Thursday, April 07, 2011

21-Day Vegan Kickstart PCRM - Day 4

21-Day Vegan Kickstart PCRM site: - Day 4

Still not too late to hook your friends and your friend's friends up with the 21 Day healthy kickstart - previous 3 days messages are linked to from the home page - Today Alex Jamieson

Message from Alex Jamieson

Alex Jamiesonleft quoteFor most new vegans, their metamorphosis means more than just saying so long to hot dogs and ham and cheese sandwiches. Becoming vegan encompasses health concerns, environmentalism, and animal rights. This way of living and being in the world will bring personal, emotional, physical, and global benefits. No one can tell you exactly how these changes will occur in your life, because each individual has a unique set of circumstances to consider. Just remember, every step toward a vegan lifestyle is a positive step for yourself and the greater world around you.right quote

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >

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