

April Fool's jokes are for pranks....NOT for lying about the possibility of a "royal" wedding being vegan.

Unknown said...

This isn't a funny April Fools joke.
And when most websites post April Fools articles they take them down April 2nd. You can follow suit now..

Vegan Chef said...

I love this one - awesome - wish I'd thought of it!
Tofu Worms for birds

Suma Shirley said...

It's not funny; we think it is real and send to all my friends. Since we alway try hard to influnect people to be vegan, providing fake news will loss our credit.

Unknown said...

The is the best April Fool day story ever which may lead to a reality soon. We know President Obama ordered animal free food when visiting Intel, Oregon in Feb as well as when he visited Brazil in March 2011, here are the link:

Chucky said...

Yeah. And Prince Harry doesn't eat bacon sandwiches.