Friday, September 09, 2011

Plantarian - Fish Free Friday

Plantarian - A Diet for Healthier Humans: Vegetarian Society - Fish Free Friday

vegsoc start their own fish fight!

The Vegetarian Society has launched Fish Free Friday.

Following in the wake of River Cottage cook Hugh Fearnly-Whats-His-Face's Channel 4 TV Fish Fight, and Greta Satchi getting naked and hugging a fish to promote The End of the Line, Sea First Foundations film 'Sea The Truth', their cookbook non-fish-i-licious of fish free fish recipes and Leonardo di Caprio's support for the world's oceans it's nice to see the ball kept in the air and keep chipping away at people's misconceptions or rather 'fishconceptions' according to The Vegetarian Society.

If you haven't watched the Sea The Truth film yet please do so! Now for free - Sea The Truth Movie

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