Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Glastonbury Festival Bull fight

Justin Bieber doll  to be used in mock bull fight?
Glastonbury Festival

Bad Bad BAD idea!

Apparently Glastonbury are organising a bullfight with a champion Portugese bullfighter

With all due respect surely Bullfighting, even with a plastic bull flies in the face of the spirit of Glastonbury - greener, kinder world

Would you get an American soldier from Iraq / Cuba to demonstrate on a plastic doll how he tortured and killed a muslim soldier?

How about inviting executors from various Muslim / African Countries to demonstrate on plastic dolls how they carry out the death penalty on homosexuals?

Will there be paintballing this year too? Pretend to kill your neighbour?

Virtual Seal Clubbing Tent ? Fill toy seals heads with Tomatoes from local farms and club them into ketchup?

Perhaps a mock Fox hunt where the hunt tramples over everyone's tents and the dogs tear apart a toy plastic fox stuffed with pasta in a rich sundried tomato and grilled red pepper sauce????

Or a Zombie set where the audience dress up as zombies and a Justin Bieber doll made out of bread and filled with an organic bloody mary cocktail is tossed into the zombie crowd and devoured on live BBCTV

No animals are actually hurt so where's the harm? - Doh!

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